May 142013

Just over the weekend, video of an adorable pug seemingly cheering at the end of Homeward Bound hit the viral scene. Viewers loved watching the pup emotionally react to the ending of the film.

Apparently, that pug isn’t the only dog who can follow a movie plot.

SMPULLEN‘s three year old dog, who is interestingly enough half pug, also seems to understand what’s on TV. During the famous sad scene in The Lion King when Mufasa dies with Simba at his side, the pup literally whines in sadness as Simba mourns his father.

The cute yet sad video is actually from February, but is trending again now.


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Apr 242013

Last summer, Kim Clark and her team created a series entirely based on this powerful interview, called Big Questions. But only has the video gone viralviral, amassing over 350,000 views in just one day after appearing on Reddit.

Homeless man Ronald Davis discusses the trials and tribulations of being homeless in Chicago. He truly puts things in perspective when he tells the interviewers how he can’t get a job without a phone, and can’t get a phone without a job. 

“I’ve had people walk past me and say, ‘get a job bum.’ I’m not a bum. I’m a human being,” says Ronald as he holds back tears. 

Now, it seems Ronald is the new homeless star of the web, just like Ted Williams, aka The Man With The Golden Voice. The story has already been picked up by Gawker and HuffingtonPost


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Apr 182013

Even the toughest of us admitted they teared up during the end of Toy Story 3, and few can deny not crying after breaking up for the first time. But why? Why do we cry when we’re sad, asks Asap SCIENCE.  

Tearing up when our eyes are irritated, or just to keep them moist, is normal, and other animals also automatically perform this eye maintenance task.

But only humans cry when we are sad, and it may have to do with how social of beings we truly are. 


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Apr 122013

Osartist published this heartwarming video over three years ago, but it has only gone viral now after being posted on Reddit. Years ago, this very large and very special family adopted a girl from out of state. 

Unfortunately, her foster sister whom she had grown very close to was ineligible for adoption. After waiting years, the foster sister had finally become an adult, outgrowing the foster system, so the family thought ‘better late than never’ and brought her into their ever growing family.


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Apr 072013

Donors Choose is a special site where donors pick specifically how their money will help America‘s needy public schools.

The nonprofit published this touching short film about Harlem English teacher James Walter Doyle back in February, but it has only exploded online this weekend, amassing over 130,000 hits in just days. 

The video highlights Mr. Doyle, his students, and their powerful relationship. Check out Mr. Doyle’s Donors Choose page here


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