Jan 292014
Clydesdale Horse Saves Puppy In Touching Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2014

It’s no surprise this touching Superbowl ad by Budweiser has instantly gone viral with over 3 million hits just today!

The commercial features an adorable puppy who is saved by his friend, a familiar Clydesdale horse who just happens to be the Budweiser mascot. 

How could the Internet resist?


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Jan 292014
Audi 2014 Superbowl Commercial Doberhuahua

What if you mixed a Doberman with a Chihuahua? 

According to this 2014 Superbowl commercial by Audi, you just might end up with a compromise you never intended. A Doberhuahua!

Of course, the point of the ad is that Audi would never compromise with their cars.


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Jan 272014
Eight Week Old Husky Puppy Already Knows Dog Tricks

This short pet video by Mistressdee1 was originally posted in 2012, but has gone viral again now. 

At the time of the recording, the Husky pup Remmy starring in the video was only eight weeks old. But as is evident in the clip, the tiny 2.5 pound pup was already well trained and knew how to sit and speak.

Simply precious!


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Jan 222014
Two Puppies Adorably ‘Pray’ For All Dogs Before Dinner

Puppies Jaisan and Jia are two very well behaved and religious dogs. Before dinner, the two stand in respect when their owner offers a prayer for all dogs, and only after ‘amen’ do they dine.

The two year old video is trending again after being featured on popular sites, such as 22Words, DailyPicks, and HuffPost.


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Jan 202014
Adorable Corgi Knows How To Get Owner’s Attention For More Pets

Kousuke4649b‘s cute Corgi knows how to get his attention. 

When Haru wants more ‘scratchies’ and ‘pets,’ he literally taps his human friend on the arm and nudges his hand.

Just look at the face. Who can deny ‘pets’ to such a cutie?


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