Jul 082013

Douglas Owen was relaxing on the hammock by the lake with his puppies when his wife gave him a holler asking what he wanted for dinner.

“How about some rainbow trout?” she asked.

He answered, “OK,” and dove into the lake only to instantly emerge with a nice, plump trout in his hand.

“Will this one do?”

Now that’s how a man feeds his family. 


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Jul 032013

Slowly but surely, the marketers are finally learning. Online viewers are no longer interested in traditional commercials and advertising. To catch the attention of the new online viewer, companies must speak to them on their level. 

Beneful Dog Food did just that with their latest online commercial. Knowing how popular Rube Goldberg Machines are online, the dog food company made their own adorable Dog Goldberg Machine. Does it get any cuter?


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Jul 022013

Charles Redden‘s adorable Basenji has gone viral over the weekend. He assumes the issue is the wooden stairs, but, for whatever reason, Lila can only walk up the stairs to the second floor in reverse with her butt leading the way. Her canine buddy at the top of the stairs waits patiently and doesn’t seem to mind, so whatever ya gotta do.

Now, the short pet video has garnered over 230,000 views since debuting over the weekend. 


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Jun 302013

While staying in Italy, ljrtennis and his wife had an interesting encounter with a herd of sheep. Apparently lost, the sheep strolled up their driveway and started chowing down on their flower garden.

“I think something has gone wrong,” says the cameraman. “I don’t think this is the way it’s supposed to go.”

After the sheep finally moved on, they noticed a dog

“I know things have broken down terribly,” he says to the shepherd dog. “It’s not your fault. Now go get your sheep.”


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