Dec 172013
Saudi Man Doesn’t Understand How To Play In The Snow

As most people not hiding in a cave has heard, the Middle East was slammed with a rare snow storm last week.  

It’s a good thing snow is so rare there as most people in the desert simply don’t know how to deal with snow, or, as is evident in this short video, even play in it. 

Saudi YouTuber Mohammed Alobaidan‘s friend tried to jump into a pile of snow, but apparently didn’t know how. The silly clip has already amassed over 350,000 views!


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Nov 112013
This Incredible Wingsuit Flight Through Narrow Utah Canyon Will Blow You Away

Aviation and wing-suit master Scotty Bob is a pro, so don’t try this one yourself. 

Scott daringly flew through an extremely narrow canyon in northern Utah, a voyage that even impressed World Wingsuit League.

As he safely made it through and launched his parachute, he appropriately cheered in victory!

Naturally, he made sure to document his drop while wearing a helmet camera, and now the video is trending on Facebook


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Oct 182013
Scout Leaders Topple Ancient Rock Formation

Three Boy Scout leaders have found themselves in hot water after destroying a 200 million year old rock formation in the Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. 

Just like so many foolish teenage delinquents these days, the men recorded their mischief, and posted the video onto Facebook

Now, the video is going viral after being republished onto YouTube by the Salt Late Tribune.

The men are potentially facing felony charges, though they claim they knocked the rock over to prevent a boy scout from harm. 

Read more on SaltLakeTribue, Fox, and DeadSpin.


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Jul 212013

Most people are familiar with storm chasers, but flood chasers? Do people really chase flash floods for fun and excitement?

Yes! Actually, career flood chaser David Rankin of RankinStudio confesses he’s been chasing and studying floods for over ten years now. 

The latest flash flood he captured on camera was in the Southern Utah desert. After six hours of heavy rain 40+ miles north of his location, he was able to decipher where the flash flood would travel. 

It’s quite the sight to see, and is now going viral. 


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Jun 042013

Science obsessed Smithsonian Channel published this nature video waay back in 2011, but it has only exploded with viral viewership now, amassing over 300,000 views just over the past week. 

The nature clips features two dangerous animals butting heads in the Kalahari Desert. Well, at least one animal attempting to butt heads.

After confronting a honey badger face to face, the porcupine attempts all of its usual offensive moves, first shaking its quills and then attacking.

But the honey badger isn’t badgered at all as the porcupine as its quills seem useless against the hide of the badger. 


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