Oct 112013
Nervous Dog Wants To Hold Hand In Car

Remember the cute dog who went viral back in 2012 for begging to hold hands while in the car? That video managed to garner over 2.5 million views!

Now, another dog has been trending this week in a similar video. 

Adam Douglas posted the video on Monday, and already it has amassed over half a million views. In the short clip, his nervous pup Tommy can be seen whining until Adam opens his hand to hold Tommy’s paw. Aww.

The video has appeared across the web, such as on DailyMail, TastefullyOffensive, and MostWatched.


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Oct 062013
Retired Military Dog Plays With Kitten For First Time

This adorable pet video was published by Louisa Vaughan in 2010, but is trending again now after appearing on sites like Military, HuffPost, and 22Words

Chef the military dog is finally retired after a long life of working for the armed forces. Now, he can finally relax and play with kittens. Ahh, the good life. 


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Oct 062013
Ultimate Guilty Dogs Compilation

When the first few guilty dog videos were introduced online, the web went absolutely nuts over them. Now, they have become an Internet staple with countless appearing on YouTube. 

Funny Plox did the hard work, sifting through countless guilty dog videos to produce this ultimate, best-of guilty dogs compilation

Since debuting before the weekend, the cute compilation has amassed over 350,000 views after receiving a viral boost from TastefullyOffensive


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Oct 032013
Otter Acts Like Dog, Plays With Woman

Jck Holmes posted this video in February, but is trending now more than ever after appearing on sites like DailyPicks, TastefullyOffensive, and HuffingtonPost

While on a walk, a couple stumbled upon an adorable otter–a truly rare sighting. But to make the incident even more special, it seems the otter was getting its cues from Disney, as it approached the two humans to play as if it were a friendly puppy


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Oct 012013
Dog Befriends Boy With Down Syndrome

Argentinian mother Ana Marta Vegas posted this precious original video of a local dog befriending and interacting with her son who suffers from Down Syndrome in the summer of 2012.

Jim Stenson reposted the video a few months later which went viral, touching over 10 million online viewers!

Now, the clip is reappearing on DailyMail, HuffingtonPost, and OpposingViews


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