Sep 062013
Prankster Pees On Police Car And Escapes

While hanging out with fellow YouTube pranksters Vitaly, Tom Mabe, and Dennis, Roman Atwood made the crazy decision to pee on a cop car in a ridiculous dog suit. Incredibly, he managed to escape a free dog, er, man. Don’t try this one at home. 


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Sep 052013
Mini Dachshund Bath Time

YouTuber Alejandra554 actually posted this cute pet video at the end of May, but the clip has only exploded onto the viral video scene now, garnering over 200,000 views this week. 

The adorable clip features two mini Dachshunds who are extremely excited for bath time. To demonstrate their zeal, Alejandra says they let the two pups jump into the bath all by themselves. Well, maybe with a little assistance. 

The clip caught fire after being featured on popular sites like DailyPicks, LaughingSquid, and TastefullyOffensive


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Sep 022013
Owner Responds In Shock As Dog Catches Giant Fish From Lake

NSFW Language

All dogs are natural hunters, but Shameless Voice‘s Golden Retriever/Boxer mix Stripe is a true fisher.

According to the owner, Stripe has caught a number of fish before, but none as large as the one he caught in this newly trending video that has garnered over 150,000 hits in just two days. 

After proudly carrying the fish to land, it measured over 31 inches long and weighed in at over 10 pounds. Good dog!


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Aug 302013
I Am A Dog Kanye West Parody

Kanye West is famous for being humble and modest, so it’s no surprise that his new trending song is appropriately titled I Am A God.

After hearing Kanye’s new hit Above Average saw an opportunity and took it. They just published this new hilarious spoof poking fun at West, perfectly titled I Am A Dog

Already the new clip has over 650,000 hits!


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Aug 282013

Most dogs are simply terrified by the roar of a motorcycle. But not this tough pug. Paritosh Uttarwar‘s dog has figured out how to move his ears in a way to shield them from the loud, harsh noise of cars and motorbikes. 

He caught his pug demonstrating his ear trick on camera when a motorcycle was revving its engine outside. 


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