Jan 052012

Almost immediately after the original success of Star Wars, Darth Vader began appearing in commercials, and hasn’t stopped since. Most people don’t think twice of the mixing of art and commercialism, but RetinaBurnBlog doesn’t think it’s the best idea. The video was posted in November, but has started to trend again, and was just featured on TheAwesomer


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Dec 152011

Darth Vader is one of the most evil Sith in the galaxy, but just because you’re evil doesn’t mean you don’t love music. Watch as Darth Vader orchestrates a flash mob choir singing the classic Christmas tune Carols Of The Bells in the Algonquin College library during finals week. The video is shared by MikeP13


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Sep 122011

Darth Vader is the world famous Sith Lord who says, ‘no,’ a lot. He’s been saying it since he was Anakin, and only became more pessimistic with age. But things are about to change when Vader is cut into the trailer for Yes Man. Now Vader has to say, ‘yes,’ to everything. The plot doesn’t really sound that much more absurd than the original Yes Man. The video is featured on b3ta


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Sep 052011

Remember how ridiculous the Yoda and Count Dooku fight scene was in Star Wars: Episode 2? Tiny Yoda bounced around a much taller Dooku, which was absurd and funny. I’m reminded of that when watching this video. A chess player finds the black king became alive, and it pulled out a red lighsaber, reminicist of Darth Vader. He tosses a blue saber to the shocked guy, and the two duel. 


Thanks Dre!!

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