Oct 172015
Corgi Puppy Hates Mini Pumpkin

With the cold temperatures comes pumpkin season. But it seems that the coffee shops and bakeries have gone too far. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice muffins, pumpkin spice cake, enough! Now, the Internet is bemoaning all the pumpkin spice everything. And apparently, this adorable little corgi Bilbo feels the same way. Woof!


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Oct 162015
Little Girl Who Cried That Adam Levine Is Married Meets The Star On Ellen

Remember the adorable little girl who threw a temper tantrum after hearing the news that Maroon 5 star Adam Levine recently got married? That cute video has over five million hits! As she loves the Internet so much, Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but invite the precious kid onto her show and to have her meet her crush Adam in person


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Oct 132015
Little Girl Adorably Fails Jumping Into Inflatable Pool

Swimming season is over, but that doesn’t make this precious clip by America’s Funniest Home Videos any less adorable. This little girl was trying to show her parents her jumping and swimming skills by jumping off a chair into the inflatable pool. What happened next is simply the cutest and has gone viral with over 100,000 views!


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Oct 112015
Guy Pranks Girlfriend That Their Toddler Son Drove And Crashed ATV

Roman Atwood has made a booming career online with his famous pranks. Naturally, he has pranked his girlfriend countless times. For his latest mean prank, he pretended to look at an ATV 4×4 with their toddler son. At the last second, he swapped his kid for a dummy and had someone drive the remote control ATV over a ramp where it exploded while his girlfriend screamed in horror! Hilarious or prank gone too far?


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Oct 082015
Baby And Dog Adorably Freak Out When Dad Comes Home

There’s nothing more exciting for a kid than when dad finally comes home after a long day. But that excitement apparently doesn’t only apply to human kids. In this precious video by Natalie G, her toddler and dog both freak out together after dad pulls up in the driveway. So cute! This video has over 700,000 views!


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