Aug 142012

This adorable report by the  went viral over the weekend, and now stands with over 225,000 views.

For a lamb to be spotted in rare enough. But this spotted sheep in Australia has made news headlines after being apparently adopted by a mother dalmatian.

The Disney feature film is surely already in the works. 


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Aug 132012

Everyone knows that dogs go just nuts when they smell meat. But apparently, not all meat is created equal.

 announced over the weekend how his five and a half month old fox red lab is absolutely terrified of a certain jerky. It just happens to be a low fat variety. 

“Who’s a good American? Who is? Yes, you are, aren’t you? You hate low-fat, don’t you? Good boy!”

The video has exploded in popularity, and in just two days has amassed over 415,000 views, and is covered by Mashable, TheAwesomer, and Buzzfeed.


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Aug 122012

Dog Steals Cabbage,’ published by pet lover , is the latest dog video to go viral. In just one day the video has garnered more than 175,000 hits. 

A head of cabbage is on the table, just out of reach of the puppy. After much effort, the pup finally get a few bites and chomps away. Who knew dogs like cabbage? 

The video is covered on HolyCutenessTheFW, Neatorama,and Buzzfeed.


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Aug 092012

This nearly two month old video has just gone viral now, being covered on 22Words and SIS. While playing with one of the dogs, this cat used a floating surfboard in the pool to cross the water barrier, escaping the chase all while staying dry. 

It’s a dramatic, nail-biting scene fit for an action movie. 


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Aug 082012

The Internet loves cute animals, but it has a special place in its heart for the corgi. There’s just something about that big smile and those adorably stumpy legs.

This corgi has quickly become a viral sensation playing at a water park in the summer sun. Does it get any better than this?

The video published by  is featured on HaveYouSeenThisTheDailyWhat, Reddit, HuffPost, and DoobyBrain


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