Oct 182013
Oil Rig Workers Perform ‘Africa’ By Toto Lip Dub Music Video

Ever wonder how workers keep busy on an oil rig during downtime? Well, the crew of the Bourbon Peridot in West Africa likes to keep their spirits up while away from civilization by dancing to music. 

They appropriately chose the 1980’s hit single Africa by Toto to make this viral lip dub music video

In just over two weeks, the video has amassed over 200,000 views, and has been featured on DailyMail, Reddit, NowMSN, and DrillingPeople


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Oct 152013
Tom Hiddleston Dancing In Korea

English actor Tom Hiddleston is on a viral video roll!

He just went viral for his impressive impersonation of Owen Wilson As Loki, and now he has surfaced in a new video from Korean TV.

While giving an interview in South Korea, Tom appeased his fans with an impressive dance. 

The clip is quickly spreading across the web, and has appeared on BuzzFeed, TastefullyOffensive, Jezebel, and PopWatch


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Oct 142013
Four Year Old Performs ‘Gangnam Style’ On Belgium’s Got Talent

The Internet has a way of often bringing back a meme when it is least expected. 

That is the case here in this trending Belgium’s Got Talent video posted by VTMvideo that has garnered over 1.3 million views over the past week. 

Four year old Tristan confidently took the Got Talent stage, and immediately had the crowd on their feet by performing the familiar dance to the Korean worldwide one hit wonder Gangnam Style

The video is further reviewed on Mom, DailyPicks, Yahoo, and HuffPost


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Oct 132013
Boy Dance Party SNL Skit With Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was the guest host on NBC‘s Saturday Night Live this weekend, and brought the house down in this Boy Dance Party digital short. 

When the girls are away while the guys watch the game, they have no idea that the men are really enjoying a boy-exclusive dance party!


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Oct 062013
Eleven Year Old Boy Dances To ‘Applause’ By Lady Gaga

Eleven year old Sean Lew is quickly making a name for himself online with this trending dance video.

With the help of his choreographer Miguel Zarate, Sean stole the show at his dance recital by ripping moves to Applause like no one in his class. His level of expertise seems on par with professional dancers. 

Lady Gaga would be so proud. 


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