Nov 162013
LaPenderson Wedding Slow Motion Booth

Setting up a slow motion booth at your wedding can be a fun way to entertain guests and remember your important day. 

Carissa and Adam Henderson had such a booth, and now, after editing the footage, their slow motion wedding video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Nov 112013
Epic Dance Contest At Marine Corps Ball

This entertaining dance video was posted by Gabriel Garcia over a year ago, but has only gone viral now just in time for Veterans Day.

At the US Marine Corps Ball, soldiers took a load off by holding an epic dance contest on the dance floor. Who do you think won?

Copies of the video have appeared on Digg, DailyPicks, and Mirror


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Nov 072013
Woman And Her Doctors Dance To Beyonce Before Her Surgery

The moments before a simple surgery are intimidating enough. But a double mastectomy? That can be truly terrifying. 

But Deb Cohan wasn’t interested in feeling negative as her double mastectomy approached. Instead, she, her family, and her doctors held an joyous flash mob to Beyonce’s upbeat dance hit Get Me Bodied right there in the operating room.

Now you have no excuse for not feeling excited and pumped for your day no matter what you may face. 

The video is already featured on BuzzFeed and HuffPost, and is quickly going viral through the web!


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Nov 042013
Dr. Spock Steals The Show During Drunk Girls’ Street Party Dance In Vegas

Who knew that Spock was so smooth?

Jocifer G was on Fremont St. in Las Vegas when a bunch of drunk girls were “trying to show off” and started an impromptu dance party. 

But when Spock unexpectedly took to the dance floor, they all shied away, so another woman took the chance to dance with the famous Vulcan

“Daaaamn! Vulcans get down!”


(The fun starts around the one minute mark.)


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Nov 012013
Calvin And Hobbes Dancing

Ahh, nostalgia. The web loves it! 

Of all the daily comics from the past, one of the most popular online has to be Calvin and Hobbes.

Adam Animates is a huge fan of the Bill Watterson strip, so much so, he made this short animated homage of Calvin and his tiger best friend dancing in the woods. 

The 30 second clip has managed to amass over a quarter million hits this week!


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