Jan 252013

Interestingly enough, the KPop sensation Gangnam style seemed to finally cease just as 2013 rolled around. But a straggler has appeared, and it’s a cutey.

John Karam‘s adorable seven month old baby naturally loves to watch the outrageous music video like everyone else. The little kid is a such a fan, he has learned to perform the famous ‘horse trot’ dance, even if he’s on the floor. 

The video has already accumulated  over 1.25 million views in just one week. It has even bee picked up and covered by ABCNews, NYDailyNews, WebProNews, DigitalJournal, and Mirror.


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Jan 232013

NQTV and Gaillard Remi teamed up to produce a dance video reminiscent of Where The Hell Is Matt. With Daft Punk’s Around The World blasting in the background, viewers travel the world watching clips of natives dancing around all wearing the same travelling T-shirt. Now, the new dance music video already has over 600,000 views


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Jan 212013

Remember the World’s Best Sign Flipper who went viralviral last week with the help from robo-dancer Nonstop

Well, Ellen, one of TV‘s biggest fans of the Inter-webs, has caught wind of the awesome dance video that now stands with over 5.5 million views.

Of course, she had to invite the duo to perform on her show, and of course, the subsequent video has gone viral in its own right. 


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Jan 132013

Christian musician Coffey Anderson was performing in front of 5,000 people when a certain young someone stole the show! But Coffey was cool with it. The certain someone just happened to be his seventeen month old son who brazenly stormed the stage to shake what his mom gave him. Now, the adorable two week old video has over 350,000 hits, and is featured on HuffPost, DailyMail, and MostWatched


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Jan 032013

For last HalloweenNasha Lina‘s friend Eric Harvey went as a ‘funky tangerine,’ taking inspiration from both the Lorax and Oompa Loompas. But only now has his funky dance in their Brooklyn apartment started to trend.  


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