Jun 192014
Insane 50 Foot Cliff Slip and Slide

Now that it’s summer it’s time to hit the pool and the slip and slide. No slip and slide can compare with this epic cliff slide Devin Supertramp and his buddies created. The crazy daredevils set up a familiar slip and slide off of a 50 foot cliff! That’s some drop! Are you down?


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Jun 122014
Water Hoverboard In Real Life

Fans of Back to the Future will remember that the hoverboard doesn’t work on water. Unless you’ve got power of course. We are sadly still a couple years from playing on real hoverboards, but the next best thing does exist: water hoverboards! Devin Supertramp got his hands on a brand new water flyboard and made this eye-popping video to show it off.



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May 272014
Kiteboarding In Aruba

What exactly is kiteboarding? It’s basically a hybrid mixing windsurfing and paragliding into one epic, extreme sport. Videographer Devin Supertramp shows viewers just how awesome the sport can be in this new video he put together while in Aruba. The kite makes pulling off sweet jumps and tricks that much easier and effortless. 


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May 132014
Road To Machu Picchu Is Glorious

Machu Picchu, simply translated as old peak, is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Videographer Devin Supertramp had the lucky opportunity to travel to Peru, Machu Picchu, and many other locations in South America thanks to Dick Jensen and Alan McKay tours. He made sure to have his cameras rolling the entire time, and put together this glorious super cut, that he titled Road To Machu Picchu, from his trip. So sit back, press play, and take a 4 minute free vacation. 


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Apr 022014
Human Water SkeeBall Is The Best Way To Start Spring

Winter is finally over! Videographer Devin Supertramp will get you in a much warmer mood with his latest project, Human Water SkeeBall.

That’s right. His friend took turn launching themselves into floating rings at a wake-boarding facility as if they were skeeballs. The results are splash-tastic!


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