Apr 142014
Drunk Figures Out How To Get Over Fence

This ridiculous video originating from none other than Russia has instantly gone viral with over 775,000 hits!

For two long minutes, a drunk attempts to climb over a gate and fails over and fail. Finally, he figures out how to get through after watching a child emerge from a space in the fence. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Feb 182014
Russian Guys Take Their Drunk Friend Home In The Best Way Possible

Sofilux reports that this outrageous video was taken in Russia. And it seems no one online is questioning that fact.

After a long night of drinking, two men made sure to get their wasted friend home safely. 

How exactly? By dragging him by his legs through the snow of course. 


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Dec 082013
Tom Mabe Pranks Drunk Friend That He’s Been In Coma For Ten Years

Prankster Tom Mabe may have pulled off his most epic prank to date.

He has a friend who has a terrible habit of drinking and driving. He already has five DUI.

So to teach him a lesson, his family agreed to allow Tom to prank him like never before.

After passing out, his family dropped him off at Tom’s office which was turned into a hospital room.

After finally waking up in a hospital bed connected to beeping machines, Tom and his ‘medical staff’ convinced the drunk that he had been in a coma for ten long years

Goes without saying, but don’t drink and drive people!


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Aug 282013

Chris R Wilson Film opens this short film with, “Many of the great authors wrote while intoxicated.”

With that being said, he and his crew wrote the script for their new short film, titled Star Drunk, after enjoying a slew of alcoholic beverages. 

To top off the film, the actors were asked to indulge in hard drinks as well before shooting the sci-fi parody. Already, the new video is featured on CNet, LaughingSquid, DailyDot, and UpRoxx


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Jul 012013

After debuting a one-of-a-kind music video a week ago, the Moones have gone viral! To stand out from the crowd, they performed their song Better Energy five times in a row for a special ‘Drunk in Session.’

Between each set each musician in the band drank five beers each for a total of 20. Viewers can choose to watch each performance by clicking the cumulative beers drunk before each set at the top of the screen. 

 Now, the music video stands with over 700,000 views


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