Apr 052013

Pepsi has once again collaborated  with the one and only Beyoncé to star in this music video commercial, titled Mirrors. Beyonce dances in a dance battle of sorts with multiple forms of herself from the past as her new single Grown Woman blasts on the speakers.

Die hard fans quickly notice Beyonce’s memorably outfits from the many past music videos she has starred in. The new music-commercial is already featured on OKMagazine, HuffPost, RollingStone, and Mashable

When asked if she could name all the music videos from the past, Yakiiroll quickly responded with, “Bootylicious, Crazy in love, single ladies, and in other mirrors were naughty girl, love on top, sweet dreams, work it out, deja vu, and run the world.”


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Apr 032013

Naturally, popular vidoegrapher Devin Supertramp‘s latest video has instantly gone viral. With Scott & Brendo’s Light It Up pumping, the Holi, or the Festival Of Colors 2013, kicked off with over 60,000 people throwing bright, colorful powder chalk into the air. The party was even greater than last year’s event

Just don’t breathe deep. 


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Apr 022013

Ronan, the California sea lion at the Pinniped Lab at UCSC, seems to possess a very rare musical ability. Previously, science had concluded only humans and a few special birds could ‘keep a beat.’

But after some training, Ronan is now the first non-human mammal, and first California sea lion to dance to the Backstreet Boys. 


The new video already has over a quarter million views, and is featured on APA, Discovery, and ABCNews


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Mar 272013

A music festival isn’t a proper rave unless you see things that would otherwise cause you to doubt your sanity. Eli Wenig was at the recent Ultra Music Festival and caught Toothpaste Man on camera “doing extremely weird things.” 

Now this is music festival. 


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Mar 262013

Remember the Backstreet Boys? Remember the Harlem Shake?

Well, the princes of the 90’s decided they should probably jump on the band wagon and finally made this, very late, Harlem Shake video. 

“Better late than never, right?” they ask. Probably not, but at least they added in some actual choreography, unlike most HS videos which usually just features people nonsensically shaking their bodies.  

Since debuting over the weekend, their new Harlem Shake video has collected over one million views, and is covered on Mashable, WebProNews, and PopWatch.


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