Dec 092013
Helicopter Quickly Drops Christmas Trees Into Truck With Perfection

This video may look like video game footage, but it is very real. 

The Northwest Report posted the clip two Christmases ago, but it has only gone viral now. 

Pilot Dan Clark can be seen flying a helicopter with amazing precision during the Christmas tree harvesting at Noble Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon.

He quickly drops the trees off into a truck while perfectly accounting for the momentum and weight of his swinging cargo. 

Flawless victory. 


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Dec 092013
Emirates 777 Jumbo Jet Aborts Landing Due To High Winds

Last Thursday, an Emirates 777 jumbo jet had to abort its landing at Birmingham Airport at the last moment due to extremely powerful winds.

The plane can be seen landing on a tilt, and the pilot made the correct decision to hit the throttle to take the jet back into the sky and try again. 

David Goodship posted the clip on YouTube, which has garnered over 350,000 hits over the weekend!


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Dec 092013
Maurice Raving

YouTuber Bqtamash cut this short clip from Gaston’s Ultimate Mission to Obtain Some Taco Bell, and reposted it over a year ago, but it has only gone viral now with over 200,000 hits

The outrageous clip has fans of Disney rolling in laughter, as it features Belle’s father Maurice from Beauty and the Beast raving. As in dancing at a rave.  


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Dec 082013
Epic Wedding Ceremony Battle

When the priest, minister, or pastor asks, “If anyone knows of any reason these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace,” no one in real life ever really objects.

But that’s exactly what happened at this epic wedding ceremony posted by Artix Entertainment.

A knight, criminal ninjas, and even superheros all object to the holy matrimony, leaving the groom and his groomsmen to defend his bride. 

The video isn’t even a week old, and has already amassed over one million views


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Dec 082013
Tom Mabe Pranks Drunk Friend That He’s Been In Coma For Ten Years

Prankster Tom Mabe may have pulled off his most epic prank to date.

He has a friend who has a terrible habit of drinking and driving. He already has five DUI.

So to teach him a lesson, his family agreed to allow Tom to prank him like never before.

After passing out, his family dropped him off at Tom’s office which was turned into a hospital room.

After finally waking up in a hospital bed connected to beeping machines, Tom and his ‘medical staff’ convinced the drunk that he had been in a coma for ten long years

Goes without saying, but don’t drink and drive people!


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