Feb 112013

The Harlem Shake meme has officially taken the Internet by storm. The fun dance trend has even made its way to Norway

Kenneth Håkonsen just posted this amazing Harlem Shake dance performance from a troop of Norwegian soldiers, and in one day it has collected over 900,000 views already. 


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Feb 092013

It’s already happened. Just as Gangnam Style is being put to sleep, another Internet meme craze has begun to sweep across users’ newsfeeds and email inboxes. 

The Harlem Shake dance.

The latest to perform the outrageous dance is the KSLA news crew. Naturally, the clip is going viral after Harlem Shake reuploaded it to YouTube


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Feb 082013

It seems the web may have found their newest fun meme. The Harlem Shake

The concept is simple. One dancer dances in front of the camera until the bass drops and ‘do the Harlem shake’ is announced. Then the camera often cuts to a more obscure form of dancing that shocks and entertains viewers. 

In the Firefighter Edition, one fighter dances while two quietly sit. Until the bassdrop. Then the camera cuts to one extra in a Spiderman costume going nuts, and the other flipping out in a chicken suit. 

Ye, this is what the web was made for. 


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