May 082014
Zony and Yony Perform Adorable Dance On Ellen Show

It seems Ellen DeGeneres has finally found a new adorable duo to feature on her program after obsessing over Sophia Grace and Rosie for so long. Zony and Yony are six year old twins from Taiwan who have become YouTube sensations after video of their cute dancing went viral in the Far East. After catching sight of them, Ellen simply had to invite the twins on her show to perform their cute Bar Bar Bar dance.  


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May 072014
World Champion First Graders Perform On Epic Salsa Dance

Most first graders simply jump around to dance to music. Not Kevin and Beverly. They can dance with the best of them. The two American born kids both have South American parents, so it’s no surprise they thrive dancing the salsa.

During this year’s Israeli Salsa Congress & Holy Land Salsa Tour, the two world champion dancers for their age group demonstrated exactly why they are the world champs. What a show! It’s easy to forget they are only 7 year-olds. 

This week old video posted by Sara Shafi has amassed over half a million views!


Via DailyPicks, 22Words

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May 042014
100 Days Dancing To The Same Song Time Lapse

YouTuber Project One Life is on a mission to take on an extensive bucket list. He’s not much of a dancer, but decided to push his limits. For 100 days, he danced the same dance in his bedroom to the Jamiroquai hit single Canned Heat, made famous from Napoleon Dynamite. Then he did some serious editing, chopped up his dances, and smashed them all into one entertaining, groovy time lapse. His dance has instantly gone viral this weekend. 


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May 032014
Groovy Bird Crosses The Street The Music

YouTuber Stegmeier53 saw a Woodpecker walking across the street and decided to stop and take a picture. By chance it became clear that the bird was ‘dancing’ to the music playing on his car radio. That’s one groovy bird! The song is Something About Us by Daft Punk. 


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Apr 212014
Adorable Toddler Dances On Chinese Talent Show

Media channel DramaFever reposted this adorable video of a tiny three year old toddler on a Chinese ‘Got Talent’ show. 

The precious kid gives the judges the control of the music and dances to whatever type of music they put on. Not only is he simply adorable, but he can dance with the best of them as well. 

The video has managed to garnered over 9 million views just over the past three weeks. 


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