Nov 122012

This video by  was posted online in the summer of 2011, but it has only started to trend over this weekend. Impressively, the older video has garnered over 200,000 views in just two days. 

The Polish family’s giant Saint Bernard followed them up the steep attic stairs, but was terrified to go back down. It does look scary from all the way up there. 

After trying to coerce the gentle giant, daddy just gave up and literally carried the Bernard down the stairs. Just like a real baby. Aww. 


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Nov 112012

The Internet has seen countless creative and imaginative ways for dads to pull their kid’s loose tooth. But none of them involved the family dog. Until now.

Back in 2010, ‘s six year old daughter‘s tooth was loose, so he enlisted the help of the family dog Clancy. They attached his daughters tooth to Clancy, and gave her a ball to throw for him to catch. 

She threw it and almost instantly, it was all over before it even started. 

Dad couldn’t have been more pleased with Clancy. “He’s a dentist!”


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Nov 092012

This video by  was posted way back in 2010, but has only had a viralviral explosion now. Suddenly, the video has amassed over 325,000 views.

The video features an adorable tiger cub plays on the couch with a dog as if they were from the same litter. Too precious. 


*Proper video source has been corrected

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Nov 082012

 claims little Massey as the world’s smallest dog. And most would agree as the ‘tiny terrier’ is only 7 cm tall, 12 cm long, and weighs only 250 grams. That’s only a little more than half a pound! She’s basically the size of a hamster, and one could argue one of the cutest things on Earth. 

(OMG, who else wants tiny, little, cute hamster-dogs?!?!)


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Nov 082012

To promote their Animal Odd Couples series,  posted this snippet about Kate and Pip. Kate the Great Dane adopted little pip the deer when she was just a small fawn. Now, the dog and deer duo are inseparable. 

Kate’s owner Isobel Springett explains the uniqueness of the couple is, “When they greet each other, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s not a deer greeting a deer. It’s not a dog greeting a dog. It’s definitely something that they have between the two of them.”


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