May 242014
Smart Birds Figure Out How To Open Electronic Doors

Crows have demonstrated in the past that they are intelligent, but who knew that swallows were just as smart? A group of swallows have built a nest in an underground parking garage that was converted into a campus bike center with electronic doors added. The birds were theoretically trapped. They couldn’t possibly figure out how to open the motion detection doors, right? Just watch this video by Grant Hughes!


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May 212014
Crossing The Street In Vietnam Is Crazy

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam with over seven million people. That means the streets are packed with scooters, bikes, and car. So how in the world does one cross the street in such a congested city? As is demonstrated in this video by Ritter Schrenk, with a bit of determination and a lot of luck.   


Via 22Words

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May 202014
What Your Fridge Says About You

The contents of a person’s refrigerator says a lot of about them. A fridge full of sports drinks and hot sauce is obviously the fridge of a single man. Left over chicken casserole and white wine? No doubt that’s the fridge of a mom. But what about a fridge full of pudding? Ahh, this Rhett & Link skit ends with a twist no one could expect. 


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