Dec 112012

To prove that abused and neglected dogs can heal and make great pets, the SPCA formed Driving Dogs. The organization knows that every year thousands of dogs are put down because most people aren’t willing to adopt an abused pet. 

After much training, Porter, one of the pups they have been working with for much time, finally drove a car by himself. Yes, there were many checks and balances to make sure nothing went wrong, and, yes, he drove terribly slow, but that doesn’t matter. 

Video of the first dog drive now has over a quarter million views, and is covered on NowMSN, DailyOfDay, and TechBlog


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Dec 092012

This adorable video by Julian Burrett has gone viral this Sunday after being featured on Arbroath and TastefullyO.

While going a nature hike with his buddy Watson the dog, Arthur the toddler noticed a tempting puddle in the dirt path. 

So he did what any toddler would do. He very carefully and delicately put down Watson’s leash, gave him a look in the eye as if to say, “I’ll just be one moment, stay right here,” and proceeded to run back and forth through the puddle a few times, all while Watson very patiently stood by waiting.  

After a few good runs, Arthur had his fill, so he picked up Watson’s leash, and they continued on exploring the wonders of Nature

This. Is. Happiness. 


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Dec 082012

Nathan Mazur really likes bananas. And so does his dog Ollie. The two best buddies are so in sync, Nate can shoot a banana chunk from his mouth at Ollie, and the pup can catch it

At least after it bounces off his nose for a nanosecond. 

“We like bananas, ya know?” Yes. Wise words spoken by a man who knows where to find one of Nature‘s greatest sources of Potassium. 


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Nov 252012

 published this adorable video before the weekend, and already, the it stands with over 600,000 views.

His cute chihuahua Sloopy was trying to get a closer look at the Thanksgiving turkey platter on the counter by standing on his hind legs, and ended up performing a cute two-legged dance.

The cute dance performance just fit perfectly with Gloria Estefan’s catchy single Conga, and now the viral video is featured on popular blogs, such as Dlisted, DailyPicks, StuffIStole, and MostWatched.


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Nov 252012

The similarities between dogs and cats may just end at fur. Any animal lover will tell you they love their dog and cat, but for very, very different reasons.

They’re kinda like having live in friends. One is overexcited and always happy to see you. The other lives a melancholy life, and seems completely apathetic to your existence.  

Sketch comedy group  imagined just a scenario, and now ‘Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend‘ has over 175,000 views. The video is also featured on HuffPost, TheFW, TastefullyO, and ClipNation.


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