Jan 242015
Son Scares Mom With Fake Dog

Jomboy his little brother a very realistic fake dog. Why? He doesn’t explain. But his little bro quickly figured out that their mom was not a fan of the dog. That inspired him to hide the dog and wait until his mom stumbled upon and freaked out. 

In just a matter of minutes, he pranked her five times. It only gets funnier and funnier. Now, this hilarious clip has gone viral with over half a million hits


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Jan 232015
Seal Cuddles With Dog On Beach

Everyone knows that seals are basically just water dogs, but now we have real proof! Erik A. Webster was on the beach with friends when he saw an adorable scene fit for a children’s book and luckily caught it on camera. A seal climbed out of the water onto the beach and waddled up to a dog to get some cuddles.

Does it get any cuter?? 


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Jan 192015
Man Sings Along With Adorable Dachshund

Popular gamer Markiplier has gone viral with this adorable video featuring his cute dachshund puppy Maggie. While holding his pup, the two sing and ‘talk’ to each other. The cute clip has amassed over 1.5 million hits over the weekend.  


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Jan 192015
Puppy Adorably Reclaims His Bed From Cat

The Internet has seen its fair share of cats stealing beds from dogs. Finally, we have a case where the dog gets his justice! Ten week old french bulldog Pixel stood up to the house cat that stole his doggy-bed, and after a valiant battle, reclaimed his bed. Good boy!

This cute pet video has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Jan 142015
Dog Rides The Bus Alone To The Dog Park

Like most cute stories, this happened by chance. Black lab owner Jeff Young travels with ‘best friend’ to the dog park quite frequently using the Seattle bus system. But one time when the bus pulled up, Jeff decided to wait for the next one so he could finish his cigarette.

Eclipse, on the other hand, wasn’t in the mood to wait, so she hopped on the bus. Jeff was a little worried, but found her at the dog park. Now, NBC 24 WNWO reports that Eclipse takes the bus to the dog park alone all the time. The drivers and riders all recognize her and love it. 


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