Apr 112013

Are you unhappy with your job? You have to focus on the positive parts of life, like school janitor Robert Clark. For example, when he mops, he doesn’t just grumble as he goes through the motions. 

No. He cranks up a little Billy Joel and dances the gymnasium floors clean. 

Ivcolossusxx is inspired, and says, “I need to try and be as positive as this guy when I have to do shit work. Keep up the positive vibes!”


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Apr 102013

At first, it seems the four colorful dancers in this Asian TV show are just dancing in front of a mirror. But in fact, they are performing in front of their fellow dancers wearing the same outfits, and dancing the same moves. 

The synchronization of their ‘reflections’ is truly amazing. Even when the dancing becomes much more complex, the mirror illusion continues to trick the eyes. 


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Apr 082013

Dancing to the music at the ball park is just half the fun of going to the stadium for the day. There’s not much else to do in between innings, and it’s a great way to burn off some of the excess hot dog and beer calories.

At the start of the weekend, 1047WNOK posted this video of an awesome dad dancing at in the bleachers with his two cute kids. Viewers just can’t get enough, and now the video has been seen over a quarter million times


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Apr 072013

Like the rest of us, Senn has seen his share of over the top asking-girls-to-prom viral videos. So to ask out Emily, he decided to satire all those who make such a big deal out of such a small event. 

He didn’t recruit dancers, or fill up 1,500 balloons in her honor. No, he circumvented all the fluff, instead ripping his pants off in the middle of the crowded quad to reveal golden booty shorts with the word ‘prom’ on the back

For the cherry on top, Senn ‘twerked’ around Emily until she conceded with a ‘yes.’


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Apr 052013

Pepsi has once again collaborated  with the one and only Beyoncé to star in this music video commercial, titled Mirrors. Beyonce dances in a dance battle of sorts with multiple forms of herself from the past as her new single Grown Woman blasts on the speakers.

Die hard fans quickly notice Beyonce’s memorably outfits from the many past music videos she has starred in. The new music-commercial is already featured on OKMagazine, HuffPost, RollingStone, and Mashable

When asked if she could name all the music videos from the past, Yakiiroll quickly responded with, “Bootylicious, Crazy in love, single ladies, and in other mirrors were naughty girl, love on top, sweet dreams, work it out, deja vu, and run the world.”


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