Jan 092014
Marshmallow Trick Shots

There are countless trick shot videos online, but none like this new one by Kawirider338.

Jonah and his crazy friends perform a slew of marshmallow trick shots, tossing Jet Puffed marshmallows extreme distances and catching them in their mouths. 

They call it Shmallowing.

Some accuse them of faking the tricks, but they seem legit. What do you think?


Thanks Jonah!

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Jan 082014
trampoline crash frozen

We don’t usually feature single Vine videos, but this viral Vine posted by ADub is too good to pass up. 

After a cold night in Iowa, one kid jumped on his giant trampoline in the backyard, causing a thin layer of ice to shatter like glass. 

The sound just tickles the ears. 

(Hit the top left corner to turn on the sound and anywhere else on the video to pause.)



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Jan 082014
Eleven Year Old Performs On Stage With Steel Panther

Aidan Fisher is only eleven years old, but when his dad took him to a recent Steel Panther concert in Kansas City, he was ready to battle the big boys. 

He brought a sign that read, “I challenge Satchel to a guitar solo.”

Never in his dreams did he imagine that he would be invited on stage to perform and duel with the lead guitarist of SP. 

Fishman683 posted this video of the duel two weeks ago, and now the viral video has amassed over 1.5 million views!


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Jan 062014
Things To Do When It’s Really Cold Outside

Much of America is currently blanketed in a frigid blanket of Canadian cold air. So what do you do when you wake up and the temperature is below zero?

Wisconsinite Reichhen was greeted with -17 degrees of cold when he woke up, and decided to enjoy the weather the best he could. 

Here’s his list of Things To Do When It’s Really Cold Outside


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Jan 062014
Crab Net Camera Offers Stunning View Of Underwater World

Scott Murray attached a GoPro camera to one of his crab nets while fishing. 

He never expected to capture such stunning footage of the hidden underwater world.

His video has just gone viral with over 300,000 views just today!


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