Jun 032013

In April, shadow dance group Attraction exploded online after debuting on Britain’s Got Talent. Already, the original piece has amassed over 17 million views.  

The group has continued to move up in the competition, and has just put on their best performance of all at the semi-finals.

Their newest dance tells the silent, yet greatly emotional love story of man and the important women in his life. Afterwards, the judges were in visible tears, with Simon commenting, “Seriously, I was blown away by that.”

The performance has since gone viral over the weekend, and is further reviewed on Yahoo, Mirror, and HuffPost


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May 312013

It doesn’t take a biology major to see the connection between human dancing and animal mating rituals. But it was Darwin who first theorized that dancing was simply a sophisticated Human Mating Call.

But has dancing really helped our species evolve? To some extent, yes, answers Asap SCIENCE who explains that early humans who were more coordinated and rhythmic had a better chance of mating, and dancing is simply an external manifestation of these positive characteristics. 


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May 302013

This FamilyFeud video was published online back in January, but has just experienced a second viral surge of viewership. 

During the final round, Steve Harvey asks Amanda how many inches is the perfect woman’s waste according to men.

When she incorrectly answers 34 inches instead of 24, Steve starts to mumble the famous line “36-24-36, what a winning hand,” from the timeless classic Brick House by The Commodores. 

Soon, Steve, Amanda, and the entire studio audience are singing and dancing Brick House.

“Ok, alright. We got a little carried away there.”


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May 302013

This commercial for Prancercise was actually posted online last Christmas, but  has only erupted onto the viral video scene this week, amassing over 300,000 views.

The video is another example of a piece that is so bad, it’s good. 

Joanna Rohrback of Prancercise® shows viewers her four modes of Prancercise dancing–”a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and is ideally induced by elation.”

The dance routine is actually from 1989, but is “now available to the public for the first time,” appearing on Jezebel, UpRoxx, and TheWeek


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May 272013

Dancing in Hollywood movies has become expected, just as cursing, sex, and explosions have. Owiseone1 put together over 75 iconic dance scenes from famous Hollywood film in this ultimate Ultimate Dancing In Hollywood Movies Supercut.

Hollywood anthem The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats appropriately plays over video. Just over the weekend the new super cut has collected over 175,000 views.  


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