Apr 092013

Peter Buban says his coworkers wife was looking out the window one afternoon when she saw a truly one of a kind event. A raccoon was walking from one house across the alleyway to another using the phone and electrical lines as support wires, just like a trapeze artist. 


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Apr 082013

Sling shot park ride videos seem to never get old. Viewers just love watching riders as they scream, curse, and even pass out from the brutally fast theme park rides. 

Xxtctbmexx published her friend’s sling shot ride video back in September, but it has only started to trend now, amassing over 400,000 views since the start of April.

The video features a nervous teen couple riding the sling shot. The forces were so strong for the guy, he actually passed out. Twice!

Incredibly, when offered a second ride for a reduced price after finally touching back down on the dirt, all the teen could answer was, “Let’s do it again, let’s do it again! Charge it on the card baby!”


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Apr 082013

There’s nothing that screams the late 80’s and early 90’s more than those jazzy, overly up-beat commercials that were so ubiquitous for the time. 

Old Spice–a company with one of the most popular marketing departments online–is bringing that fuzzy feeling commercial style back in their newest advert, Shower

The soap commercial starts like so many others, with a model having too good of a time showering. But when the video cuts to the man driving to work, he is still under a running shower in his car. And at work, and on his date. For his whole day, ‘freshness’ won’t stop following him. 

“This is way more freshness than anybody expected,” sings the commercial. 

YouTuber Aguanification sums up the feelings of most viewers, commenting, “Wtf…. they’ve done it again.”


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Apr 082013

Fifty-one year old Gary Skaggs has a very, very unique way to pay the bills. One day while relaxing with his girlfriend, he had an epiphany, imagining a piano-bike. 

After purchasing a piano for $80, and adding in a little time, effort, and sweat, his invention had come to fruition.

The piano-bike was a reality.

Since then, he has been pedaling around the timeless town of San Francisco, bringing piano music and smiles to the streets in the most unlikely of ways. 

Now, The  has featured Gary and his musical bike in this City Exposed video report which has started to trend this week. 


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Apr 082013

German based sling shot channel Joerg Sprave is without a doubt the web’s most popular sling shot master. Recently, Bill Gates has announced he will be offering grants of $100,000 to people who can create a better condom

Honing his sling shot skills, Joerg thinks he may have a chance at the $100 k with his sling shot condom applicator. Over the weekend, this video highlighting the rubber band powered condom applicator has already garnered over 600,000 views


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