Apr 212013

It was over three years ago when Evian published their famous, viralviral babies roller skating commercial which now stands with over 64 million views

Finally, the kids have returned, in much crisper, up to date CGI, in this new Baby&Me commercial which debuted over the weekend. Already, the advert, which features giddy adults who discover their reflections are of themselves as babies, has garnered over 5 million views


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Apr 202013

Apparently, not all train rides are created equal. Tanya Comber was on a Dublin train travelling across Ireland to Galway when a very uncommon scene unfolded. Well, perhaps uncommon for anyone who isn’t Irish. 

On her train car was a group of musicians that started to celebrate the weekend early right there on the train. Soon, a teen was set dancing on a small table as the musicians played traditional Irish folk music and witnesses clapped their hands and enjoyed the music as if it was just another Friday afternoon. 


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Apr 202013

Last year, Lauren went viralviral with this very short clip dancing around in her bedroom to Run DMC’s It’s Tricky wearing just an enormous pair of Stewie Griffin pajama pants that rose up to her shoulders. Her original video stands with over 2.4 million views

Dancing around, she looked like some kind of crazy leg creature from a non-existent Tim Burton movie.

Now, just over a year later, Lauren has returned to please her fans with an epic sequel. This time, she dances around public, at CVS and on the quad, to the chagrin of passersby. 

Already, her new video has collected over 290,000 hits


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Apr 172013

Mexican obsessed blog So Mexican published this video as 2011 was coming to a close, but it has only gone viralviral now. A Mexican street performer dances to the world’s most famous pop king, Michael Jackson, with two adult-sized puppets attached to him with a few simple rods. The visual effects are simply glorious.


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Apr 162013

Ysée Amar posted this video from Australia, but it has only exploded online over the past few days, amassing over 590,000 views already. 

While at the Martin Place outdoor mall in Sydney, the camera-person caught an older man dancing like it was his birthday in the middle of a promotion which had dance music pumping. 

After about a minute, the man approaches one of the police officers on the side, and starts dancing in her face. She instantly responds, not with cuffs or a warning as so many viewers have said would result in the US, but by dancing along with him.

Now, viewers can’t get enough of the dynamic duo.


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