Dec 022013
Sister Records Brother Dancing To Britney Spears

This ridiculous video was posted online in the summer, but has only gone viral this weekend, amassing over half a million views!

Apparently, a little brother snuck into his sister’s room to crank up some Britney Spears and work it like no one was watching.

Except his sister was hiding in the closet, recording all of his sweet moves. 

The clip has appeared on HuffPost, TastefullyOffensive, and SayOMG


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Nov 262013
Doritos Dance Tutorial

The web is currently being flooded with video submissions for the Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest for 2014. The winner will win big cash, and their commercial will be played during the Superbowl!

Few are up to par, but Termokop‘s outrageous video demonstrating the Doritos Dance Tutorial has gone viral. 

No matter what happens, his submission is a winner in the eye’s of the web.


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Nov 232013
Impromptu Dance Off Between Boy And Stadium Usher During Detroit Pistons Game

Everybody loves the ‘dance cam’ during the break at sporting events. 

During the Detroit Pistons home game against the Knicks, an impromptu dance battle erupted between a very talented kid and one of the seating ushers of the stadium. 

The hilarious video has instantly gone viral with over 200,000 hits!

Who do you think won?


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Nov 162013
Car Salesman Performs Unexpected Dance

Charles Matthews works at the Eastern Shore Hyundai dealership in Daphne, Alabama, and has one seriously talented coworker. 

During a dance party, car salesman Joseph Barzelay dropped some unexpected dance moves that surprised his colleagues and the Internet.

Now, the short clip has gone viral over the past month with over 360,000 views


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Nov 162013
LaPenderson Wedding Slow Motion Booth

Setting up a slow motion booth at your wedding can be a fun way to entertain guests and remember your important day. 

Carissa and Adam Henderson had such a booth, and now, after editing the footage, their slow motion wedding video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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