Mar 052014
Subaru WRX STI Races Stick Bomb

A stick bomb is an elaborate woven set of wooden sticks under tension. When the the first stick is sprung, the entire weave quickly ‘explodes’ stick by stick just like dominoes. The stick bomb can unravel in a matter of seconds. 

Subaru realized a stick bomb would make for a perfect race opponent to demonstrate just how fast and sweet their WRX STI is. 

They only use a remote control model of the WRX, but it’s still an awesome presentation


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Dec 202013
Holiday Dominoes Show Using 2,000 iPhones Truly Sparkles

We are in the 21st century after all, so why are we still making domino sets with boring ol’ pieces of plastic?

Aatma Studio wanted to bring the popular chain reaction tile show into the digital age, so they made this impressive domino set using iPhones.

2,000 iPhones to be exact!

By using smart phones as dominoes, lights and sparkles can be added the mix creating a much more enthralling show that even includes digital fireworks! 

Dominoes will never be the same.


Thanks VideoLad!

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Nov 222013
100,000 Dominoes Course Ends With Tallest Domino Structure Falling

Austrian Domino Art has gone viral, and has won a Guinness World Record, for their impressive 100,000 piece dominoes course

Built by 50 students of the HLUW Yspertal, the impressive course included countless pictures, symbols, and Rube Goldberg style tricks, and ended magnificently by collapsing the tallest dominoes structure ever built. 


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Nov 102013
Isane Rube Goldberg Style Domino Tricks

Dominoes masters Hevesh5 and Millionen Dollar Boy claim to have spent over three months planning, building, setting, and editing this truly ‘insane’ dominoes video.

And who could doubt them?

The collaborative dominoes video required over 20,000 pieces, and enlists stunning Rube Goldberg style tricks!

Amazing and mesmerizing!


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