Nov 212015
Stranger Gives Homeless Man Lunch Everyday

MrKhalidmax was at the gas station and saw a homeless man asking for change. Sadly, it’s a sight too many of us are used to seeing these days. Most of us just continue on with our lives. A few of us might actually stop and give the less fortunate change. But Max decided to go further. So he bought the man lunch, and made plans to meet him everyday to make sure he gets at least one meal a day. This positive video has gone viral with over 350,000 views!


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Nov 032015
I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2015

It seems this has become an official Internet ritual. Years ago, Jimmy Kimmel went viral after he asked parents to prank their kids by telling them all their hard earned Halloween was eaten. Naturally, the kids all breakdown. This year’s edition is no different. Happy Halloween. Just wait until you need a care when you are old and grey mom and dad. The kids won’t forget this. 


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Oct 312015
Dad Signs And Sings ‘I Loved Her First’ At His Daughter’s Wedding

There are few relationships as special as the bond between a father and his daughter. So in honor of his daughter’s wedding, Nicole Cortez‘s dad decided to learn sign language as she is a sign language interpreter. After practicing for a year, he ‘signed’ the hit country song I Loved Her First after the reception, and brought nearly the entire room to tears. 

This older video from 2012 is still trending, and stands with over 19 million views!


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Oct 292015
Baby Adorably Joins Dogs In Howling

Larry Woods has two labs, a chocolate and yellow one, who both loves to howl. The two dogs will frequently get into what he calls howling competitions where they will try to see who can howl loudest.

And now his cute baby son has joined in on the action. So cute!


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Sep 162015
Wife Surprises Husband With Pregnancy News In Apple Watch Box

For many couples, becoming pregnant is not as easy as it seems. But this cute couple is finally pregnant! To tell her husband the exciting news, this woman hid the pregnancy test inside of an Apple Watch box. When her husband realized the good news, he couldn’t help but break down in happy tears. This emotional video by Daily Picks and Flicks has gone viral with over 1.75 million views!


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