Oct 102013
Son Surprises Avid Bengals Fan Dad With Trip To Bengals Game

Last Sunday, amazing son Brian D decided to surprise his die-hard Cincinnati Bengals fan dad with tickets to the big game. 

Dad has always loved the Bengals, but had never even been to any NFL game his entire life. 

While the family was having a nice chill session in the living room, Brian dropped the news slowly.

First, he gave him an authentic Bengals cap, then an official Bengals jersey. After dad suited-up, Brian gave him the grand finale of plane tickets, hotel room reservations, and Bengals tickets. 

Tears were shed. 

Over the course of the week, the video has gone viral, already garnering over a quarter million views!


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Oct 052013
YouTube Vlogger Charles Trippy Reveals He Has Brain Cancer

YouTubers are in disbelief after popular vlogger Charles Trippy revealed the results from his brain surgery. He and his wife Alli told the Internet straight: He has a serious form of brain cancer that they will be doing everything in their power to crush and destroy.

The Internet stands with you. Stay strong.  


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Sep 252013
Girl Breaks Down Crying AGAIN After Second Disneyland Surprise

Two years ago, little six year old Lily exploded on the viral video scene after breaking down from the surprise news that the family was going to Disneyland.

That adorable video stands with over 13 million views!

Mom and dad had such a great time surprising Lily that they decided to do it again this year.

They tricked Lily into thinking they were going to school, but after passing the building confessed that they were going to the happiest place on Earth again. 

And again, Lily broke down and cried from the happy news


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Sep 212013
Baby Doesn’t Recognize Dad After Shaving Beard

This precious baby video posted by A Super Chicken was actually posted online in 2012, but has only gone viral now. Suddenly, it has scooped up over a quarter million views in just one day!

The cute video features a toddler daughter who, after seeing her daddy without his usual beard, doesn’t recognize him. Naturally, she is upset, but soon enough figures out that dad is still dad. 


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Sep 132013
Powerful Thai Short Film Commercial ‘Giving’ Will Make You Cry

As the viral community has seen before, South Eastern countries often advertise much differently than in the West.

They don’t just use bright lights and loud noises to attract attention in a short ad. Instead, they create powerful and emotional short films to truly connect with the viewer.

This latest commercial from Thai telecom company TrueMoveH, simply titled Giving in English, just debuted on the 11th, and has already garnered over 350,000 views

The moving video tells the story of a poor young boy over a 30 year period, and truly demonstrates how the act of giving can save a life and much more. 

Get the tissues for this one. 


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