May 132014
Adorable Dog Is Not So Good At Catching Treats

Taylor Alexander Stephens has been trying her best to train her cute Great Pyrenees dog to catch treats tossed at her in the air. Let’s just say, Nana is not the fastest of learners. But don’t worry, she eventually picks up on the trick. Yay!


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Apr 032014
Amazingly Well Trained Jumpy The Dog Performs Specific Commands

Dog trainer Omar von Muller published this dog trick video at the end of 2013, but it has only exploded online now with over 700,000 new viral views!

Omar has trained his dog Jumpy extremely well. All Jumpy wants is to attack his chew toy, but the well behaved pup follows exact commands for two agonizing minutes before finally getting to pounce. 

Good dog!


Via 22Words

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Jan 272014
Eight Week Old Husky Puppy Already Knows Dog Tricks

This short pet video by Mistressdee1 was originally posted in 2012, but has gone viral again now. 

At the time of the recording, the Husky pup Remmy starring in the video was only eight weeks old. But as is evident in the clip, the tiny 2.5 pound pup was already well trained and knew how to sit and speak.

Simply precious!


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