Jan 052012

NSFW – Language.

The last demographic you would think enjoys rap music is probably old white women. But this grandma doesn’t care; she loves rap! She dances along while her grandson, , lip syncs Rack City by Tyga and as a result has become a viral sensation


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Jan 042012

Finals might be the last thing on students minds now, but this 2009 finals themed video just became popular now. In a packed library, one Brigham Young University student needed to relieve some stress, so he blasted some music and started booty dancing on the table. But he quickly stopped, jumped back down, and acted like nothing happened. Everyone got a good relieving giggle out of it. 


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Jan 022012

For most, dancing is hard enough, and the idea of holding a cup of coffee while attempting to dance would almost guarantee some serious burns. But in ‘s latest Dubstep dance video that is featured on TheAwesomer and TheHighDefinite, he took his dancing to the next level by dropping some serious moves all while holding, and drinking, from a nice hot cup of joe. The song is by Zeds Dead and is appropriately called Coffee Break.


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Dec 302011

Marek started singing when he was only two years old, and now that he’s three he’s really letting his talent shine. He shows off his skills performing the 2011 summer hit Sexy And I Know It. His dance moves consist of swaying back and forth, trying to thrust like he sees in the music video, dropping to the floor, and just being totally adorable. 


Thanks Michelle!!

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Dec 292011

This girl has eyebrows with rhythm and has gone viral after winning the hearts of users on Reddit. She just smiles at the camera as her eyebrows dance and seem to be alive all on their own. How do they move like that? 




Update: The eyebrow dancing girl tells the Internet a little bit about herself.


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