Oct 302015
Aladdin Magic Carpet Costume

With the help of modern technology, Halloween costumes are cooler than ever. Prank vs Prank celebrated Halloween this year by dressing up as Aladdin from Disney’s famous feature film. The best part? He rode a magic carpet around New York City made from a hacked skateboard. Even New Yorkers couldn’t help but stop and look. So cool! 


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Oct 292015
Ulitimate Disney Villains Medley

Some of Disney‘s best work is their villains. From Maleficent, to Ursula, to Captain Hook, they all have larger than life personalities that are simply unforgettable. In honor of Aladdin on Broadway, Jonathan Freeman, the voice of Jafar, performed an ultimate Disney villains medley that is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. 


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Oct 262015
Dog Is Super Excited To Watch Disney’s Bolt

This video was published in 2009, but it has only gone viral now with over half a million new views! Stryker the Belgian Malinois might be a dog, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a Disney film. His favorite is naturally Bolt, the 2008 feature film by Disney about a ‘superhero’ dog named Bolt. 


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Oct 192015
Girl’s Cinderella Costume Transformation Is Genius

It wasn’t that long ago that extreme fans who dressed up as their favorite fictional characters were considered, well, weirdos. But now, cosplaying has become a favorite pastime. Even those who aren’t into the hobby can appreciate seeing famous recognizable characters from movies, video games, and books come to life. Bubbly Bee Cosplays is one talented fan. Just watch as she spins and in seconds transforms from Cinderella dressed in her work clothes into Princess Cinderella at the balls. Well done!


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Oct 042015
Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Disney

As all nerds already know, the entire Star Wars universe was purchased by Disney from George Lucas for a cool four billion dollars. That gave the nerds at Pistol Shrimps an idea. What would the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, look like if it included iconic Disney characters? Something like this


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