Mar 252014
Gymkhana Style Semi Truck Drifting

Forget the race cars and rally speedsters. Stunt driver Mike Ryan ditches his traditional wheels to race in a semi-truck tractor trailer! He pulls off mind-numbing turns and drifts in a truck usually dedicated to boringly hauling freight on a Gymkhana style race course. 


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Feb 102014
Dad Takes Son Drifting, Little Kid Breaks The Biggest Smile

This video by Russian car enthusiast Toxa Avdeev was published in November, but is going viral now. 

Dad took his son for a drive in his Subaru Legacy B4, and pulled off some sweet drifts. His seemingly bored son instantly broke into giggles of glee during the sweet maneuvers.


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Nov 122013
Ken Block’s Gymkhana Racing Tricks Six

NeedForSpeed and rally racer Ken Block have returned with a sixth dose of amazing trick racing. As he is famous for, Ken races around a tight rally course in his Ford Fiesta ST RX43 2013 race car while performing impossible drifts and outrageous turns. 

This time, NFS built the ultimate Gymkhana GRID course to showcase their impressive race game.  


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