Dec 082012

NSFW Warning – Language! 

Car enthusiasts cringe when the see a teeny-bopper in a true sports car when the kid has no idea how to handle just power. 

And that’s what Art Lingad caught on camera; a driver attempting their best to pull out of a parking spot and completely failing. In a BMW Z4, a $45,000+ sports car. 

Instead of simply backing out and leaving, they hit the curb twice and two other cars. 

Ironically, Art–who was laughing and enjoying the show the entire time–ends the video with, “Is that my car [she hit]? Oh s***.”


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Dec 062012

The most difficult task when owning a motor boat is properly launching the marine vehicle into the water. Most people just use their truck or suv that pulls their boat on a trailer to the water to carefully launch. 

But  caught a much different boat launching scene during a trip to the lake that DailyPicks has featured for being so out of this world.

A truck RV-boat hybrid of sorts seemed to be literally backing up into the water unlike any other trailer attempting to launch a boat would. 

Then the driver hit the brakes at just the right moment for simple momentum to pull the boat half of the RV off the hidden trailer and into the water.

“That was cool,” responded the boy witnessing the event. Even CarScoop is confused by the monstrosity of an RV. 


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Dec 032012

 features YouTube‘s craziest couple who have an ongoing prank war between themselves that’s been going on for years. Viewers love how the couple keeps one-upping each other’s prank, but this time, Jesse may have gone too far. 

While picking up sushi dinner, he purchased some of the hottest hot pepper extract on the market, and added a couple drops to Jeana’s fish. 

Almost immediately after eating a piece, Jeana feels the heat. And that’s only the beginning. Quickly, the prank goes from funny to serious as she almost falls into a fit of shock from the powerful pepper sauce. 

Jesse is lucky she didn’t off him later that night as retribution, but after putting sand in his sandwich, maybe it was called for…

One thing’s for sure, these two are gonna need a lot of couple’s therapy in the years to come. 


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Dec 012012

The Idahoan Cadger Family or  specializes in holiday light shows. For this year, they chose to synchronize their lights with Bangarang and Cinema by dubtep famous Skrillex. It’s quite a show, using “around 35,000 lights and 80 Light O Rama Channels.”

The week old video already has over 40,000 views


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Nov 302012

Dan Klein of  has just gone viral with his new Fruit Reviews series. Going for ‘this is so awkward to watch, it’s painful’ humor, Dan takes an apple and impossibly offers a full two minute review of the world’s most famous fruit. 


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