Sep 182013
Dog Escaping Through Kitchen Window Caught On Camera

 Do you know what your dog is up to while your away?

Andrew Holzberger‘s friend kept coming home to discover his dog was out of his intended area. Finally, he set up a laptop camera to capture what his puppy was up to while he was away. 

What he discovered blew him away. Now, the video has instantly gone viral today after appearing on the front page of Reddit. Already, the clip has amassed over 400,000 views!


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Sep 132013
Owner Gets Lazy Dog Out Of Bed With Raccoon Call

Most people don’t realize it, but dogs can be lazy in the morning just like us. Just ask dedicated dog owner Ben Lucier who has to struggle getting his dog out of bed for doggy daycare every morning. 

But after days on end of waiting, Ben has figured out how to get Drake up and at ‘em. After failing to get Drake down by simply calling him, Ben uses his trusty computer to play a raccoon distress call. 

In a matter of seconds, drake is down the stairs, ready to take on the day. 

The cute video has instantly gone viral after appearing on the front page of Reddit, and has already garnered over 350,000 hits!


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Sep 122013
Flying Kittens vs. Flying Puppies In Slow Motion

Now this is what the Internet was made for!

After too long of a hiatus, videographer and music maker Scottdw, best known for his ultra viral Fruit Ninja In Real Life video, has returned to the web with this new made-for-the-web competitive music video, Flying Kittens vs. Flying Puppies.

As the title suggests, the video features adorable kittens and puppies flying in the air in slow motion with a sick hip hop track pumping in the background. 

So who wins the cute competition? 


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Sep 062013
Prankster Pees On Police Car And Escapes

While hanging out with fellow YouTube pranksters Vitaly, Tom Mabe, and Dennis, Roman Atwood made the crazy decision to pee on a cop car in a ridiculous dog suit. Incredibly, he managed to escape a free dog, er, man. Don’t try this one at home. 


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Sep 052013
Mini Dachshund Bath Time

YouTuber Alejandra554 actually posted this cute pet video at the end of May, but the clip has only exploded onto the viral video scene now, garnering over 200,000 views this week. 

The adorable clip features two mini Dachshunds who are extremely excited for bath time. To demonstrate their zeal, Alejandra says they let the two pups jump into the bath all by themselves. Well, maybe with a little assistance. 

The clip caught fire after being featured on popular sites like DailyPicks, LaughingSquid, and TastefullyOffensive


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