Jul 252015
Corgi Hate Hitting

Can’t we all just get along. Even though Corgis aren’t known for being assertive and protective compared to other breeds, Charlie the Corgi isn’t afraid to put his foot, or paw, down when he sees something he doesn’t like. Like hitting. Even when Arlieth just pretends to hit someone, Charlie gives a growl and even a bark to stop the mean behavior. This cute pet video has gone viral with over 325,000 views!


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Jul 162015
Dog’s Accidental Front Flip Is Perfect

Chai Dog is one excited puppy. In this viral video, the cute dog runs full speed at a flexible gate. Luckily for Chai, instead of getting hurt, the dog performed a perfect front flip, landed back on his legs, and kept on running full speed!

This hilarious video has gone viral with over one million views!


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Jun 162015
Well Trained Dog Gets Super Excited Before Dinner Time

Even the most well trained dogs usually can’t help themselves. When food is brought out they just go crazy, it’s instinctual. Justin Tokarsky‘s cute dog Indiana is well behaved but whenever he goes into the pantry and pulls out a bowl of food for her, she can’t help but jump around and do a little dance. Still, she waits until Justin give’s her the OK to eat though. Good dog. Now, this cute clip has instantly gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jun 162015
Dog Helps Carry Shopping Bags Into The House

Besides for paying for the bill, the worst part about grocery shopping is hauling all those shopping bags into the house. Thankfully, this family has Millie the awesome pug who loves to help carry in the bags from the car, even if her rottweiler companions just walk along. 


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