Jan 132013

Christian musician Coffey Anderson was performing in front of 5,000 people when a certain young someone stole the show! But Coffey was cool with it. The certain someone just happened to be his seventeen month old son who brazenly stormed the stage to shake what his mom gave him. Now, the adorable two week old video has over 350,000 hits, and is featured on HuffPost, DailyMail, and MostWatched


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Jan 032013

For last HalloweenNasha Lina‘s friend Eric Harvey went as a ‘funky tangerine,’ taking inspiration from both the Lorax and Oompa Loompas. But only now has his funky dance in their Brooklyn apartment started to trend.  


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Jan 032013

Angela Trimbur has been dancing like nobody is watching in public places for a while now. She’s gone viralviral after dancing at the mall and the laundromat, and now she and hellogiggles are trending again dancing to I’m Good, I’m Gone at Los Angeles’s LAX airport. 

Try watching with the sound off to get a feel of how awkward the scene was like for those passing by. 

Already, the new dance video is featured on DailyPicksHuffPost, StuffIStole, and HelloGiggles


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Dec 262012

Every Friday, CBS 12 in Cincinnati holds a very special Dance Party Friday. After a long year of awesome dancing, news-traffic anchor Bob Herzog put together all his best performances, and posted this dance compilation video on YouTube to go viral over the Christmas holiday. 

Dance newsboy, dance!


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Dec 182012

Special effects artist XSefProductionX made this hilarious and adorable dancing spider video way back in the summer, but only now has it started to go viral. 

Now, after being featured on sites like Reddit, Arbroath, DailyOfTheDay, BlameItOnTheVoices, and more, the video has quickly garnered over 350,000 views


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