Feb 012013

This adorable week old pet video by mihaifrancu has already garnered over 200,000 views. A litter of five puppies ‘attack’ and ‘suffocate’ a poor cat who at first plays along until he’s had enough. The cat lets out a hiss to let the canines know play time is over, and then jumps out of reach to escape.  


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Jan 302013

Nearly every comic strip and cartoon would have you thinking that dogs are the eternal enemy of the mailman, but that’s not necessarily the case in the real world. 

Everyone has a ‘best part’ of their day, and for postman Bsgtrekfan88, that is when he rolls up to the house of one neighborhood dog. Without fail, the pup runs up to him wagging his tail, ready to greet the mailman and dutifully retrieve the day’s post for his human friend. 

Manny Plimken was so touched by the scene, they commented: “A dog that actually likes a mailman. Is this in… the Twilight Zone?” 


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Jan 262013

Remember the dog who went viralviral last May after getting stuck attempting to pass through a door with while holding a broom in his mouth?

Well, apparently, dogs impairing their own movement by being too greedy isn’t an isolated incident. 

Mikkii D took his pup for a walk and the dog found a very big stick. He seemed thrilled and proud of his new found treasure until he came to the gap in the fence. The poor dog couldn’t figure out how to pass through while still keeping his precious.

Just listen to that sad whine!


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Jan 252013

Bggann is the proud puppy-grandma of six adorable black Scottish Terrier puppies. She knows goats milk is healthy and full of nutrients for the pups to grow big and strong with a flowing coat, but feeding comes with an extra bonus of cuteness.

Every time she pours the six a bowl of milk, they pounce, and inevitably, a Scottie Pinwheel begins to spin. And just like that, once the milk is gone, the pinwheel stops. 

The cute video has just gone viral, appearing on CuteOverload, TastefullyO, 22Words, and ModernScottie


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Jan 212013

It’s been done before, but Bimmer Schwag wanted to give it a go as well. So he strapped a GoPro H3 on his puppy Chase during playtime by the pool, and added a little music by G. Love. The resulting POV footage has instantly gone viral, amassing over 150,000 views in just one day. 


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