Apr 302012

This ridiculously drawn out video from 2011 just had a viral resurfacing this weekend, being featured by IAmBored, DailyPicks, Reddit, and Buzzfeed

A very, very patient dog stalks what he thinks is a wolf with The Shark Approaches uber-suspenseful music playing. After the two longest minutes of your life, he finally realizes it’s just a statue. 


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Apr 292012

This is the latest pet reunion video from the touching and uplifting WelcomeHomeBlog to go viralviral, amassing over 650,000 views in under a week. 

The video features the German Shepard Ranger fetching his favorite toy, the Green Monster, only to return to find his loving master back from war. It’s a touching reunion, and is featured on FacebookDailyMail and BostBarStool.


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Apr 272012

Shiro has the “most annoyingly cute” habit. Ever since she was nine months old, whenever she is driven in the front seat she always wants to hold hands.

Now  must hold the purebred Siberian Husky’s pawn or she whines and makes her best puppy dog face. This video, which is featured on DailyPicks, is the highlights of a ten minute drive. 


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Apr 232012

 vodka teamed up with Swedish House Mafia to create this dazzling music video commercial. Swedish House Mafia’s new single Greyhound plays as a robotic greyhound race in the future is officiated.

The five week old music video has amassed 720,000 hits, and is featured on HuffingtonPost and TheAwesomer


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Apr 162012

Crazy Boston Terrier Tank lives in Oklahoma with his owner Raelynn. And thank goodness it doesn’t rain often there, because Tank has a thing with the wipers.

Whenever the wipers move he goes into attack mode and freaks out, barking and snarling. But only for that quick moment of wiping. Every time the wipers park, it’s an intense, quiet moment of anticipation. It’s a crazy scene that is going viral after being featured on SayOMGTheDailyWhat, IBostonTerrier, and TastefullyO.  


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