Jul 262011

One of the Internet’s most popular video is Evolution of Dance. The video has over 170 million views, and helped make YouTube popular back in the day. Judson Laipply, the famous dancer, teamed up with ESPN to bring a new football themed version of the dance. The video is shared on TheHighDefinite


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Jul 222011

Back in 2003, Outkast’ Hey Ya was one of the most popular pop songs. But to these two kids in 2011, the song is still fresh and new. They dance to the song on the Wii wearing matching outfits, and are just too precious! Even their choreography is in sync. 


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Jul 212011

This commercial from Samsung France for their new Samsung galaxy S II is simple, but oh so good. A man gives a cool hand choreography dance that’s impressive enough. Then the CGI comes in and it’s no wonder this commercial is crazy viral.


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