Mar 022014
Rock Cover Of Mulan’s “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” Really Does Rock

The classic I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan is one of Disney‘s most pumped up and upbeat songs. 

But rock and roll YouTuber Jonathan Young has taken the song to the next level.

His metal-rock cover of the motivational song simply… rocks!


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Feb 232014
Censored ‘Finding Nemo’ Is Hilarious

A month ago, The Jake Vale Show went viral after adding unnecessary bleeps and distortions to Disney’s newest feature film Frozen.

That censored video now stands with over 2.9 million views!

After such a viral success, Jake is continuing his magic, and has just debuted a censored version of Finding Nemo

It’s so wrong, but so funny!


Thanks Jake!

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Feb 192014
The Piano Guys Cover ‘Let It Go’

The Internet has been obsessing over Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen ever since the song hit the Web. 

Now, the prominent string musical group The Piano Guys has decided to rejuvenate the song by melding it with Vivaldi’s Winter

Not only is their musical cover beautiful, but the video is also breathtaking. 

The best part? There’s no green screen. All of the snow and ice is real. 


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Feb 152014
A Feminist ‘Frozen’ Musical

For years, Disney princesses have ended up with a prince. But princess Elsa from Frozen has taught us that a princess doesn’t have to follow that traditional path if she doesn’t want to. 

Elsa teaches this fact of marital freedom to other Disney princesses, such as Ariel, Belle, and others, in this viral musical by AVbyte

The song already has amassed over 775,000 hits!


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Feb 142014
Let It Go African Tribal Cover Will Blow You Away

The award winning song Let It Go has become a true obsession online. There are countless spoofs and covers of the popular Frozen song. 

But none are as original as this new cover by Alex Boye. Alex teamed up with Masa Fukuda and his amazing One Voice Children’s choir to create a one of a kind Africanized cover of Let It Go that has instantly caught viral fire.  

The new music video already has over 1.5 million hits and counting!


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