Oct 252013
Robotboys And Poppin John Perform Inhuman Robo-Dance

Danish dance crew Robot Boys take ‘pop and locking’ robot dancing to the nth degree. They even won Denmark’s Got Talent back in 2008, with their winning performance garnering over 14 million views!

Now, they have finally returned to the web from too long of a hiatus with an impressive robo-dance with equally talented dancer Poppin John, and are trending with a viral boost from Reddit


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Oct 232013
Toddler Tap Dancer Steals The Show

This adorable toddler tap dancing video by Randall Burns was actually posted in the summer, but is trending now with new copies popping up across YouTube.

The video has also recently appeared on DailyDotDailyPicks, and Yahoo

Most preschool tap dance recitals are slow and dull as the anxious kids struggle to keep up with the choreography.

But this one girl isn’t nervous or hesitant at all. She’s literally bursting with energy, and steals the show!


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Oct 192013
Russian Gas Station Attendant Break Dancing On A Car

Russia is famous for its ridiculous, jaw-dropping, and often outrageous dash-camera videos that creep onto the Western web.

Most involve dangerous close calls, crimes, and insurance charlatans pretending to be hit by cars. 

But for once, a dash-cam video has gone viral with a positive focus. 

In this newly trending video reposted by Lochlan Young, a gas station attendant doesn’t get mad at the waiting driver blasting dance music.

Instead, he goes crazy, break dancing on the car he is servicing. 

In just one day this specific video has amassed over half a million views, with plenty of other copies circling the web. The clip has also been featured on EliteDaily, DiggJalopnik, AutoEvolutionUpRoxx, and DailyMail


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Oct 192013
Broadway Tap Dancers Cover The Cup Song

Anna Kendrick‘s one hit wonder When I’m Gone, better known as The Cups Song, is one of the web’s most popular songs to cover this year. YouTubers and friends just can’t help gathering together and performing the catchy cup choreography song together. 

Now, The Book Of Mormon famous Broadway dancer Christopher Rice gathered his best fellow dancers to cover the pop song like none before. With a one of a kind tap dance performance. 

The tap dancing cover video was published by Rice on Monday, and over the week has amassed over half a million views! The video is also featured on Mashable, HuffPost, NowMSN, and BroadwayWorld


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Oct 182013
Oil Rig Workers Perform ‘Africa’ By Toto Lip Dub Music Video

Ever wonder how workers keep busy on an oil rig during downtime? Well, the crew of the Bourbon Peridot in West Africa likes to keep their spirits up while away from civilization by dancing to music. 

They appropriately chose the 1980’s hit single Africa by Toto to make this viral lip dub music video

In just over two weeks, the video has amassed over 200,000 views, and has been featured on DailyMail, Reddit, NowMSN, and DrillingPeople


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