Oct 062013
Eleven Year Old Boy Dances To ‘Applause’ By Lady Gaga

Eleven year old Sean Lew is quickly making a name for himself online with this trending dance video.

With the help of his choreographer Miguel Zarate, Sean stole the show at his dance recital by ripping moves to Applause like no one in his class. His level of expertise seems on par with professional dancers. 

Lady Gaga would be so proud. 


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Oct 042013
Dancer Mom And Three Year Old Daughter Dance To Beyonce On Ellen

Back in May, Tianne King was dancing in the studio as usual, when her adorable then-two year old daughter Heaven joined in on the Beyonce choreography. 

The video quickly went viral, and now stands with over 1.6 million views!

Unofficial queen of YouTube, Ellen DeGeneres, recently watched the viral video, and just had to have the two on her show. 

After a bit of chit-chat, mom and daughter danced for the studio audience to great applause, and now the new Ellen clip is trending as well over the weekend. 


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Oct 022013
Mom ‘Quits’ Her Stay-At-Home-Mother Job With Dance To Kanye A La Marina Shifrin

A new trend may be emerging online.

After Marina Shifrin quit her job with a dance video to Kanye’s Gone and went viral across the web, her company quickly parodied her original video

After being inspired by Marina Shifrin, stay at home mother Brenna Jennings is now trending for ‘quitting’ her mom job with a similar dance video

The video has already scooped up over 100,000 views, and is featured on Mommyshorts, HuffingtonPost, and CafeMom

The concept is cute and all, but please Internet, don’t let this turn into another Harlem Shake


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Oct 022013
Bill Nye Performs Robot Dance To ‘Get Lucky’ On Dancing With The Stars

Internet ‘superhero’ Bill Nye The Science Guy continues to keep the web interested in ABC’s Dancing With The Stars

In Monday’s episode, Bill performed a robot dance with partner Tyne Stecklein to the Daft Punk summer pop hit Get Lucky, and is still trending online. 


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Oct 012013
Next Media Animation Responds To Viral Video Of Girl Quitting With Dance At Work

Yesterday, Marina Shifrin went viral by quitting her job at Next Media Animation with a dance video to Kanye West. In just one day she has amassed over 6.5 million views!

Now, NMA, the company most famous for those ridiculous Taiwanese news animations, has made a similar response video promoting the fact that they have a position open and are hiring. 


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