Feb 232013

Remember Jimmy Fallon’s father-themed homage to the famous viral video Evolution of Dance?

Well, he has returned to honor the other equally most important person in everyone’s lives. Mom. To promote her “Let’s Move” campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama graced Late Night to star with Jimmy Fallon in this Evolution of Mom Dancing music video which has instantly gone viral. 


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Feb 222013

Another Harlem Shake video. … 

So why is this one by the Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics team trending? Because they bring something to the table that no else can compete with.

Amazing moves, and rock hard bodies. Frankly, the new video–which has already garnered over 200,000 views–would have gone viral regardless of what music was playing.


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Feb 222013

Yes, yes, the entire web is sick of it. But now is the time in the life of a dying meme when the truly creative and unique parodies surface. 

This latest viralviral adaptation of the now hated Harlem Shake meme comes from top YouTuber Ryan Higa. He starts the first half of his Harlem Shake as the recipe calls for.

But when the bass drops-instead of seeing Ryan and his family or friends dance like crazy–the one and only Wayne Brady takes over the video

In one day, the newly debuted video has collected over 90,000 likes, and over 900,000 views!


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Feb 182013

By now, most online viewers are sick of the Harlem Shake. The meme seems to have died just as fast as it burst onto the scene at the start of February

But now, latecomer San Antonio Seaworld has joined the ranks of even the most popular Shake videos after going viralviral over the weekend. 

What makes their version of the Harlem Shake so special? This is the only Harlem Shake dance video online that features dancing seals and a massive walrus performing sit ups.

At least according to karlaanne, it’s official. “As far as I’m concerned; SeaWorld just won the Harlem Shake. That walrus was TOO MUCH!!!!”


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Feb 172013

As with all fun Internet memes, the shock and novelty of the Harlem Shake craze has already waned. But still, out of the thousands of submissions on YouTube, there are a few viral jewels that truly stick out from the crowd.

Music duo Matt And Kim are one of them. They created a Harlem Shake video with the packed audience of their concert at Troy New York at RPI Field House.

Now their version of the new dance craze, appropriately titled Harlem Shake Matt and Kim Edition, has gone viralviral in less than a week, and currently stands with over six million views


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