Jun 092015
Little Ballerina Dancing To Aretha Franklin Owns The Stage

The Internet is ecstatic after finding little ballerina Johanna who is apparently the soul child of Aretha Franklin. During a children’s ballerina performance to Aretha’s world famous hit Respect, Johanna simply owned the song and the stage. The crowd, and now the Internet, went absolutely wild! This video by Elissa Colón has instantly gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


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Jun 072015
Ferret Babies Follow Mom Over Fence

It’s not just adorable ducklings who follow their mama where ever she may go. In this precious clip by Jeff Zenger, a litter of tiny ferret babies can be seen climbing over a stone fence in an attempt to follow mommy. So cute. This video has gone viral with over 800,000 views!


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Jun 032015
Coolest Bear Ever Waves And Catches Food From With One Paw

The bears at the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington are famously called the ‘waving bears’ as they somehow understand the concept of waving and wave back when people pass by and wave. Naturally, the Web is covered with adorable videos of the waving bears. But Samson Lee had an even cooler experience. After waving to the bears, she tossed a slice of bread which the bear perfectly caught and ate up. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Jun 022015
Pet Duck Is Adorably Excited When Kid Comes Home From School

Most kids who are lucky enough to get a pet have a dog or cat. May be their parents compromised and only got them a hamster or a parrot. But super cool mom Jamie Toschi got her son a Rouen Duck. Nibbles the duck seems to be an awesome pet as he gets super excited when Johnny comes home from school each day. This adorable video of Nibbles quacking out in excitement as gone viral with over one million views!


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Jun 022015
Tiny Hamster Turns Into An Adorable Godzilla

Hello Denizen has been very successful with her adorable ‘tiny hamster’ videos. Now, she has taken the concept to the next level by building a tiny metropolis which is ‘attacked’ after her cute golden hamster turns into a Godzilla. This video is all based on her new cute children’s book, “Tiny Hamster Is a Giant Monster,” which is available for preorder. 


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