Aug 142015
Man Singing Opera During Brain Surgery Is An Intense Scene

The brain is a funny thing. The one organ that is responsible for all of our thoughts and feelings actually doesn’t have any nerve endings. That why when doctors perform brain surgery, they frequently keep their patients awake as they feel no pain anyways and they are able to ask the patient important questions. 

Professional opera, concert, and choral singer Ambrož Bajec-Lapajne was diagnosed with a brain tumor and his neurosurgeon advised him to be awake during the procedure so they could accurately gauge what parts of the brain they were working with. In this intense viral video, he sings parts of Schubert’s Gute Nacht during his surgery. 


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May 112015
Oldest Working Nurse In America Turns 90

Most people imagine a young person when they think of a nurse. But SeeSee Rigney blows that idea out of the water. She just became known as the oldest nurse in America as she just turned 90 years old. Video of the birthday celebration at the Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma, Washington where she works is now going viral. 


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Apr 222015
Paralyzed Girl Surprises Her Nurse By Walking

Ramurrill‘s teenage daughter Bailey was completely paralyzed from the waist down for eleven days for no reason her doctors could find. Thankfully, she recently had a full recovery. Bailey decided to surprise her favorite nurse by rolling up to her in her wheelchair, and then standing up to give her a hug. This heart warming video has instantly gone viral for obvious reasons. 


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Mar 292015
Ultrasound  Shows Unborn Baby Clapping Hands In The Womb

Most ultrasounds look like a blur of white, grey, and black. Usually, you need the physician to show you exactly where your baby is in the picture. But Jen Cardinal had a very clear ultrasound of her baby. It was so clear in fact, she and her husband and the doctor could clearly see the baby clapping their hands in the womb! Now, this video has gone viral over the weekend with over two million views


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Mar 102015
Toddler Gives Dog Adorable Health Checkup

Most little kids want to be a superhero or wizard. But this cute kid knows what she wants to be, and she is already practicing. In this adorable viral video which has over two million views, a toddler gives the family dog a health checkup.

The Internet isn’t sure what’s cuter, the toddler doctor or the well behaved doggy patient. 


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