Sep 112013
Black Friend For A Day

Have you ever wanted to be cooler, be better at sports, and be more popular? Well, now you can with the new Black Friend For A Day TV offer. 

Just add water to the enclosed powered and soon enough you and your new black friend will be having a blast on the town. 

The funny comedy sketch was produced by Bad Weather Film in association with Moving Mind Studio and Timothy DeLaGhetto.


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Sep 112013
Belligerent Customer Is Carried Out Of Store

Jarp12 reports that a customer came to his electronics store to sell some used merchandise, but he had to refuse the customer as parts were missing. He simply informed the man to return later with all pieces. 

This was obviously not what the man wanted to hear. He quickly became belligerent, but obviously the establishment has dealt with similar situations before as a bouncer appeared out of nowhere and literally carried the menace out of the store. 

The video is going viral after appearing on Gawker and Reddit.


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Sep 112013
Drone’s Eye View Of Burning Man 2013

The much anticipated festival Burning Man has finally come and pass last week. In case you missed the party, or for those attendees who can’t seem the shake the bug, Ekai put together this Bird’s Eye View video of the festivities with the help of a drone. 

In just a matter of days, the video has already surpassed one million views.


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Sep 102013
Creating 3D Objects From A Photo

Daniel Cohen-Or, Tao Chen, Zhe Zhu, Ariel Shamir, and Shi-Min Hu have broken new ground with their new 3-Sweep graphic design technology. 

With their new programming, the average user can perform once impossible tasks, such as mapping a two dimensional picture into a full, 3D object that becomes manipulatable.

The group published this video over three weeks ago demonstrating their new technology, but the clip has only gone viral recently. Now it stands with over 700,000 new views just this week!


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Sep 092013
Mozart Time Traveling Cop

Out of this world Fox TV show Animation Domination High-Def truly lives up to their name with their latest YouTube video, titled Mozart Time Traveling Cop. The crazy clip features a time traveling Mozart who prevents violent crime in the future with his flux-capacitor enabled piano


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