Aug 012013

When it’s time to feed the dogs, Ron And Kevin doesn’t just plop the food in front of his two English Springers. Instead, he makes it an exciting event by singing, “It’s dinner time, dinner time!” for sisters Hope and Rosey.

When the two girls hear him singing they immediately know what time it is, and start dancing, spinning, and twisting to the music. It’s dinner time!


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Jul 312013

SwampMusic12 posted this video just over a year ago, but it is trending now more than ever. The older self-proclaimed hillbilly last went viral a year ago showing off his ‘raccoon repellent’ with his pet raccoon. That viral video now stands with over one million views

In this video that is trending now, the elderly hillbilly performs the hillbilly slide with his pet raccoon like no one else can. 


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Jul 232013

Fun Dipped Productions published this video in June, but it has only exploded across the web now. The video is also popular in GIF form on Tumblr and Google+.

Gymnast Bonnie Anna performed some tumbles and cartwheels for a dolphin through the aquarium glass. Not only did the marine mammal truly seem interested in the girl, some have hypothesized it is even laughing. 


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Jul 122013

There are a lot of trends, fads, and memes online that would shock anyone who doesn’t frequent the web, but the new twerking trend favored by the youth is simply beyond. 

So for the latest episode of their popular Elders React series, The Fine Bros showed the ridiculous dance to senior citizens to record their reactions. 

“Yes, I see the interest now,” said one older gentleman after seeing the dance demonstrated for him. 


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