Apr 022012

YouTuber ‘s most famous character Keith Apicary is best known for his amazingly eccentric dance moves that seriously clash with his ‘dorky’ costume.

For his latest adventure, Nathan made a special visit to a Kimberly Cole music video dance audition as Keith, and blew away his unsuspecting competitors. Who knew such an eccentric looking nerd could also shred the dance floor? Don’t judge a book by its over. 

So what did Kimberly Cole think of Keith? Let’s just say it was a pleasant surprise. The music is U Make Me Wanna, appropriately by Kimberly Cole,Eddie Amador, and Garza.


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Apr 012012

Dubstep electronic music is all the rage online, and Nintendo is following the crowd. Coming this summer, Nintendo plans on releasing a Dubstep Nintendo themed dance game on the 3DS.

 did such a good job on the video, this writer had to double check the date to make sure it was an April Fools gag. 


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Mar 252012

Even lucky grass-fed cows have to stay indoors for the cold winters, and that can get very boring quick. You can really tell how much the cows missed being outside when this UK farm let them out for the first time in Spring.

They literally dance, hug, and roll around in the grass in this viral video published by . You can just feel their happiness. 


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Mar 242012

For reasons unknown, Danikka entered a women’s gymnastics floor competition. But that wasn’t the shocking part. What shocked everyone was that not only did he do a good job dancing to Hey, Pachuco from The Mask, but he made it entertaining. The video went viral after being posted on Reddit.


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