Jun 092014
Kid’s React To Duck Tale’s

What 80’s or 90’s kid doesn’t remember Duck Tales? It was one of Disney‘s most popular animated franchises. It may surprise many older online viewers, but most kids today have never heard of or watched Duck Tales! That inspired The Fine Brothers to show their group of reacting kids the show to see what they think. It’s no surprise that they loved the catchy theme song. 


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May 312014
Dad And Daughter Perform Adorable Lip-Sync Of ‘Love Is An Open Door’

This dad and daughter duo didn’t get the memo that the Internet is done with Frozen, but who cares?! After being begged by his daughter to lip sync the popular song Love Is An Open Door together, Narcolepsyinc finally gave in.

What resulted was one of the most adorable father-daughter performances the Internet has ever seen. Their cute video has instantly gone viral after appearing on the front page of Reddit over the weekend. Ya, this video is gonna be huge by Monday morning. 


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May 272014
Disney Villains The Musical

Disney’s new live action prequel for Sleeping Beauty will soon be in theaters. In honor of Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie opening in theaters this weekend, the musical nerds of AV byte commissioned this Disney villains musical. Evil queens aren’t all that bad once you get to know them. 


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May 202014
Adorable Baby Cries When She Hears ‘Frozen’

It’s no secret the Internet is tired of Disney’s Frozen and the countless musical covers and spoofs it produced. It had a good run, but it’s time for something else finally. Little adorable Claire is especially sick of Frozen. If she just hears a few stanzas of music from the movie she breaks down into the cutest tears every. Don’t worry Claire, that’s how we all feel.


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May 192014
Toy Story As A Horror Film Is Chilling

Just over a week ago, Bobby Burns went viral with his eye-opening twist on Disney’s Frozen, cutting footage of the popular film to create a terrifying trailer of what Frozen would look like as a horror flick. That video stands with over 7 million hits! After such a great success, Bobby has returned to take on Pixar’s most popular film, Toy Story. The resulting trailer for a horror Toy Story movie is simply terrifying. They need to make this for Halloween!


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