Nov 012013
Calvin And Hobbes Dancing

Ahh, nostalgia. The web loves it! 

Of all the daily comics from the past, one of the most popular online has to be Calvin and Hobbes.

Adam Animates is a huge fan of the Bill Watterson strip, so much so, he made this short animated homage of Calvin and his tiger best friend dancing in the woods. 

The 30 second clip has managed to amass over a quarter million hits this week!


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Oct 302013
Mr. Pumpkin Jumps Out Of Jack-O-Lantern Decorations Prank

SA Wardega is famous for their creative and unique superhero pranks, and didn’t disappoint this Halloween.

For this year’s prank, they lured passersby with an elaborate Jack-o-lantern setup at the park.

Just as park-goers were focusing on the RIP sign above, Mr. Pumpkin burst out from under the leaves and started to dance to pop music.

Who needs an extra pair of underwear?


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Oct 262013
Beyonce Honored With Haka Dance In New Zealand

The Haka is the traditional war dance of the Māori people meant to intimidate the enemy, or to honor distinguished guests. 

After world famous superstar Beyonce performed in Auckland, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby teamed honored her with an intense Haka that was so powerful, B couldn’t help but jump into the dance. 


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Oct 252013
Robotboys And Poppin John Perform Inhuman Robo-Dance

Danish dance crew Robot Boys take ‘pop and locking’ robot dancing to the nth degree. They even won Denmark’s Got Talent back in 2008, with their winning performance garnering over 14 million views!

Now, they have finally returned to the web from too long of a hiatus with an impressive robo-dance with equally talented dancer Poppin John, and are trending with a viral boost from Reddit


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Oct 232013
Toddler Tap Dancer Steals The Show

This adorable toddler tap dancing video by Randall Burns was actually posted in the summer, but is trending now with new copies popping up across YouTube.

The video has also recently appeared on DailyDotDailyPicks, and Yahoo

Most preschool tap dance recitals are slow and dull as the anxious kids struggle to keep up with the choreography.

But this one girl isn’t nervous or hesitant at all. She’s literally bursting with energy, and steals the show!


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