May 142012

Ashleigh and her furry friend Pudsey first went viral after their adorable Flinestones themed obstacle course act on Britain’s Got Talent.  

Now, they again are trending with their action packed, Mission: Impossible themed performance that got even Simon to his feet. Just this one video has already accrued over half a million hits. 


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May 072012

This older video from 2010 has started to trend again now, and has been recently featured on DailyPicks, DailyMail, and PawNation

 says her Golden Retriever Dickens ran under a fence and found a new born fawn friend. She was nervous at first, but saw that Dickens only wanted to play. The fawn was in a playful enough mood too, and they had some fun together. 


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May 032012

Boomer the Pitbull may not be able to speak English, but he definitely shows signs of understanding his master. When  calls Boomer from the hall, he doesn’t come.

But when she simply asks, “Wanna go outside?” he comes running in with an excited look on his face. And when she then asks, “You wanna take a bath?” he bolts out the door.

No matter how many times she does this consecutively, the results are the same. The video is featured on StuffIStole.


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