Jan 062016
Female Race Car Driver Pranks Car Shoppers With Intense Test Drive

Mitsubishi wanted to spread the word about their new sporty pickup truck, so they hired Malaysian race car driver Leona Chin to give some unexpected car shoppers a crazy experience. After putting on a show as a clueless car saleswoman, Leona took the car shoppers for a test drive and when she asked to get behind the wheel, she blew them away with some intense drifting and spinning only a pro could perform. 


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Mar 272015
Female Professional Race Car Driver Pranks Driving Instructors As Nerdy Girl

The Pranksters of Maxman.tv were approached by a driving school who wanted to prank their new instructors on their first day on the job. So they teamed up with Leona Chin who is a champion race car driver from Malaysia. Dressed as a nerdy girl who kept stalling the car, the driving instructors assumed they had a completely inexperienced driver on their hands. That’s when she hit the gas and started pulling off some sweet drifts. Naturally, the instructors freaked out. This new prank video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Dec 012014
Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana Part Two

Most car and racing enthusiasts are familiar with Ken Block’s Gymkhana racing series. Ken is a master driver who performs epic, mind-blowing drifts, turns, and spins in his race cars. To show off their super drifting toy car, toy company Crazy Cart debuted a perfect spoof of Gymkhana last holiday season. Now, they have created a second Gymkhana drifting video for this year’s Christmas that is trending. 


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Nov 132014
Race Car Driver Father Take Son For Some Serious Drifting

Last year, race car driver Toxa Avdeyev took his toddler son for a quick run around the track for some drifting fun. Naturally, the kid couldn’t stop laughing and giggling during the awesome ride. That viral video has over 1.3 million hits! Now, a year later, Toxa has again taken his four year old son for a crazy ride in his Subaru. The kid couldn’t help but scream and scream! Just look at that face! 


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