May 262012

The Key of Awesome! by  is one of the YouTube’s most popular music video parody artists. 

Their latest video is a spoof of the ever popular Call Me Maybe pop sensation by Carly Rae Jepsen that has instantly started to trend. 


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May 252012

The Internet and the majority of America was outraged after video of pastor calling for gays to be locked behind an electric fence to ‘die off’ went viral. 

Now, Anderson Cooper invited one of the regulars from the church to ask her about the pastor’s sermon and views. Sadly, her brain capacity is so severely diminished, she has great trouble understanding Anderson, and can’t answer his questions at all. 


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May 242012

Joe Salter just broke the world record for completing a triathlon while juggling. In just three minutes under two hours, Joe swam a 1/4 mile, cycled 16.2 miles, and jogged 4 miles, all while juggling. The video is featured HuffingtonPost, CBSNews, and ESPN


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May 212012

There’s always a good chance for a background blooper when reporting the news on the street, especially in a big city. This ridiculous scene of a man random falling outside from his first story window in just his shorts in New York City is a perfect example. 

Just in case you might miss the awesomeness,  warns, “Watch the background.”


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May 202012

It’s a long standing custom for fans of the home team to attempt to distract the visitors when they shoot free throws.

Kevin Garnett of the Celtics was at the line in the 3rd quarter against the 76ers when a very special, and very large, fan tried to distract him. Amazingly, Kevin wasn’t phased a bit, and made both shots. The  video already has nearly half a million views


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