Mar 102014
Self-Proclaimed ‘Fat Girl’ Dances To Fight Body Shaming

Whitney Thore grew up healthy and fit. But after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome she quickly gained 200 pounds in two years. 

She was shocked at how differently she was treated as a ‘fat girl’ as she felt the same inside. 

After struggling with weight issues and depression for years, she decided it was finally time to love and accept herself as she is. 

She started the No Body Shame Campaign to help others who are struggling with body issues, and danced in a YouTube video as a self-proclaimed ‘fat girl’ to spread her message of self-love. 

Now, her first dance video posted by her radio show Jared & Katie has amassed over 2.2 million views since debuting 5 weeks ago, and her story has been featured by countless publications, including RightThisMinuteBuzzFeed, DailyMail, and Today

Her second dance video has over 800,000 hits as well!


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Mar 052014
Policeman Dances The Wobble At Mardi Gras

This video posted by Facebook user Ginger Morris has gone viral with over 200,000 Facebook shares and over 350,000 hits on YouTube

Mardi Gras, the famous New Orleans holiday, has just begun. One officer of the law really got into the spirit of the holiday by dancing along with a group of people performing The Wobble dance. 

It’s hard not to smile while watching. 


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Feb 172014
Dancing Boy From India’s Got Talent Performs On Ellen

Remember the chubby boy who exploded online after appearing on India’s Got Talent?

Ellen got wind of the viral video, and invited Akshat onto her show to perform his dancing magic

His moves are better than ever!


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Feb 052014
Mother And Son Perform The Most Epic Wedding Dance Ever

Doug Larson posted this video last April, but it has resurfaced now after appearing on DailyPicks and TastefullyO

Kathy and her son Blake start off their mother-son wedding dance to a slow and beautiful song, as per usual. But suddenly, the music drops, and the two perform the most epic dance medley ever


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