Apr 122016
Tesla Autopilot Saves Driver From Side Impact With Truck

Even small trucks on the highway must be greatly respected. With a human driver behind the wheel, it’s not if, but when, a mistake will be made. Joshua Brown experienced just that while driving in his brand new Tesla Model S. 

Or should we say, the Tesla was driving him. While cruising with autopilot on, the Model S quickly hit the brakes and jerked the car to the right, out of the way of a work truck that was merging right into his blind spot. Thankfully, the autopilot worked wonders and no accident occurred. This video has gone viral with over 500,000 hits!


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Apr 122016
Fisherman Is Shocked And Terrified When Fishing Line Comes Up With Huge Teeth

Fisherman was Lance Burgos was kayak fishing with a friend on a swamp when they thought they caught something on their noodle line. But when they pulled it up, they found the creature had some very big teeth. 

Now, this close call with the huge ‘gator has gone viral with over 1.25 million hits!



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Apr 112016
Burger King Employees Smash All Their Windows After Prank

Prank calls to fast food restaurants go back as far as the telephone. But apparently, a few staff members at a Burger King fell for a serious doozy. A crank-caller told them they were from the gas company and that they had to smash all of the glass windows of the restaurant “because of the pressure.” Ya, that’s it. And the staff fell for it! This clip taken by a passerby has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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Apr 092016
Asking People If They Need A Cellphone In 1999

Today, a cellphone has gone from luxury to necessity. Not only do kids insist on having a smart device, but now, many parents agree that they want their kids to be connected online at all times. Only 17 years ago it was much different. 

This older clip of people being asked if they need a cellphone from 1999 has resurfaced. Make sure the ‘CC’ button is on to see the translation of Dutch.


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Apr 072016
Shooting, Cutting, And Exploding Oobleck Science Experiment

The Backyard Scientist teamed up with Mark Rober to perform some super interesting science experiments. They made some oobleck, which is simply corn starch and water that becomes a non-newtonian substance.

The silly putty goo reacts very uniquely when shot, chopped, and exploded. The results are eye opening. 


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