Apr 182014
Ghost Car Comes Out Of Nowhere In Russian Traffic

This video, posted by street creator and house, has exploded online, garnering over 2 million views in just a few days. The dash camera video was apparently taken in Russian traffic, and seems to show a ‘ghost car’ appear out of nowhere! Of course, it’s difficult to trust anything like this these days with computer editing, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ the video across all social networks. 


Via TopGear

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Jan 282014
Police Arrest Boyfriend For Scariest Proposal Prank Ever

Matt wanted to propose to his girlfriend Samantha Labo in a way she would never forget. 

So he colluded with the New London Police to have them pull him and his girlfriend over and arrest him for no apparent reason. 

Just before he was dragged off to jail he popped the question to his understandably emotionally upset girlfriend. 

The police dash camera caught the entire scene on video which is featured by UpRoxx and Gawker


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Nov 042013
Russian Driver Calmly Crashes Into River

Another Russian dash-cam video has gone viral! 

YouTuber kamaz222 reposted this video from a Russian driver who had a very relaxed accident.

The driver took a turn onto a small bridge too quickly, and crashed through the guardrails into the river. 

But the driver and passenger didn’t scream or panic. Instead, they had a relaxed conversation:

“Oh, we float! Where we go? I don’t know, maybe to the shore. Don’t steer the wheel, it’s useless.”


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Oct 192013
Russian Gas Station Attendant Break Dancing On A Car

Russia is famous for its ridiculous, jaw-dropping, and often outrageous dash-camera videos that creep onto the Western web.

Most involve dangerous close calls, crimes, and insurance charlatans pretending to be hit by cars. 

But for once, a dash-cam video has gone viral with a positive focus. 

In this newly trending video reposted by Lochlan Young, a gas station attendant doesn’t get mad at the waiting driver blasting dance music.

Instead, he goes crazy, break dancing on the car he is servicing. 

In just one day this specific video has amassed over half a million views, with plenty of other copies circling the web. The clip has also been featured on EliteDaily, DiggJalopnik, AutoEvolutionUpRoxx, and DailyMail


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Oct 012013
Pedestrians Pretending To Be Hit By Cars In Russia Compilation

As most viewers know, dash-cameras are nearly standard in Russia for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is to vindicate yourself when a nearby pedestrian falsely claims you hit them with your car.

Who would do that, one might ask? 

Car obsessed RoadCrash500 put together this compilation, roughly translated as For The Money Under The Wheels, to show just how common the fraudulent tactic is. 

The video published in the summer is trending now more than ever, and amassed over half a million views over the past two weeks. 


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