Aug 082012

There are plenty of viral videos of dogs retrieving a beer for their master. There’s even the famous classic viral video of Patches the horse who retrieved a beer from the fridge. 

But this year old video by  of the same trick has just gone viral now, amassing over 100,000 hits in just days.

People just can’t stop dreaming of owning a dog who can get them a beer. This Golden Retriever not only gets his master a beer, but even closes the fridge door. 


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Jul 242012

Hope For Paws is popular online for their touching and heartwarming animal rescue videos. Their latest video tells the sad story of an mother dog being abandoned in California who died with three small puppies.

Eldad Hagar was contacted by The Bill Foundation of the situation, prompting him to immediately leave LA at 3 AM. After hours in the hot sun, he was successful getting all the pups out from hiding in some old pipes. 

Now, Hope For Paws just needs a nice family who would be willing to adopt the pups, who they named Gabriella, Sydney, and Matilda


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Jul 182012

After much great success,  is continuing their pet themed parodies of pop songs. After spoofing Call Me Maybe and Rolling In The Deep so well, the pet lovers group has returned with their well trained pups to spoof boy band One Direction’s hit single One Thing 


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