Mar 232013

The Pet Collective is famous for recreating pop songs with a pet friendly twist, like their Game Of Bones or Pet Shop parodies. For their latest hit, they traveled back in time to the 90’s to party with ‘Will Sniff’ and sing the Fresh Pup Of Bel Air, and obvious spoof of the world famous Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song. 


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Mar 202013

Alcolm1 published this adorable pet video last May, but it is trending now more than ever. Loca the pug suffers from a mild brain disorder, so she runs in a very messy, out of control manner.

The precious pug from Ireland ‘sings’ about her love of playing outside with canine friends in The Pug That Couldn’t Run. Naturally, the Irish-themed video was trending over the past St. Patrick‘s holiday, and now stands with over 4 million views


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Mar 142013

Animal lover Adam Cox posted this touching video at the start of the week, and already it has collected over 190,000 hits.  

Honey the dog and Kwanza the four month old lion cub are two best friends seemingly scooped up out of an upcoming Disney film.

But no. This is real life at the Darling Downs Zoo in Australia


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Mar 132013

Natalie Kaye published this adorable video over a month ago, but it has only exploded online recently. Now, her pet video stands with over 2.5 million views, and is featured on FoxNews, BuzzFeed, StuffIStole, HuffPost, and BIOTV.  

The short and sweet clip features Natalie’s cute Corgi puppy. While playing fetch, the pup accidentally sees itself in the mirror for the first time.

Like so many cute pets before, the cute puppy runs off in fear, apparently not understanding its own reflection. 


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