Sep 192012

We humans love to play on a bouncy trampoline, so why not other animals? Mudd the bulldog is one pup who loves to play, jump, and roll over on the trampoline, and has just gone viral for being adorable. 

 published the viral video that has over 215,000 hits already, and is featured BuzzFeed, Examiner, and MostWatched


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Sep 182012

This two week old adorably precious puppy video has started to trend again. Just like so many baby vs lemon videos, here, a very cute Bernese Mountain dog puppy attempts to understand the anomaly that is a lemon. 

Now, the video stands with over 400,000 views, and is showcased on TastefullyO, TheDailyWhat, CollegeHumor, and StuffIStole



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Sep 172012

For some reason, dogs wearing boots are just as confused with the situation as we seem to enjoy it. Very much. 

 also loves dogs wearing boots, and did all the dirty work for us, compiling all the best ‘Dogs In Boots‘ videos into this one viral video that stands with over 215,000 hits.  


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Sep 142012

 is constantly published videos of new broken world records from all genres. So what’s so special about this latest video that just went viral?

It’s about the world’s tallest dog. Naturally, the Internet loves this story about the Great Dane Zeus from Michigan who measures in at 44 inches. That’s over three and a half feet! 


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Sep 132012

This Rosh Hashanah themed viral video published by   in 2009 is trending again now, as the Jewish New Year approaches, starting on the night of the 16th. 

Each year before the Jewish New year, a trumpet made from a ram’s horn, or shofar, is blown everyday for thirty days as a countdown to the Day Of Judgement.

When this rabbi blasted the shofar’s final long note, a random dog walking by heard the deep note and must have interrupted it as a dog, because it howled back in response

After the laughter died down over the serendipitous event, the Rabbi admitted, “This was not a setup, I promise.”


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