Jan 202014
Paul George Executes 360 Windmill Slam Dunk On LA Clippers

Paul George of the Indiana Pacers didn’t just help his team beat the Los Angeles Clippers 106 to 92, he also embarrassed LA.

Just take this viral clip published by the NBA of George performing a sick 360 windmill slam dunk after a break away steal.


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Jan 202014
Bird Steals Egg Camera, Films Penguin Colony From The Sky

Wildlife television company John Downer Productions captured some amazing footage with a special ‘egg camera.’

The egg shaped camera was placed in penguin colony to spy on the birds.

But a predatory falcon found the egg, and, assuming it was real food, stole the camera for a quick meal.

The falcon inadvertently made history by being the first bird to capture and record a penguin colony from the sky.


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Jan 202014
Man Wrestles With His Pet Grizzly Bears

Doug Seus has some very rare pets. Barcroft TV reports that he has trained four grizzly bears over the past 40 years who often star in Hollywood films.

Although they can be vicious and easily rip a person to shreds, Doug plays with his bears as if they were loyal dogs.


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Jan 202014
‘Frozen’ Unnecessarily Censored

Jimmy Kimmel is well known for his hilarious Unnecessary Censorship series, but he doesn’t have a monopoly on the gag.

The Jake Vale Show has taken clips from Disney’s innocent hit feature film Frozen, and added very unnecessary bleeps and distortions to make the movie seem much more adult themed than it really is.


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Jan 192014
Cargo Ship Tips Over To Dump Lumber

The transport ship Seaspan Harvester in British Columbia, Canada has a very unique way of delivering its load of lumber.

Instead of using a crane or other heavy machinery to unload its haul, the boat literally tips over at a 45 degree angle, and dumps its cargo of wood into the water.


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