Jan 172013

This gun-themed video was posted online by DaysofMen around three years ago, but it has only started to truly trend now. The famous .50 cal is one of the largest, most powerful guns available on the market.

How powerful is it? As evident from this short video, the recoil energy is so great from the powerful weapon that all the items on the picnic table next to it were literally blown away from sheer force of the blast. 


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Jan 152013

This short, yet very sweet, video was posted on YouTube by Rowan Hartgroves way back in May. It has suddenly gone viralviral now, collecting over 50,000 views in just a few hours, after appearing on Reddit.

The viral video features a three-toed sloth slowly crawling towards the camera which happened to be on the ground. By adding a dramatic, anxiety-inducing soundtrack, the inquisitive sloth seems to transform into a raging, charging beast. 

Run! Or as YouTuber shavedape777 put it: “Walk for your lives!”


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Jan 152013

Nearly everyone who enjoys a bowl of cereal in the morning also reads the box. Inevitably, we all end up on the nutrition facts, hoping the breakfast food we’re eating also contains high volumes of much needed vitamins and minerals.

But most of us have become normalized to the fact that, yes, the magnesium and iron in our cereal is the real deal. We are eating the actual metal that can be found in chemistry labs around the world. Just very small amounts.  

Don’t believe it until you see it? Well, with direction from Steve Spangler Science, you can extract a visible amount of iron from a mineral packed cereal, like Total. 

Science. You crazy. 


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