Mar 062014
Dog Tries To Jump And Reach Tall Tree Branches

Adam Michaleski‘s neighbor just recently trimmed their tree branches. But their neighbor’s dog doesn’t seem to understand. 

The silly dog attempts over and over to jump and grab the branches that are over 20 feet up in the air. Adam reports this hilarious scene “happens daily.”

“You’re a little short,” laughs Adam and his friend. 

Who can say no to free entertainment? 

The Web is loving the cute clip as it has already amassed over 200,000 hits in one day!


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Mar 052014
Snake Devours Crocodile

This creepy video published by Barcroft TV has gone viral with over 2 million views.  

Author Tiffany Corlis at Lake Moondarra in Queensland, Australia happened upon an epic battle of nature. She discovered a snake and a crocodile wrestling and fighting for five hours until the snake was finally victorious. 

After defeating the croc, the snake enjoyed a fifteen minute banquet, devouring the large reptile whole. 


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Mar 052014
Amazing Soccer Kick Is Surprisingly Blocked

YouTuber Daslevstoppa6 posted this video waaay back in 2007, but it has only gone viral now with over 800,000 new views!

The quick clip features an amazing trick soccer kick that seems impossible to block. Until the goalie somehow jumps like a Spiderman and actually does block it. 

The crowd expecting the inevitable goal jumped in celebration one second too early only to be left disappointed. 


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Mar 042014
Japanese Pop Merged With Heavy Metal Is As Crazy As It Sounds

This new music video by Japanese pop group BABYMETAL has gone viral in the English speaking web, and has already garnered over 1.1 million views!  

Even though most viewers can’t understand the lyrics, they are mesmerizing by the odd merging of J-Pop and heavy metal. 


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Mar 042014
New Pizza Hut Interactive Tablet-Style Tables Allow You To Order Your Pizza And Game While You Wait

Pizza Hut is bringing their restaurants into the future with new interactive tables thanks to Chaotic Moon Studios.

Soon, guests will be able to create their pizzas, order, and play games while they wait, all on the very table they’re sitting at. Basically, the tables will be giant tablets you eat on. 

Now, you don’t even have to use your phone to be distracted while eating with others. 

It was only a matter of time. 


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