May 032012

Tap dancing fusion artists  has exploded onto the ‘net with their first video remix of Crave You by Flight Facilities. Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingenberg took some boards to the beach and tap danced like you’ve never seen.

The week old video already has over 110,000 views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends, Devour, TheDailyWhat, and HuffingtonPost


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May 022012

Japan is always a great source for all things weird and WTF, and this latest viral music video by  that is featured on Buzzfeed doesn’t disappoint.

Four girls, each dressed to represent a different fruit, dance and sing a very Japanese song at the grocery. After viewing the entire video, a deep sinking ‘what am I doing with my life’ feeling will wash over you. 


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Apr 282012

It’s always fun to watch the mainstream news try to understand an Internet fad. KTLA was the latest news channel to attempt to take on the ‘net.

They tried to cover the story of when Kieth Apicary showed up the Kimberly Cole dance auditions and stole the show, but only made fools of themselves. Amazingly, the reporters still don’t seem to understand Kieth is all a character.  


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Apr 242012

Anyone growing up in the 90’s is almost guaranteed to be a fan of Fresh Prince. And a favorite from that show is Carlton, played by Alfonso Ribeiro, and his trademark Cartlon Dance.  

Together with his fans, Alfonso Ribeiro hosted what  claims as the world’s largest simultaneous flashmob, with dancers dancing the same dance across the country at the same time. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, Digg, and BuzzFeed.


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