Dec 092014
Guy Performs Hilarious Choreographed Dance To Mozart

Around the world, Mozart is considered one of the most iconic and prestigious forms of classical music. But this is the Internet where weird and ridiculous reside. RL Sims was inspired by his sister’s love of the classical composer to perform a dance to Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major when he was home alone one night. His choreographed dance is ridiculous and hilarious. 


Thanks Sims!

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Dec 062014
Toddler Performs Adorable Dubstep Dance

The Internet has been tired of dubstep dancing for a while now. After a good run, the dance just isn’t fresh anymore. But add a curveball to the mix and you can go viral again with the classic trend. That’s exactly what Pro Flo did with this adorable toddler dubstep video that has gone viral with over 1.6 million hits after being covered by RightThisMinute! Two year old Tegan isn’t only adorable, but he also has got some serious moves!


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Dec 052014
Little Girl Adorably Dances To Grateful Dead Busker In Subway Station

Most New Yorkers don’t even hear the buskers who play in the subway stations. After a while all the noise, screaming, and music just blurs into a jaded nothingness. But it’s different with kids. If the music is good and upbeat they’ll have no problem putting on a smile and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. 

Coyote And Crow was busking at the Bedford subway station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when a little girl started dancing like crazy to their Grateful Dead cover. So cute! 


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Dec 042014

Fantasy football may just seem like a game to the outside viewer, but it is a very serious affair. Chuck Jose lost a fantasy football bet, and had to pay up for his loss. His payment? He was tasked with recreating the acclaimed ‘Chandelier‘ music video by Sia, shot-for-shot. The Web is loving his hilarious rendition, helping this clip amass over 1.3 million hits in less than a week.


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Dec 032014
Group Of Bros Recreate Beyoncé’s 7/11 Music Video

Anything Beyonce puts online instantly goes viral. So it was no surprise her new music video 7/11 was an instant hit. It already has over 37 million hits! Matt Barela and his buddies were snowed in over the Thanksgiving weekend. After getting a little sick with cabin fever, the group of guys decided to recreate Beyonce’s new music video. Naturally, they call themselves Boyoncé. Now, their music video cover has gone viral with over half a million hits already


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