Apr 182014
Kiss The Girl In Real Life Prank

Online prankster Stuart Edge was joined by music masters Peter HollensVocal Point, and Noteworthy to help woo women on a college campus. 

Stuart approached random girls to chat, and was then over run by the singing groups covering the Little Mermaid classic Kiss The Girl

How could a girl refuse?


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Apr 142014
How Frozen Should Have Ended

Disney’s hit feature film Frozen has become an Internet obsession. So it’s no surprise it has also become the highest grossing animated film ever. 

Still, the ending of the popular movie could have used a little tweaking.

The nerds at How It Should Have Ended have a much better alternative ending that actually makes a lot of sense.  


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Apr 112014
Girl Meets World Trailer

After much hype, Disney has finally revealed the first teaser trailer for Girl Meets World. You know, the much anticipated sequel to the 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World.

After getting married and having a daughter, Cory and Topanga must now try and keep an eye on their daughter as she tries to make a world of her own. 


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Apr 082014
Dad Adorably Video Bombs Daughter Singing Let It Go

While his daughter was singing the Frozen classic Let It Go, one father took the performance into his own hands. He sneaked behind while his daughter was singing and video bombed her in the best way possible by adding a passionate lip dub performance in the background. 


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Apr 052014
Things Disney Characters Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them

Disney is often criticized for portraying extremely unrealistic and unhealthy relationships.

To show just how creepy instantly falling in love is or being best friends with your pet parrot is, BuzzFeed demonstrates things Disney characters do that’d be creepy if a real person did them


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