Jul 172012

 loves Beyonce and wanted to make a music video to one of her songs that was truly unique. So he grabbed a ton of Snuggies and got to dancing, parodying Beyonce in her Countdown music video nearly perfectly.

This side by comparison of the two music videos that has gone viral shows how spot on he is. The attention to detail is magnificent. 


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Jul 162012

Evolution Of Dance was of the first authentic YouTube viral videos, and still stands as one of the most viewed non-corporate videos online today. 

Now, cute NAO robotics master  has recreated the entire dance routine with one of the cute French NAO robots. Naturally, the robo cover has gone viral in its own right. 


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Jul 162012

The awkward, yet fun loving nerd at  made this adorable Justin Bieber flash mob seemingly two years too late. Baby is one of the Internet’s most viewed videos, standing with 750,000,000 views, but it’s also from 2010. 

But the people at Twitter must really love Bieber’s first hit over Boyfriend as they chose the 2010 hit song for a dance flash mob in the San Francisco based Twitter caf’. 

The video is featured on HuffPost, YouTubeTrends, and NowMSN.


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Jul 112012

Every vending machine around the world operates under the same guidelines. The user deposits some form of currency, and the machine then drops the requested item. 

But Australian snack food company Fantastic Snacks wanted to try a different kind of vending machine for their fans to get their hands on a Delites snack. One that doesn’t require currency, but rather, user participation to receive a free snack. 

The resulting machine, dubbed Delite-o-matic, acts more like an arcade game than a vending machine. As the people ‘won’ more and more games, the machine exponentially raised the stakes. 

Soon, the machine had people pressing a button 5,000 consecutive times, or even breaking out in dance in front of a crowded town square. 

The video is featured on PSFK and DesignTaxi


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Jun 272012

What Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO lacks in content it makes up for it in its pumped up, gotta get up and dance beat. But British comedy musicians Brett Domino and Steven Peavis aren’t the cheerful dancing type, so they made their own cover of the hit dance song with nearly no emotion. It’s a strange juxtaposition. 


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