Mar 092012

George Takei, most famous as Sulu on the original Star Trek series, just successfully helped raise over $150,000 for his Broadway musical, Allegiance, which deals with the wrongful internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. 

He promised his fans he would perform his Happy Dance if successful and, to the dismay of his husband, delivers it beautifully. Naturally, his song of choice is Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO.


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Mar 062012

Star Wars fans have been waiting tirelessly for the new Star Wars Kinect, but ever since video of the game has been showing up online, those feelings have quickly changed. Besides for driving a pod racer and dueling in a lightsaber battle, which both seem only mediocre, there’s Galactic Dance Off. As in a Star Wars themed Dance Revolution-DDR dance game. Gamers can’t help shake their heads and ask a very serious, ‘WTF?’ The video is shared on GeekOSystem and ToplessRobot




Here is more footage of the game, with even more Star Wars DDR. Hasn’t dance games been done to death already like Guitar Hero?


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Mar 042012

This viral video from last summer published by  just started to trend again now. At his July wedding to Cara, Jeff performed an epic wedding dance to Michael Jackson’s classic Smooth Criminal. Jeff started the dance alone, and slowly more people from the wedding party joined. Finally, the bride gets in on the dancing action too. 


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Feb 232012

There’s nothing cuter than a baby dancing to music, so here’s a little baby boy who just mastered walking trying out his new dance legs. He’s got some pretty good moves already! The new video just exploded on the blogosphere, and is shared by TheDailyWhat, DogAndPonyShowHuffingtonPost, and HGrant


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