Nov 212012

Nonstop AKA Marquese is one of the web‘s most famous freestyle, robotic-like dubstep dancer. His latest video, ‘Illusion Of Choice,’ has viewers wondering if he and his buddies are really cyborgs, as they move like no other humans can.

Instantly, the dance video gone viral, amassing over 150,000 views in two days. It has already been covered on LaughingSquid, TheHighDef, and BIOTV.


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Nov 192012

Back in June, Carly Rae Jepsen‘s hit single Call Me Maybe was just starting to become a viralviral sensation. Like so many other people online, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders made their very own dance music video to the catchy tune which currently stands with over 14 million views.

Now, over seven months later, US troops in Afghanistan have sent  their own Call Me Maybe dance music video, a near perfect recreation of the cheerleaders’ choreography


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Nov 162012

In just one day,  has garnered over two million views on their ‘The Big Bang Theory Flash mob‘ video.

During taping of the popular nerdy-themed sitcom, the crew and actors on set suddenly burst into dance when Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe was inexplicably played over the loudspeaker system.

It seems the studio audience, directors, and producers weren’t forewarned of the fun dance event, but loved it all the same. 

The flash mob dance video is further featured on AtlanticWireEntertainmentWeekly, Vulture, Inquisitr, and HuffPost


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Nov 112012

The video game obsessed nerds at  are the latest to go viral parodying the South Korean mega hit sensation Gangnam Style. Dressed in familiar Mortal Kombat costumes, the crew danced around to the catchy tune on the streets on New York.

The spoof has gone viral over the weekend, being featured on NeoGaf, TheFW, and PreFixMag. It currently stands with over 475,000 views.


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Nov 102012

Korean pop star PSY has been making his rounds on popular TV programs in America after his hit sensation Gangnam Style went viralviral.

PSY was recently scheduled to be a guest on The View, and of course performed his hit single for all the cheering fans.

What most people watching TV at home don’t see are the preparations of the behind the scenes staff. They have to double check everything, and even perform a dance rehearsal of the performance to make sure all the lights and sounds are in order. 

Naturally, Teddy the Korean guy working at the The View volunteered to act as PSY during the dance rehearsal. Teddy did an impressive job, which was exaggerated by his two ‘dancers’ behind him who barely moved at all.

Forget PSY, the Internet wants Teddy!


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