Apr 152013

PetTube published this vintage pet video over the weekend, entitled The BEST Listening Dog in the WORLD, and already it has garnered over 475,000 views.

In the video, a cowboy shows off his very well behaved and trained dog to his friend. His country friend is especially impressed by how great of an apparent listener the pup is, only performing his tricks at the precise moment his master specifically says so. 


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Apr 152013

Pet lover Klaatu42 specializes in perfectly editing videos of his cute furry friends to make it seem as if they can talk. No doubt, his most famous video is Ultimate Dog Tease, where viewers watch as a very hungry dog named Clyde begs for munchies, not with barks, but words. That two year old video stands with over 135 million views. That’s no chump change. 

Of course, all that talking was superimposed by his owner, but the editing is just so well done, viewers can’t help but love it. 

Now, he has returned with another talking dog video that has instantly gone viral, amassing over 1.4 million views since debuting over the weekend. This time, his dog wants a kitten.

The cute video is actually a promotion for Pets Add Life


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Apr 112013

The ‘dogs with human hands,’ or ‘people with dog heads’ trend–depending on how you look at it–continues online. Cameron Owens has joined in on the fun with a musical twist, having his two dogs Smoke and Mrs. Molly play a little bluegrass banjo duet together

Now, the two week old video has amassed over 225,000 views, and is featured on DailyOfTheDay, Collegehumor, IHaveSeenWholeInternet, and RightThisMinute


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Apr 062013

Dogs, especially Rottweilers, are famous for eating nearly anything. But after trying one shrimp, Amy Spruell‘s rottweiler Max could only shake his head no after being offered a second piece.

Over and over, Amy asks, ‘Do you want it?’ and places a nice shrimp in front of Max. No, no no! Obviously, he prefers Burger King over Long John Silvers. 

The funny pet video from 2010 has just experienced a second surge of viewership this weekend. 


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Apr 042013

Professional dog trainer Omar Muller has over one hundred dog trick videos on his channel, but only now has his week old BAD ASS DOG 2 video gone viral, amassing over 290,000 hits so far. 

In less than 60 seconds, his talented Border Collie Jumpy performs 20 outstanding dog tricks, such as riding a skateboard, performing a backflip, jumping from the roof of a van, and more. 


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