Sep 302013
Over Zealous Dancer At Willy Nelson Concert

Daniel Arechiga posted this video in 2012, but it has only exploded now after being featured on Reddit, garnering over 100,000 new views. The video has subsequently spread across the web, appearing on DailyPicks, DailyDot, Gawker, and HuffPost

While Daniel was at a ‘rally thing for the current Hawaii Governor,’ he noticed one man who looked surprisingly like Jim Carrey dance as if he was Carrey wearing The Mask

And Dan wasn’t the only one, as other people at the event smiled and stared, giving the man plenty of room to shake his arms and simply go crazy. 


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Sep 302013
Girl Quits Job By Making Kanye Dance Video At Work

Like most people around the world, Marina Shifrin gave everything she had to her job, but it simply wasn’t enough for her boss. 

Finally, she decided to quit. As her job circled around making popular online videos with high view counts, she decided to make a quit video of her own.

At work.

At 4:30 in the morning.

Dancing to Kanye

Shifrin posted the video over the weekend, and now the clip has exploded online this Monday morning. Already, the dance video has garnered over a quarter million views, and counting!

She has already been featured by HeraldSun, NewsAU, Reddit, and HuffPost


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Sep 172013
Dancing Queen At The Bus Stop

This original video by Jane Rowland, posted in April, is trending again now. Now, according to the publisher, the video has become a “worldwide Internet sensation.”

The clip, appropriate titled Dancing Queen At The Bus Stop, features a woman performing a subtle dance while waiting at the bus stop. The dancing is only enhanced by Abba’s Dancing Queen playing in the background. 

Now, the viral video has amassed over 400,000 views, and continues to trend through the week. 


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Sep 172013
Bill Nye And Tyne Dance The Cha Cha On Dancing With The Stars

In general, the Internet hive-mind isn’t that interested in Dancing With The Stars. That is, unless the star is an Internet hero like Bill Nye The Science Guy

Unexpectedly, Bill was invited onto the popular ABC show Dancing With The Stars, and danced the Cha Cha with Tyne for his first dance

Not surprisingly, the scientist didn’t receive the greatest reviews, but that hasn’t stopped him from trending online. 


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Sep 132013
Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Spencer Stout is engaged and he wants the whole world to know! 

On Wednesday, the new YouTuber posted this video of him being surprised by an entire dance crew shaking it to Somebody Loves You by Betty Who at a Home Depot in Utah. 

He thought he was simply picking up lighting for a party, but instead, he was proposed to by his long time boyfriend after the flash mob! 

Now, the new video is going viral! It has already amassed over one million views, and is featured on BuzzFeed, TowelRoad, AmericaBlog, and the front page of Youtube.


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