Apr 012014
Movie Trailer Voice At The Drive-Thru Prank Is Hilarious

Break is continuing their positive Prank it Fwd campaign. 

For their hilarious prank, they enlisted the help of Jon Bailey who is the voice of the popular epic movie trailer guy at Screen Junkies.

Jon teamed up with a local restaurant and hit the drive-thru. Drivers were shocked and gleeful to realize the epic movie voice guy was taking their order


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Mar 032014
Two Dogs Share Ice Cream Cone In The Cutest Way Possible

This dog owner loves to go to the drive-thru and get her pups an ice cream cone treat. But she’s learned through experience how to divvy up the ice cream

It may seem unfair that Daisy gets to lick first, but when Cooper finally gets to take a bite it becomes clear why. 



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Feb 052014
Yelling Employee’s Name At The Drive Thru Prank

Magician Rahat has again pulled off a doozy of a prank at the drive-thru

He teamed up with his friend Trey to make a purchase at the drive-thru to get the name of the worker at the window which appears on the receipt. He then recorded their name on Rahat’s iPhone. 

Rahat would play their name while he was being served and drove the employee crazy. 

The exhausted workers simply assumed they were losing their minds.

“I’m going crazy in here,” said one worker. “I need a break.”


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Nov 262013
Disappearing At The Drive-Thru Prank

Prominent online magician and prankster Rahat loves pranking the drive-thru at fast food restaurants. He’s gone viral countless times before with pranks like his skeleton at the driv-thru and invisible driver at the drive-thru prank

 Now, he’s back with an all new prank. This time, after the employee turned around to grab him his change or ranch sauce, he quickly hid by pedals, and disappeared. 

The workers couldn’t believe their eyes that the driver they just served had literally disappeared in a matter of moments. 


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Oct 212013
Paying For Random People’s Drive Thru Order

The uplifting and positive YouTubers at Give Back Films have returned, this time paying for random people’s orders at the drive-thru

At the Internet’s unofficial favorite eater, In-N-Out Burger, the crew only ordered a free water, but asked to pay for the meal ordered by the people behind them.

They did this over and over until others started to pay for the car behind, forming a charity chain of sorts. 

Pass it on.


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