Nov 212014
Girl’s Flying Fairy Toy Flies Away

Flying fairy toys have become very popular these days. Some don’t work so well while others work too well. This adorable viral video shows two little girls launch their flying fairy up into the air only for the fairy to fly away, apparently going to Never Never Land.

“Bye bye!”


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Nov 202014
Ferret Adorably Fails Jump

The Internet has seen many cats adorably slip up and fail at a jump, but there are many others pets that can be cute while failing too! Marek Riha was taping their cute ferret play on the desk when the furry little guy attempted a jump to the window sill. At first it realized it might be a bit too far, but the little bugger decided to go for after mustering up some courage. Whoops


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Nov 182014
Tiny Hamster Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner

YouTube channel HelloDenizen struck gold when they first introduced their adorable tiny hamster eating a delicious tiny burrito video. That original clip, and the subsequent follow ups, have millions of views! Now, the chef of all things tiny has returned with his cute furry friend to enjoy a classic Thanksgiving dinner. Just a tiny one.

This time, the entire tiny hamster family comes to the table to enjoy tiny turkey, tiny pie, and more! Too cute to handle!!


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Nov 172014
horse splash

Anna Paterek was riding her horse Magic through the woods when they approached a calm river. Magic was simply terrified of the water, and refused to step foot into the stream. So Anna dismounted and took him to the edge of the water. Then, she softly splashed in the water with her foot to show Magic that there was nothing to be afraid of. That was all Magic needed to see. He stepped into the water and started splashing around like a baby in a bath tub. 

Adorable. Now this clip has exploded on Facebook with over 6 million views and 220,000 shares!   

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Nov 172014
Couple Surprises Family And Friends With Pregnant News By Having Them Pose For Picture

Kris and his wife Katharine were finally pregnant! They wanted to surprise their friends and family in a special way, so one by one, they gathered them in groups for a nice photo. But instead of asking them to say, “cheese,” the photographer had everyone say, “Kat is pregnant!” and took video of their reactions.

Naturally, they were shocked and thrilled by the news. Kat’s brother Michael put all the videos together into this adorable compilation which has gone viral over the weekend with over 750,000 hits already!


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