Dec 162015
Christmas With A Baby Is Adorably Difficult

Christmas is all about the kids. But new parents quickly learn that no matter how special they try to make it for their toddler, the little one is mostly likely not going to appreciate or understand what in the world is even going on. 

New parents Story of This Life explain just how tough Christmas with a baby can be in this adorable viral video. The clip already has over two million hits!


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Dec 132015
Cockatoo Has Cutest Reaction After Trying Vinegar

This woman loves the healthy snack of sliced veggies dipped in vinegar. After being begged by her cockatoo Gotcha to finally try some of the sour dip, she gave the bird a taste test. 

The way Gotcha reacts to the vinegar is simply hilarious. Just look at that face. Just like a kid. 


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Dec 112015
Mother Cat With Kittens Play With Dog

Dogs and cats hate each other, right? At least that’s what the old fable claims. But why focus on what divides us instead of what brings us all together? This video by Ignoramusky demonstrates just that. 

They caught this precious video of a mother cat with her kittens playing with a neighborhood dog. This clip has instantaneous gone viral with over 2 million views!


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Dec 102015
Proposing With A Puppy Is The Cutest Marriage Proposal Ever

There are literally countless videos showcasing emotional and creative marriage proposals. Some are more unique and original than others, but few are as adorable as this new one posted by Shelby Turner

Her boyfriend unexpectedly got her a brand new little puppy. That was enough to make her tear up, but when he got down on one knee she totally lost it. This clip has gone viral with over 900,000 views!


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Dec 092015
Monkey Reacts To Magic Trick

Dan Zaleski was at the zoo at the monkey exhibit when he decided to show a curious ape a very simple magic trick. Any adult can easily see that he drops the ball from the cup quickly to make it ‘disappear’ but the monkey obviously missed that. To the ape, it was simply magic. The monkey’s reaction is priceless and now this video has gone viral with over one million views!


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