Jun 092013

Of all the performances and artists, shadow dance group Attraction has proven to be one of the most popular on this season of Britain’s Got Talent

For their Finals performance, they put on an eye-popping Great British Montage, retelling English history using just shadows. 


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Jun 072013

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, a big guy dancing in a Speedo is bound to entertain. This video by Russian YouTuber tolak84 is a great example, as it has gone viral on the Russian, and English speaking web. 

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a Russian guy with a beer belly absolutely kill the exercise dance class he joined at the spur of the moment? He actually performs better than many of the dance attendees, and quickly gains fans. 

Over three million viewers have already enjoyed the hilarious dance video, with many more views pouring in over the weekend. 


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Jun 052013

Openly gay YouTuber Hart Beat still receives questions from ignorant people along the lines of, “If you like women so much, how come you don’t dress like one?”

To answer such a ridiculous question, Hart had to give an equally ridiculous answer. So she explains, “I like watermelon,” and proceeds to dance around his living room in a real watermelon bikini and bra

“Just because you love something doesn’t mean you have to dress like it?” 


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Jun 032013

In April, shadow dance group Attraction exploded online after debuting on Britain’s Got Talent. Already, the original piece has amassed over 17 million views.  

The group has continued to move up in the competition, and has just put on their best performance of all at the semi-finals.

Their newest dance tells the silent, yet greatly emotional love story of man and the important women in his life. Afterwards, the judges were in visible tears, with Simon commenting, “Seriously, I was blown away by that.”

The performance has since gone viral over the weekend, and is further reviewed on Yahoo, Mirror, and HuffPost


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