Oct 222013
Cat Opens Door To Escape Kitchen With Dog

Matt Hirst admits he couldn’t figure out how his cat and pup were escaping the kitchen while he was away at work. 

Finally, he installed a security camera, and was shocked when he watched the footage later that day. 

Now, the subsequent week old video of his cat opening the door with his dog patiently waiting has gone viral, amassing over half a million views

Skip to 1:40 for the climax. 


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Oct 162013
Inky The Dog Opens Door For His Friend

Maureen Gilronan‘s seven month old pooch hates to be away from his friend Scooby, so he’s figured out a way to let him in–all without any proper training.

In this trending video, Maureen captured lil’ Inky opening the door for Scoobs with only the prompt of, “Let him in.”

Now, the clip is going viral, and is further featured on RightThisMinute, NowMSN, and NYDailyNews


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Oct 122013
Dogs Imitate Crawling Baby

This week old video by Korean YouTuber Kenji Chen has exploded on the Western web, garnering over 1.3 million precious views.  

While mom’s cute baby was doing his best to crawl to her, the two family dogs impersonated the baby crawl with adorable accuracy. 

The clip has appeared across the web, such as on HuffPost, LaughingSquid, and TheStir


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Oct 112013
Dog In Car At The Parking Lot Animation

It’s been a while since their last short film, but popular animation studio Bird Box Studio has finally returned. 

In Carpark, a man spooked by a barking dog locked in a parked car learns to never mess with a barking dog locked in a parked car.


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Oct 112013
Nervous Dog Wants To Hold Hand In Car

Remember the cute dog who went viral back in 2012 for begging to hold hands while in the car? That video managed to garner over 2.5 million views!

Now, another dog has been trending this week in a similar video. 

Adam Douglas posted the video on Monday, and already it has amassed over half a million views. In the short clip, his nervous pup Tommy can be seen whining until Adam opens his hand to hold Tommy’s paw. Aww.

The video has appeared across the web, such as on DailyMail, TastefullyOffensive, and MostWatched.


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