Aug 282013

Most dogs are simply terrified by the roar of a motorcycle. But not this tough pug. Paritosh Uttarwar‘s dog has figured out how to move his ears in a way to shield them from the loud, harsh noise of cars and motorbikes. 

He caught his pug demonstrating his ear trick on camera when a motorcycle was revving its engine outside. 


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Aug 122013

Human kids like to play games by themselves so why not dogs? Ryan Faw caught one dog in Kobe, Japan doing just that, seemingly playing fetch by himself using the current of river stream to motivate the ball. Now, this week old video has gone viral, garnering over a quarter million views.

And don’t worry, calms Ryan, the dog had an owner near by. 


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Aug 032013

Talking animal YouTube channel Klaatu42 has finally returned with another adorable video of a cute pet that has something to say. This time, tiny, unhappy Oakley argues with his owner after being given a bath. In just one day, the new cute pet video  has garnered more than 1.5 million views and 17,000 likes!


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Aug 012013

When it’s time to feed the dogs, Ron And Kevin doesn’t just plop the food in front of his two English Springers. Instead, he makes it an exciting event by singing, “It’s dinner time, dinner time!” for sisters Hope and Rosey.

When the two girls hear him singing they immediately know what time it is, and start dancing, spinning, and twisting to the music. It’s dinner time!


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Jul 232013

Like so many dogs and their owners, adorable Jasmine and her human friend love to work on tricks together to post on YouTube. In this new trending video, titled 45 Cute Dog Tricks, Jasmine the puppy performs a slew of dog tricks, such as doing the laundry, ringing a bell, and even clean up her toys. 


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