Mar 072014
Watch My Dog Black Guy White Guy Switch Prank

YouTubers Jack Vale and Greg Davis Jr recently went viral with their ingenious and hilarious black guy, white guy switch at the drive-thru prank. That video stands with over one million hits!

Now, they’ve returned to perform a similar prank on the streets.

Taking turns, the two would ask a kind passerby to watch their dog for just a moment while they ran inside a coffee shop. Minutes last, their opposite race counterpart would return wearing the same outfit asking for their dog back.

How do you think people will respond?


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Mar 062014
Dog Tries To Jump And Reach Tall Tree Branches

Adam Michaleski‘s neighbor just recently trimmed their tree branches. But their neighbor’s dog doesn’t seem to understand. 

The silly dog attempts over and over to jump and grab the branches that are over 20 feet up in the air. Adam reports this hilarious scene “happens daily.”

“You’re a little short,” laughs Adam and his friend. 

Who can say no to free entertainment? 

The Web is loving the cute clip as it has already amassed over 200,000 hits in one day!


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Mar 062014
Chevy’s Puppy Dog Commercial Will Leave You Misty Eyed

Chevy learned a lesson from Budweiser’s super successful puppy dog Super Bowl commercial

America’s blue ribbon car company teamed up with Lloyd Lee Choi to produce a similarly touching commercial demonstrating how a dog is a friend for life that no viewer can turn away from.


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Mar 032014
Two Dogs Share Ice Cream Cone In The Cutest Way Possible

This dog owner loves to go to the drive-thru and get her pups an ice cream cone treat. But she’s learned through experience how to divvy up the ice cream

It may seem unfair that Daisy gets to lick first, but when Cooper finally gets to take a bite it becomes clear why. 



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Feb 282014
Dog Really Enjoys Head Massager

YouTuber Arien100100 posted this adorable video back in May, but it has only gone viral now with over 200,000 new views!

A dog owner gives his silver Husky a head massage with a wire massager. At first the dog doesn’t know what it is and is a little freaked out. But once it’s in place on his head, it’s oooh so good. Yaaaa, that’s the spot!


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