Apr 062013

Dogs, especially Rottweilers, are famous for eating nearly anything. But after trying one shrimp, Amy Spruell‘s rottweiler Max could only shake his head no after being offered a second piece.

Over and over, Amy asks, ‘Do you want it?’ and places a nice shrimp in front of Max. No, no no! Obviously, he prefers Burger King over Long John Silvers. 

The funny pet video from 2010 has just experienced a second surge of viewership this weekend. 


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Apr 042013

Professional dog trainer Omar Muller has over one hundred dog trick videos on his channel, but only now has his week old BAD ASS DOG 2 video gone viral, amassing over 290,000 hits so far. 

In less than 60 seconds, his talented Border Collie Jumpy performs 20 outstanding dog tricks, such as riding a skateboard, performing a backflip, jumping from the roof of a van, and more. 


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Mar 282013

The Recorders made their online debut with this brand new music video Purple and Gold. The music video sticks out from the crowd by following the online ‘dogs with human hands‘ trend, focusing on the relationship between two dog-human hybrids.


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Mar 282013

Norwegian Frode Larsen published this adorable video on Sunday, and already it has been viewed over 170,000 times. In a beautiful field in Norway, little five year old Pernille plays with 14 well trained German Shepherds, tossing up sticks and cheering with glee. So Norway is basically a Disney movie in real life?

The cute clip is reminiscent of the classic viral video of a toddler playing in the Canadian forest with a pack of Saint Bernards


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Mar 272013

Cr8zypancakes‘ daughter takes after her screen name. Namely the ‘crazy’ part. She loves to ‘walk the dog,’ but has a much different understanding of what that means. 

To her that means dropping the leash, and laughing hysterically as the dog walks away dragging the leash in the dust. Some of us just have different senses of humor… 

The cute kid video was just posted yesterday, and already it has accumulated over 600,000 hits.


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