Jun 102015
60 Year Old Teacher Dances With Her To Uptown Funk

Sixty years old might sound old to some people, but to Canadian high school dance teacher Shirley Clements who works at the Artistic Edge Dance Academy it’s just a number. So when the school was having a hip-hop dance competition, she joined in with her class. Naturally, the entire room exploded with cheers, and now this video has gone viral with over 300,000 views!


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Jun 092015
Little Ballerina Dancing To Aretha Franklin Owns The Stage

The Internet is ecstatic after finding little ballerina Johanna who is apparently the soul child of Aretha Franklin. During a children’s ballerina performance to Aretha’s world famous hit Respect, Johanna simply owned the song and the stage. The crowd, and now the Internet, went absolutely wild! This video by Elissa Colón has instantly gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


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Jun 082015
Flattening The Steep Hills Of San Francisco With Camera

San Francisco is famous for their extremely steep hills. Walking up and down these hills can be a serious pain. So Karen X Cheng had the genius idea to flatten the hills. With a little bit of camera trickery she and her friends made this mesmerizing video in which it is difficult to decipher what angle the ground is.   


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Jun 072015
Doing The Same Dance In 100 Different Places

Matt Bray of Project One Life went viral a year ago with his epic video in which he learned the Napolean Dynamite dance in 100 days. That video has over 7 million hits! Now he’s back with a new project. This time, he performed the same dance moves in 100 different locations. The resulting compilation is simply mesmerizing. 


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Jun 032015
graduating dance

Graduating from high school is always an exciting moment in a person’s life. But the ceremony, why does it always have to be so boring and dull? It’s like speech after speech, and then there’s another speech. Well the graduating class of Hawaii’s Kahuku High and Intermediate School decided to shake things up, literally. They sang and danced to an upbeat pop music medley–including Shake It OffThrift ShopWrecking Ball, and more–that has the Web smiling from ear to ear. This video has gone viral with over 2 million hits already! Congrats!


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