Jul 102013

There is a common misconception that to master any activity, one must spend years and years working and practicing. Karen Cheng has stepped forward to obliterate this misunderstanding.

When people see her dance, they often assume she has been dancing her whole life. But as she admits, she has only been dancing for one year

Over the past 365 days, she has practiced, practiced, practiced, and also documented her work. When viewed over a time lapse, it becomes obvious that all it takes is a little determination and daily persistence, and one can conquer the world. 


Thanks Orion!

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Jul 092013

Nismo Ireland was holding a promotional event in Dublin, Ireland when something wonderful happened. Keelan Lynch has his camera ready when a Dublin taxi driver apparently made a wrong turn and found himself directly in the middle of a street dance party.

The cabbie didn’t seem too upset with his mistake as Get Lucky by Daft Punk that was playing on the PA system was putting everyone in a good mood.

One woman was even able to entice the cabbie to get out of his car and dance with her in front of the crowd who naturally loved the special performance. 

 Now, the new video has gone viral, garnering over a quarter million views in one day. 


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Jun 282013

Pole dancers get a bad rap, but true pole professionals are no simple dancers. It takes immense skill, strength, and focus to properly execute some of those moves. 

To demonstrate this, Poleranking .com published this video of world pole dance champion Oona Kivelä performing 24 impossibly hardcore strength and flex moves

The month old video stands with over 900,000 views.


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Jun 202013

After 36 years of dedicated service, the principal Hingham Middle School in Hingham, Massachusetts, Mr. Roger Boddie, is set to retire.

To send off the man who gave so much to their school in proper style, the faculty first tricked him into giving a tour of the new building construction while the students prepared his surprise.

Once he was on the roof top, the students and faculty performed a goodbye flash mob performance that has most viewers misty-eyed. 

The video was actually posted online last week, but has only gone viral now. 


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Jun 192013

Dancers are a dime a dozen on talent shows such as America’s Got Talent. But few are as unique as Kenichi Ebina from Tokyo, Japan.

The once amateur dancer has practiced his own exclusive robot-style dancing for years with the hopes of one day performing in Vegas.

After blowing away the audience and judges on the AGT stage, he may very well be on his way. He even performs some seemingly inhuman bullet time-style moves iconic from The Matrix franchise. 

In Reverse!

And now, he’s going viral. 


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