Nov 182013
Raw Egg Dropped In Cryogenic Fluid

After being inspired by NightHawk’s frozen drink spheresBrent Rose created a similar freezing bath of cryogenic fluid using isopropyl alcohol and dry ice for a recent Gizmodo experiment.

Afterwards he had some fluid left over, so, like any good scientist, he decided to play and test other materials in the fluid.

Cracking a raw egg into the frozen bath produced the most dramatic results, and now this short video of the experiment is trending.


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Nov 162013
World’s First Ever Barrel Roll In A Four Wheeled Vehicle

Adrian “Wildman” Cenni has made history at this year’s Baja 1000 on November 14th in Ensenada, Mexico.

For the first time, Wildman completed a ‘ground to ground’ 360 barrel roll in his four wheeled race car. 

Do a barrel roll!


Thanks for the tip Kyle!

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Nov 152013
David Blaine Performs Magic Card Trick For Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul

To promote the new magic special David Blaine: Real or Magic airing November 19 at 9:30|8:30c, TV channel ABC posted this teaser video that the web simply can’t ignore. 

Renown magician David Blaine performed a simple, yet mysterious magic card trick for the famous Breaking Bad duo Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. 

None of the people in the room could believe their eyes. 

“This is one of those moments where I feel like I watched magic on TV, I’m like everyone is in on it for sure. No one is in on it! This is f****** crazy!”


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Nov 152013
Elephants Tries To Break Stick, Quits In Frustration

This captivating animal video by Johnbod was uploaded online in February, but has only gone viral now, amassing over 200,000 views just this week. 

The clip was taken at the Fort Worth Zoo, and showcases one of the elephants attempting to break a rather large stick. 

Interestingly enough, the elephant seems to understand the concept of leverage, and, after failing to break the stick, throws it down in frustration just like a person might. 


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Nov 142013
Dramatic Stand Off Between Elk And Photographer

Vince M. Camiolo and his photographer friends were documenting elk at the Cataloochee Valley of Great Smoky Mountains National Park when one photographer became a victim of elk harassment that verged on attack.

The photographer hunkered down to protect his viral organs and his head, but that only seemed to instigate the bull elk to head-butt him. 

After the photographer decided he played enough defense, he stood up which seemed to surprise the elk sufficiently for him to calmly walk into one of the cars to safety. 

The video has gone viral with over 215,000 views in two days, and has been featured on PetaPixel, DailyPicks, TheAwesomer, and HuffPost


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