Aug 212012

Dogs will quickly learn where to, and not to, walk when enclosed in an electric safety fence. But this pup learned the very hard way that pee is a definite conductor of electricity

Being free-spirited, or perhaps because he wanted to show the fence who’s boss, this pup decided to take a wiz directly on the electric fence. And boy was he in for an electrifying surprise. 

The video published last September has started to trend this August.  


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Aug 162012

This home video scene published by  seems like a real life adaptation of those classic Looney Tunes cartoons everyone grew up with. In the short clip, a tiny puppy steals food from the big dog’s food bowl when he looks away.

Every time the big guy is distracted, the puppy takes a few bites and then hides under the table again. Just add some standard goofy cartoon sound effects, and you have a Cartoon Network hit on your hands!


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Aug 162012

Extreme Dog‘ gets its name for being… extreme. As a train was cruising through the country side, the dog looking for excitement took the chance for a little dare deviling.

The pup ran full speed ahead of the train with only a few feet to spare in some kind of dog vs train game of chicken. All the while the train conductor desperately pulled the loud train horn while  caught the whole scene on camera. 

All this pup needs now is some canine Mountain Dew. 


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Aug 152012

Puppy ‘parents’  emptied the kiddie pool that is used by their litter of Golden Retrievers to clean it, and morning came before they had a chance to refill it. 

So when the puppies charged around the pool like they always do first thing, they had the very dry surprise of no water.

“Their favorite thing every morning is to run out of the house into their pool.There is nothing like a gang of angry 5 week old golden retriever puppies to get your morning started! You’ll be glad to know the pool was promptly filled and the puppies are happy campers again!” 

The video is featured on Jezebel, StuffIStole, and HaveYouSeenThis.  


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