Jan 092014
Giant Ice Balls On The Coast Of Lake Michigan

The crazy cold polar vortex from Canada has caused some very strange natural phenomenona. 

One being the giant ice boulders that formed on the coast of Lake Michigan as the wind blew the ice onto the coast of the Glen Arbor.

DailyPicksAndFlicks explains that small ice chunks “grow layer-by-layer, getting shaped by the waves before washing up on Lake Michigan shore.”  


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Jan 092014
10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s

McDee’s is so ubiquitous, there are even Americans who know the Big Mac song better than the national anthem!

Popular list show All Time 10′s decided to delve deep down fast food rabbit whole, and serve up a hot and crispy list of 10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s.

The new video has amassed over one million views!


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Jan 092014
Walking On A Pool Of Non-Newtonian Fluid ‘Water’

Back in December, Anthony and Tara of Hard Science demonstrated the amazing characteristics of non-Newtonian liquids, seemingly walking on a slurry of water and corn starch

As a genius promotion, Mach by Hong Leong Bank commissioned this eye-popping video of an apparent Non-Newtonian fluid pool party. 

Guests took turns seemingly walking on a pool of 8,000 liters of Non-Newtonian water, AKA oobleck. 


Via LaughingSquid

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Jan 092014
Marshmallow Trick Shots

There are countless trick shot videos online, but none like this new one by Kawirider338.

Jonah and his crazy friends perform a slew of marshmallow trick shots, tossing Jet Puffed marshmallows extreme distances and catching them in their mouths. 

They call it Shmallowing.

Some accuse them of faking the tricks, but they seem legit. What do you think?


Thanks Jonah!

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Jan 082014
trampoline crash frozen

We don’t usually feature single Vine videos, but this viral Vine posted by ADub is too good to pass up. 

After a cold night in Iowa, one kid jumped on his giant trampoline in the backyard, causing a thin layer of ice to shatter like glass. 

The sound just tickles the ears. 

(Hit the top left corner to turn on the sound and anywhere else on the video to pause.)



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