Jun 282013

Back in 2011, Sheridan College Media Arts students went viral with their perfect recreation of the introduction to Disney’s popular after school cartoon Recess.

The older spoof video now stands with over half a million views.

But online, a good idea is never done just once. So now, a new class of students from Canada has gone viral today for their new shot-for-shot recreation of the intro to late 90′s animated series. 

The video, published by TullyMcWatters, is already covered on HuffPost, DigitalSpy, and Reddit.


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Jun 272013

Madbasd was at Disneyland enjoying one of the many parades when a nightmare of Disney-proportions took place. One of the toy soldiers took a terrible fall. To make matters worse, the soldier lost its toy head. 

The illusion! The illusion has been compromised!

The video from last winter has only gone viral now, garnering over 100,000 hits just today. 


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Jun 252013

What child doesn’t have the introduction of Disney’s The Lion King burned into their memory? The movie is one of Disney‘s most famous feature films, and the power opening scene, where the entire jungle kingdom bows to their new royal prince Simba, is one of their most iconic. 

Artist Simone Rovellini thought it was due time someone spoofed the popular intro. Being a fan of darker humor, he edited the classic moment when Rafiki lifts Simba up into the air in front of the entire jungle.

Instead of holding the new prince of the jungle up high, viewers are shocked to see Rafiki throw Simba off of Pride Rock. But it seems the Web appreciates dark humor as the new clip is now going viral. 


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Jun 192013

To keep dedicated fans from losing their cool while waiting for the next upcoming feature film, Walt Disney Studios will often debut a short piece from what they are currently working on.

In Frozen, Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, heads off on an epic journey, joined by an mountain man and his reindeer. The first look trailer has quickly garnered over 650,000 views, and is covered on Mashable, MarySue, and ScreenRant


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Jun 092013

NSFW language, content

Everyone has seen the Disney classic Aladdin, but have you ever paid close attention to the plot? Not just watch the fun stuff and the music, but really focus on the actual political and moral implications of Aladdin’s actions? 

Because if you have, then you already realize that Aladdin is actually no better then Jafar, and really has no respect for the princess at all. 

Eccentric YouTuber animation studio Film Cow demonstrates this in their new eye-opening animation It’s Aladdin.

But, then again, it is really that shocking that the moral implications of a Disney movie are murky at best?


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