Apr 022014
Human Water SkeeBall Is The Best Way To Start Spring

Winter is finally over! Videographer Devin Supertramp will get you in a much warmer mood with his latest project, Human Water SkeeBall.

That’s right. His friend took turn launching themselves into floating rings at a wake-boarding facility as if they were skeeballs. The results are splash-tastic!


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Feb 122014
Human Bowling

Sick of the snow? Well, it won’t be long before the sun is out, the temperatures are high again, and people will be complaining about the humidity.

Devin Supertramp and his buddies are enjoying the white stuff while they can. They teamed up with Bear Naked to hold an epic game of human bowling in giant Zorb balls in the snow. 


Music is We Came to Party by Con Bro Chill.


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Jan 062014
Rope Swing Zipline From Top Of NFL Stadium

Devin Supertramp and his crew hit up the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Everbank Field stadium with the help of Aerial Concepts and Panasonic to pull off some outrageous stunts. 

The daring adrenaline junkies jumped from the top of the stadium and zip-lined down, all while wearing cameras so the Internet can ride along.


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Dec 112013
Bike Parkour In San Francisco

Devin Supertramp teamed up with BMX riders Tim Knoll, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Zak Maeda, Casey Holm, and William Hendrickson to deliver this epic parkour video. 

The group grabbed their bikes and took to the streets of San Fran, performing extreme and inconceivable BMX tricks.  


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Dec 062013
Cardboard Surfing With Dale Earnhardt Jr

Water skiing is great fun, but what do you do when there’s no water around and you have a craving for some high speed action?

You simply go to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s property in North Carolina, and go cardboard surfing. Ye, that’s a thing now! 

Devin Supertramp teamed up with Mountain Dew and Dale to try out the new ‘sport’ and capture all the fun to share with the web. 


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