Sep 212014
Mother With Cancer Dancing With The Groom Will Make You Teary Eyed

Mary Ann Manning  was terribly sick with cancer, but she held on until her son’s wedding. During the happy day, she mustered all of her strength to dance her with son for the last time. Sadly, three day’s later, Mary passed away. 


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Sep 112014
Dad And Daughter Perform Adorable Dance To ‘Shake It Off’

Jprinder and his young daughter love dancing to new pop music hits. Their latest silly dance has exploded online with over 3.3 million views! The two dance their hearts out to Taylor Swift’s newest hit single Shake It Off, and are simply adorable. 


Via DailyPicks

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Aug 122014
Squishy Baby Stops Crying And Dances To 2Chainz In Bouncy Chair

This adorably squishy baby was not a happy camper in her bouncy chair. But once mom put a smartphone playing 2Chainz in front of her, she pulls a quick 360. Hypnotized by the beat, the little girl starts bouncing and dancing to the music

Just look at those arm rolls!  


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