Jul 182012

After much great success,  is continuing their pet themed parodies of pop songs. After spoofing Call Me Maybe and Rolling In The Deep so well, the pet lovers group has returned with their well trained pups to spoof boy band One Direction’s hit single One Thing 


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Jul 122012

Apparently, dogs like to make games on road trips just like us, at least that’s the case in this new viral video, published by , of a dog being driven down the road who seems to be playing a game trying to ‘bite’ the cars in opposite traffic. 

It’s just like a dog version of the classic Tiny Toons’ car game, Spot The Car

The video started to circulate after being featured on Arbroath, and other blogs like BlameIt and SayOMG.


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Jul 092012

This video originating from Russia went viral over the weekend, and now stands with over 1.8 million views. Why is it so popular? Viewers are just so satisfied by the ultimate justice served. 

After a girl noticed a spoiled Mercedes convertible driver had her dog poop on the sidewalk and just left it, she rebuked the driver. When the spoiled driver didn’t care, the poop policewoman picked up the dog poo with a napkin, and threw the poo at the girl sitting in her Mercedes

And that’s how you do it. 


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Jun 292012

 made a name for themselves online with their dog parody of famous pop songs, like Somebody That I Used To Know and Call Me Maybe.

Now, the animal group has returned with a doggy spoof of last year’s hit from Adele, Rolling In The Deep. The cover is featured on TheDailyWhat, BuzzFeed, and PopDust.


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