Sep 052012

 is one of the net’s most popular optical illusion and science masters around with over 440,000 subscribers. For his latest viral video, he creates amazing optical illusions that your mind will be sure is animated, yet nothing is moving. Simply magical. 

The new video already has garnered over 170,000 hits, and is featured on VideoSift, YouTubeTrends, and CBSNews


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Aug 312012

This safari video published by  starts out like any other calm scene of nature. A family of elephants going for a drink and a splash by the watering hole. How nice.

Suddenly, while the biggest elephant was having a drink it started thrashing its truck. A crocodile had taken a direct bite onto the trunk, most likely mistaking it for a snake.

The elephant instantly threw its trunk up with so much force, the crocodile flew into the air for a moment. After it finally released, the elephant made sure to give it a few good stompings.



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Aug 272012

Mark Crilley is famous online for showcasing his amazing realistic drawings. He literally can turn anything into a realistic picture with just a few art tools. 

His latest video is part of his realism challenge series, and features him drawing an extremely realistic replica of a torn King players card.  The video went viral over the weekend, and now has over 1.1 million views


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Aug 212012

In case Korean pop music isn’t your thing, here’s the lowdown:

Outrageous Korean pop artist PSY recently became a viral sensation in America after his Gangnam Style music video hit the Western web a month ago. Though he is not understood by most, viewers can’t get enough of his fun attitude and outrageous dancing. 

Now, this video posted on YouTube last Christmas of a PSY concert is going viral as well. PSY goes so overboard–in a good way–he dances to Lady Gaga‘s Poker Face wearing a sparkly bright red dress and sexy red knee high boots. 

Not enough for you? Well, then he strips down further to a sexy tight leotard and performs the world famous Single Ladies dance by Beyonce


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Aug 212012

It seems every season of The X Factor’s Idol Has Got Talent, where ever it may be taking place, there’s always one or two contestants who fail miserably and embarrass themselves on the international stage. 

On the current British X Factor, that contestant is Zoe Alexander. The singer had two chances to wow the judges, but fell short.

Instead of walking off stage like a mature adult with her head held high, she and her father charged the judges table and threw a temper tantrum, swearing, yelling, and cursing.

Now, Zoe has made all the headlines. But the bad kind. Her disgraceful behavior is covered on MirrorEntertainmentWiseDailyMail, and DigitalSpy.


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