Apr 042014
Adorable Cat Unrolls, The Re-Rolls Toilet Paper

Cats are notorious for unrolling toilet paper. They just love to tap at the roll and watch as the paper falls. It’s almost instinctual.

But Michael Thompson‘s cat Willie is at least considerate when he plays with the toilet paper. After completely unrolling a roll, he keeps tapping to re-roll the TP the other way around. 

Deliberate or not, it’s adorable and hilarious. 

“You’re gonna pull it back up?” Mike asks. “I like that, I appreciate that. That’s very helpful. Thank you.”


Via TastefullyOffensive and SayOMG

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Apr 032014
fedex chase dog

YouTube channel JWs Public Videos published this crazy security camera video with no further information. The video depicts a FedEx driver literally chasing his rolling truck downhill.

He opened the door as it rolled and almost got in, but failed.

Incredibly, the truck rolled right in between some trees and a house. Ironically, the only seriously damaged part of the truck was the opened door that snagged a tree. 

That is one lucky Federal Express deliveryman. This accident could have ended much worse. 

The best part? Three dogs watch the entire scene unfold in front of them as they play in a fenced yard. 


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Apr 032014
Stop Motion Of Towel Swans Peacefully Swimming Has Unexpected Ending

PES Film is famous for their impressive stop motion skills. In this new commercial for citizenM Hotel in Times Square, New York, two delicate towel swans swim in love in a peaceful hotel room. That is, until a towel shark intrudes and ruins the relaxing atmosphere. 


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Apr 032014
Daring Skydiver Almost Hit By Meteorite

For the first time ever, a meteorite was been filmed as it fell from the air. The camera just happened to be on a skydiver who was nearly in the path of the high speed falling rock. Thankfully, it missed the diver. Now, this video published by NRK of the meteorite falling has gone viral. 


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