Jan 132012

With all the horrible, dark news that erupts daily, it’s no wonder the media always makes sure to throw in a nice fluff piece or two. This fluff story from Greenwich, New York is a perfect viral video candidate.

Internet users seem to never get their fill of cute, unique pets and animals, and instantly fell in love with Sophy, a German Shepherd- Black Lab mix. Sophy and her owner, Clifford Mealy, are volenteer crossing guards who just started working for the Greenwich school district. Imagine walking to school and having a uniformed dog as your crossing guard? Awesome. Read more on YNN.

CNN featured the story:

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Jan 112012

We all have certain ticks and habits we can’t help when we get excited. It’s just human nature. Or maybe it’s animals nature, because this puppy also exhibits certain ticks when he gets psyched up. When he gets excited to eat, he lifts his hind legs almost like a handstand. Awww…


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Jan 102012

While hanging outside, Willow’s owners toss her a ball to fetch, but it lands in a huge pile of raked leaves. That’s no problem though, tiny Willow just dives right in searching for the treasure. Every time she pops her head out to look around, her human friends let out a howl of laughter. The video is featured in HaveYouSeenThis and UniqueDaily.  


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Jan 092012

Dogs and cats are supposedly natural enemies, so the last thing you’d expect to see is a dog playing with a very big cat. But that’s exactly what happens here in this scene from South Africa where a dog plays with two lions. The video is from February, but just went viral now. 


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