Aug 062012

Little Camrynn loves Sam Acho, and she was lucky enough to meet him with her parents after watching the Cardinals practice. Sam stayed after practice and signed autographs with every kid. 

After the adorable toddler met the line back and got a nice photo with mom, little Camrynn declared her love.

“I love you, Sam.” To which he responded, “Aww, I love you too. You just made my day.”

Simply Precious.


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Aug 042012

For their thesis film at Ringling College of Art and Design,  created this adorable computer animated short film, titled The Colors Of Evil.

The video has had a viral explosion after being featured on the front page of Reddit


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Aug 022012

This video was published in May by , but is has only gone viral at the end of July, and now stands with over 400,000 videos.

NPR reports on the video that it was taken by accident in Baikonur, Kazhakhstan, the famous space rocket launching location that sent Sputnik into the sky that frightened Americans in 1957.

Apparently, a camera left his camera on the ground right next to a gopher’s house. The rodent doesn’t seem too impressed with the nearby rockets, and is more focused on the camera that’s intruding into his ‘front yard.’

The video is also covered on Arbroathio9, TastefullyO, and IrenesInternet


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Aug 022012

This ten day old video by hedgehog obsessed  has stolen the hearts of viewers, and has gone viral. BestOfYouTube, TastefullyO, and Mashable all feature the adorable short clip of a tiny, tiny week old ‘hog napping in the palm of a hand. 



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