May 182014
When Will The Bass Drop Music Video

It’s been a while, but popular comedy-music group The Lonely Island has finally returned with a brand new SNL Digital Short. As a hilarious critique of modern concerts, dubstep, electronic dance music, and the music industry in general, Andy Samberg DJ’s the perfectly titled song, When Will The Bass Drop. When the bass finally does drop, Lil’ Jon “turns it up to death.”

What exactly does that mean? Watch and find out. 


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May 172014
Terrifying Facts About Makeup

Almost every woman wears some amount of makeup. But what exactly is in that peach powder and red lip stick? Who knows?! The Food and Drug Administration has literally ruled that, “Cosmetic companies may use almost any ingredient they choose.” Creepy. Thankfully, BuzzFeed covers a slew of terrifying facts about makeup to enlighten the masses. 


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May 172014
Empty Detroit Lion’s Pontiac Silverdome Is Creepy

The Pontiac Silverdome was the former sports stadium for the Detroit Lions football team, and the Detroit Pistons basketball team. In 2002, the two teams left the stadium. A few concerts and events were held, but it couldn’t justice the upkeep expenses. Since 2012, it has been empty, and has been falling apart. It has definitely seen better days. Detroiturbex sneaked in, and recorded this creepy video of the empty, dilapidated stadium. Parts of the roof has fallen in allowing rain to enter. It’s as if ghosts live there now. 


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May 162014
Driving Through The San Diego Wild Fire

If case you aren’t aware, California is burning again. Countless homes have been burned or destroyed completely over 30 miles of San Diego county causing millions of dollars of damages. Jeb Durgin drove through one housing development which was experiencing serious fires. It’s understandable that he was quite upset and dropped many expletives during the taping of this viral clip. In just two days, this amateur video has garnered over a quarter million views!


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May 152014
Driver’s ‘Bad Mother’ Wallet From Pulp Fiction Gets Him Out Of A Ticket

When you get pulled over for an obvious transgression such as openly driving through a red light, it’s best to simply own up to it when confronted by the police. At least, that the lesson from this hilarious interaction between a confident driver and a police officer. After driving through a red light, and then quickly getting pulled over, Nicholas Serra was open and honest about his driving and everything else. 

He first told the officer he had a concealed weapon in the glove box, and also that he was a police scanner amateur. But when Nick opened his wallet to give the cop his license, the officer couldn’t contain his glee seeing Nick had the famous ‘Bad Mother******’ wallet from Pulp Fiction

 “I gotta let him go just on the fact he has the Bad Mother wallet!” he exclaimed. 


Via Gawker.

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