Feb 142013

All kids love Power Wheels go-karts, and apparently, dogs do too. After the first driving dog went viralviral last December, dogs behind the wheel have been popping up more and more online. 

This latest adorable video of a husky driving a Power Wheels Jeep through the park by I Love Janelle has already collected over 70,000 views!


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Feb 132013

By now, most of the heavy snowfall that hit the Northeast from the recent Nemo blizzard has been cleared away. But on Saturday, the day after the heavy accumulation, the snow was so high, it was apparently too much snow for Scooter the dog. 

After coming outside with his human friend, Scoot seemed absolutely elated at the mere sight of the snow, until he dove right in. The snow was so high, Scooty could barely keep his head above the white. 

Now, the four day old video has broken over one million views, and continues to trend. 


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Feb 132013

NSFW – language 

This video by chaz11bb has gone viral over the past few days, standing with over 315,000 views so far.

A man with a stick surrounded by three dogs threw it far over a narrow river in front of them to fetch. Two dogs ran after the stick, but gave up at the edge of the river. But ‘ninja dog’ had no problem whatsoever clearing the rushing water


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Feb 132013

For unknown reasons, ConComp had a cardboard cutout of himself made. When he brought it in, his dog Sophie started freaking out at the mere sight of it.  

One can only imagine the nightmare taking place in that poor dog’s imagination. 


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Feb 132013

There’s nothing worse for an animal lover than returning home from a long day only to discover a heaping mound of steamy dog doo right in the middle of the living room floor.

But somehow, Rocco DiGiorgio found out there is still a worse situation yet than just finding your dog left a solid accident on the floor.

Like so many homes these days, he has an iRobot Roomba set on a timer to automatically clean the floor on set intervals. ‘Lucky’ for him, the dog pooed right before the Roomba ‘cleaned’ the floor.

What resulted was a floor seemingly painted with dog doo throughout the house, all thanks to a now poopy Roomba.

“I couldn’t be happier right now,” Rocco says to the camera in a sarcastic monotone. “I can’t even walk around the house. There’s crap. Every. Where. F. M. L.”


Though Rocco posted this video last April, it has only gone viral now.


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