Jul 092012

This video originating from Russia went viral over the weekend, and now stands with over 1.8 million views. Why is it so popular? Viewers are just so satisfied by the ultimate justice served. 

After a girl noticed a spoiled Mercedes convertible driver had her dog poop on the sidewalk and just left it, she rebuked the driver. When the spoiled driver didn’t care, the poop policewoman picked up the dog poo with a napkin, and threw the poo at the girl sitting in her Mercedes

And that’s how you do it. 


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Jun 292012

 made a name for themselves online with their dog parody of famous pop songs, like Somebody That I Used To Know and Call Me Maybe.

Now, the animal group has returned with a doggy spoof of last year’s hit from Adele, Rolling In The Deep. The cover is featured on TheDailyWhat, BuzzFeed, and PopDust.


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Jun 272012

This short, yet very sweet, video was published by  on Sunday, and has gone viral as the week progresses.

The video, which features an adorable dolphin stealing a ‘kiss’ from a dog on a boat, stands with over 145,000 views, and is covered on LaughingSquid, StuffIStole, NowMSN, and TheFW.


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Jun 252012

This adorable video, published by  a year ago, has started to trend again. And for good reason. 

Madeline the dachshund is too cute as she takes on a ghost crab on the beach. The two stand off until the tide sweeps the crabby away. The video is featured on TheFW, HuffingtonPost, and Neatorama


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Jun 252012

There’s a reason dogs have been so close to humans for thousands of years. They are great hunters, and together, people and dogs are an powerful force in the wild. 

This dog isn’t necessarily a hunting dog, just the family pet. But instinct is difficult to suppress, and she caught a fish on her first try when she was out by the lake with her people friends. 

She obediently dropped the fist instead of enjoying the meal, only for her human friend to accidently knock it back into the water. D’oh.


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