Apr 152012

Satellite radio show  published this video of an amazing gymnastics dance crew at the park. One of the dancers flips and jumps in ways that seem inhuman. @OpieRadio‘s title of the video, ‘You Can’t Do This,’ seems like a very good judgement call. 


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Apr 082012

Every week, there seems to be one or two acts on an X Got Talent show that really goes viral. This weekend, that act is Ashleigh and Pudsey on Britain’s Got Talent. Ashleigh received her pup Pudsey as a gift for her 11th birthday, and the two have been inseparable since. 

During all that together time, Ashleigh has been dancing and practicing with Pudsey, and now the dynamic duo are ready for the esteemed Britain’s Got Talent TV show.

The two danced to the classic intro theme song for the Flintstones, and the crowd and judges just loved it! The video is featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks


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Apr 032012

Emotional crying scenes on talent shows are a crucial ingredient in creating a hit American family television program. But like the lightsaber in Star Wars, when used too often, crying scenes lose their power and importance. 

Dancing With The Stars is one of the most guilty of over emotionalizing scenes.  noticed how often crying really happens on DWTS, and compiled this sniffle full montage.


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