Jan 202014
Guy Dances Across China Over 100 Days

Matt of Where the Hell is Matt was one of the first viral video stars on YouTube. He captured the attention of the Web by literally dancing across the globe.

Now, Jake Gaba of Devon and Jake’s Symbiotic Studios is going viral with a similar concept.

While studying Mandarin in China on a College study abroad program, the dancer mixed his passion with his travels by dancing across the country.

“I danced and filmed all over, including: Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’An, Lhasa (Tibet), Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Feng Huang, and Hong Kong,” he recalls.


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Jan 122014
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance With GoPro-Fitted Hula Hoop

It’s not difficult to see why this video by Blue Star Media has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million views

The official Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders YouTube channel outfitted a hula hoop with a GoPro camera and handed the retro-fitted hip shaking toy to their cheerleaders during their swimsuit calender shoot.

“The finished product, GREATNESS!”

It seems the Internet agrees.

The official GoPro Google+ page even featured the video.


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Jan 022014
Different Types Of Girl Dancers At The Club

This humorous dance video by Singapore blogger Celeste Chen has recently gone viral again after surfacing on popular blogs, such as DailyPicks, TastefullyOffensive, and LaughingSquid

She and her partner demonstrate the different types of dancers at the clubs, such as the notorious car washer, the awkward cellphone user, the bottle dancer, and more.


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Dec 262013
If You’re In A Shell Interpretive Dance

Life is difficult when you’re shy. 

Harry was shy his entire childhood because he was different. Then he found theater and dance.

YouTuber personality Ze Frank narrates this serious video as Costa Rican-American dancer, actor, and choreographer Harry Shum Jr performs a powerful interpretive dance. 


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