Oct 312012

This video by  was published online way back in 2010, but it has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit.

Just like the girl who went viralviral with her eyebrow dance routine (who also got started on Reddit), Frank has started to trend for a routine of his own.

Only his routine is with his hair. And it’s a doozy. 




His ‘face dancing to music’ bit is even better. 


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Oct 232012

Video editor  went viralviral last month with an impressive Gangnam Style edit in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He flawlessly cut in the ridiculous hip-thrusting dance from the now famous music video into a classic Star Wars scene in Cloud City. That short clip now stands with nearly three million hits

Now, he’s again trending with a near perfect cut in of PSY dancing his horse trot dance down a Cloud City corridor in the short scene when Luke almost bumps into Boba Fett taking away Han Solo. It’s a very strange, yet satisfying, juxtaposition that has viewers sharing the video across the web. 


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Oct 232012

 was in his Whitney Young high school lunch room when one of his peers started ‘foot-working’ in front of people as a prank.

But when he attempted to impress Mr. Fanning with a dance, the high school teacher responded with a dance of his own that had the entire cafeteria cheering.

The video went viral over the weekend, and now stands with over 200,000 hits.


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Oct 222012

You probably thought the Gangnam Style craze was over by now. And you would be wrong. The Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech is the latest group to jump on board the pop music wagon.

After developing their new bipedal CHARLI-L2 robot, which won a slew of awards, including 2011 Best Invention of the Year by Time magazine, the researchers set their sights on the next obstacle. Having the ‘bot dance the now famous horse trot dance.

It’s not perfect, but is still impressive, and has amassed over 235,000 hits over the weekend already. The dance video is also covered on ABCNews, PopCrush, and CBSNews


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Oct 102012

Pom pom crabs, better known as boxer crabs, are nothing new, and there are plenty of videos of the adorable creatures that have apparent pom poms attached to their arms on YouTube.

But that didn’t stop this particularly good cheerleader ‘dance routine‘ published over a year ago from going viralviral yesterday after being showcased on Presurfer, Neatorama, and DailyOfDay.  


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