Dec 282011

Your grandma may enjoy dancing to old records, but ‘s granny loves the modern electronic music of Dubstep. Here, she dances on Christmas morning to Excision & Downlink’s The Underground. The video went viral after her grandson posted the video on Reddit


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Dec 232011

During a long six month deployment, sailors can easily get bored and antsy on their ship. But that’s what music is for. To pass the time, sailors on the Australian Navy frigate HMAS Toowoomba created this fun lip dub music video to Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand techno song.


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Dec 222011

Cebu Pacific went viral back in 2010 with their safety demo set to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. Well, they have gone viral again bringing Holiday cheer to their passengers with a special dancing Christmas version of their safety demo. Stewardesses gave a cute performance of the common safety guidelines with Jennifer Lopez’s All I Want For Christmas playing. The story is covered by WSJ


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Dec 212011
Eccentric Guy Singing, Dancing To N’s In Paris On NYC Subway

As a passenger of the New York City subway system, you become immune to crazy people and performances on your daily commute. Most people don’t even look or react when performers start to sing or dance. But this guy isn’t a performer. He’s just taking the train like everybody else when he’s bit by the dance bug. Sometimes you just gotta dance! 

Update: The amazing singer and dancer is Terrane Hicks and he can be reached on his Twitter @TerraneHicks.


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Dec 202011

Dance videos, dance videos, dance videos, after a while the entire category just gets old. We need something new. Something finally different and special. How’s this for different? NONSTOP performs some crazy, seizure inducing-in-a-good-way Dubstep dancing on the Great Wall Of China


Update: Song name is Russian Lullaby by Butch Clancy

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