May 092013

The web loves finding outrageous and out of the box MacGyverisms found around the world, such as the recently viral Russian video of two industrial excavators that were used to transport travelers across a river. 

Now, this video from last October by Woranet Khieochaoom has only gone viral now, amassing over a quarter million views. The clip showcases a group of Thai construction workers who dance on a beam in unison to drive a pile into the ground.

Funny, in Russia they use industrial equipment against the manufacturer’s specified use while Thai constructions workers have no heavy machinery at all…  


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May 092013

NSFW Warning – language

Pugzly77 published this video of his cute dog Harley at the end of 2011, but it has only exploded online now. Harley the dog is apparently a fan of Eminem‘s as he dances to the famous rapper’s early song Shake That

Viewers are loving the pup’s dance moves, and now the video has gone, amassing over 200,000 views in just one day. 


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May 082013

Jimmy Fallon is well known for his outrageous antics on his Late Night program, especially when it comes to anything musical

John Krasinski famous from The Office was just on the show, and Jimmy didn’t waste any time getting to the fun stuff, challenging John to a lip sync battle.

In the game, the players take turns putting on their best lip sync performance of segments of famous pop songs. Just like in Who’s Line, there’s no actual point system. 

Highlights of the near 9 minute video include a perfect Katy Perry performance by Krasinski, and Fallon closing with an emotional, over the top Somewhere Over The Rainbow


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May 072013

Back in January, David Wilson published this video that he took at his gym of a man performing a dance of sorts while exercising on the treadmill.

“I see this guy dancing almost every day on the treadmill,” he says. Of course viewers can’t help but be reminded of OK GO’s famous treadmill music video.

Only now has the dance video gone viralviral, appearing on DailyPicksCanada, HuffPost, and DailyOfTheDay.



Update: Ingeniously, User Generated TV added the BeeGee’s Stayin’ Alive to the video.

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Apr 292013

It’s not secret the Internet loves watching birds dance to popular music. Frosty is one of those original birds famous for shaking her tail feather, with over 11 million video views

Now, Yopi69 has gone viral with this video of his Cockatoo dancing to Daft Punk’s hit single Phoenix on his shoulder. In just a matter of days, the adorable dance video has been seen over 200,000 times, and is featured on HyperVocal, NineMSN, and DailyPicks


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