Mar 182015
How To Become Gluten Intolerant

Just a few years ago, only a very few number of people were allergic to gluten. People allergic to gluten literally can’t break the protein down and will get a serious stomach ache or worse if they eat any gluten. But now, being gluten-free has become a new fad. 

It seems like everyone is now gluten-free as a lifestyle choice. To poke fun at this ridiculous trend, Awaken With JP explains to new comers how to become gluten intolerant. This new video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Mar 162015
Scaffolding Falls Off Building Downtown Portland

Blue Moon Bright Star‘s son was in Portland, Oregon celebrating his bachelor party when the wind really started to pick up. A group of passersby noticed that a scaffolding on a building at 4th and Washington St was starting to sway. Soon a crowd had gathered as the scaffolding bent more and more off the building until it finally came crashing down. Sure hope the owner of that car has insurance. 


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Mar 142015
Creative Gourmet Hot Dogs Will Make You Drool

The hot dog is one of America’s signature street dishes. Who doesn’t love a good hot? Made from beef and/or pork, the hot dog is simply a classic. That got BuzzFeed wondering, is there anything that wouldn’t be good in a hot dog form? So they teamed up with Dog Haus in Pasadena, California to create some gourmet, never before thought of sausage creations that may very well blow your mind.

Fried chicken and waffles in hot dog form? Dessert hot dog? Drool!!


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Mar 102015
Buffalo Licks Woman Driving Through Safari

When you drive through a safari and have the windows down you better be ready for anything. Caroline Walker Evans was going for a fun drive through the Olympic Game Farm in Washington when she met one very hungry, and friendly, buffalo. 

After feeding the big guy, he stuck his face into the car and continued to lick her. A little too close for comfort Mr. Buffalo. 


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Mar 072015
Dad And Son Perform Music In The Kitchen When Mama Isn’t Home Part 2

Remember the ridiculous viral video featuring a dad and his son apparently playing music in the kitchen when mom wasn’t home? That original viral video has over 3.5 million views! Well dad and Toby are back again with a new performance in the kitchen.

Hilarious! Their new video has gone viral this weekend with over 800,000 hits!


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