Mar 042014
Fake Chef Pranks Morning News Shows

Comedians Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of Found Footage Fest teamed up to prank a bunch of local morning news shows. 

They booked five appearances on different local news channels for Nick to perform a cooking spot to recreate holiday leftovers. The thing is, Nick is no chef at all!

“The result was five disastrous TV appearances.”

Video of the ridiculousness has gone viral with over 650,000 hits so far!


Thanks Joe!

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Mar 032014
Yosemite National Park Timelapse Will Blow You Away

Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill of Project Yosemite backpacked over 200 miles of Yosemite National Park to capture some of the most amazing footage of the famous American park. 

The resulting timelapse video is truly awe-inspiring, and is going viral as it deserves. 


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Mar 032014
Paula Creamer Sinks Inconceivable 75-Foot Putt

Golfer Paula Creamer won the HSBC Women’s Championship in Singapore with a putt to remember. She sunk an inconceivable 75-foot putt to beat her opponent Azahara Munoz that the announcer could only describe as “a miracle” shot. 

Video of her amazing putt has gone viral over the weekend, and is featured on CBSNews, BleacherReport, and SBNation


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Feb 282014
Camera On Pelican Beak Records Mind Blowing Video

The staff of animal conservation Nomad Tanzania discovered a young pelican abandoned by its flock after a powerful storm and took him in. They named him Bigbird.

Alone and young, the staff actually had to teach Bigbird how to fly by running up and down the beach flapping their arms. 

Finally, Bigbird’s instincts kicked in and he took off.

They attached a GoPro to his beak and captured the most breathtaking video ever that is now going viral. 


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