Jul 282014
Best Pediatrician Has Baby Laughing While Administering Shots

Every parent knows that taking their baby to the pediatrician is no picnic in the park. It’s almost guaranteed that there will be screaming, crying, and yelling. But this doctor is a true miracle worker. Somehow, he is able to make his tiny patient laugh while he gives him his necessary vaccines. The trick is, like a magician, it’s all about distraction.   


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Apr 162014
Rapping Doctor Explains How To Take Care Of Foot Cast

This little girl broke her foot and sadly had to get a cast. To cheer her up, her doctor didn’t just list off how to care for the cast, but rapped the instructions to a beat. 

He actually does a great job conveying the message in a format kids can understand. 

But to summarize: “Just don’t get it wet, that’s it!”


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Jan 262014
How To Remove A Ring From A Swollen Finger With An Elastic Band

This informative medical video was posted online by ITIMEinEM in 2012, but is trending again now. 

Dr. Simon Carley of Manchester Metropolitan University demonstrates with this assistants how to remove a ring from a swollen finger. Usually, a ring must be cut off of a swollen finger as it could cause further issues, but with an elastic band from an oxygen mask, the ring can often be successfully removed.


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Jan 132014
Doctor Dresses Homeless And Helps People On The Street

For years, Dr. Jim Wither has been offering his services, free of charge, to homeless people. 

But he doesn’t invite them into his office. 

Instead, he and his team hits the streets themselves, in plain clothes, five nights a week to help the truly needy. 

His story published by Nation Swell is truly inspiring. 


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Dec 132013
Doctor Dad Performs Plastic Surgery On His Daughters

It must be the California way.

Barcroft TV reports that Doctor Michael Niccole has made a name for himself and his practice by performing numerous plastic surgeries on his daughters. 

Both girls who are only in their 20′s have had breasts augmentation surgeries, countless Botox injections, and a slew of other procedures. 

It seems mom is the only one who has a problem with the situation, but her concerns have simply been ignored. 


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