Sep 142015
Dolphin Fails At Escaping From Japanese Hunters

Animal rights activist Ric O’Barry is the founder of The Dolphin Project, an international campaign to protect the intelligent ocean mammals. Japan is one of the few countries in the world that still hunts dolphins. Ric was in Japan during a recent dolphin hunt and captured the sad moment when one dolphin frantically attempted to escape the nets of the hunters, but failed. 


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Aug 172015
Dolphin Performs Triple Barrel Rolls

If there was any question that dolphins are intelligent, cognizant being, than this video is further proof that these incredible creatures know what is going on. While swimming in dolphin waters on a special tour in Hawaii, Ryan Pipes and other swimmers noticed that one dolphin seemed to enjoy the attention a lot more than the others. The dolphin breached the water and performed three barrel rolls to apparently entertain the human guests of the ocean. 

Do a barrel roll!


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Jul 112015
Dog And Fisherman Save Beached Baby Dolphin

While fishing on the beach of Criccieth in Wales, fisherman Rich Wilcock’s smart Cocker Spaniel Leia started to make a big fuss like something was the matter. After being led by Leia for nearly a mile, he found a small fish stranded on the beach. After a moment of investigation, he saw the blow hole and realized it was a baby dolphin. Thanks to Leia, he was able to help the little dolphin get back into the waters unharmed. 


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Oct 142014
Toddler Plays Catch With Dolphin

Is there anything cuter than a baby playing catch or fetch with a dog? Actually, there is! In this adorable clip, a toddler plays a game of catch with a dolphin. Some people pay big bucks to hang out with dolphins, and this little guy is playing ball with one. Lucky kid!

 This video has over a quarter million hits!


Via LaughingSquid

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Mar 032014
Drones Records Amazing Footage Of Dolphin And Whale Pod Stampede

This awe-inspiring video by Dolphin Safari has gone viral over the weekend with over 430,000 hits so far! 

Captain Dave Anderson of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point, California recorded an huge pod stampede of dolphins and whales using a drone. 

Literally thousands of dolphins, and a couple whales too, can be seen migrating together down the coast off San Clemente, California.

The captain even captured a heartwarming close-up of a newborn Humpback whale calf snuggling with its mom.


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