Nov 022013
Electrical Power Line Fireball In Lachine, Montreal

NSFW Language Warning

This short video by Huw Griffiths has gone viral after being featured on Reddit

During a windy night, a power-line issue occurred, causing a giant electrical fireball to travel down the lines and explode!

Never has swearing been more appropriate. 

Electrical engineer BeesKnees21 explains that the fireball is actually “a high impedance electrical arcing fault. They can start because of tree branches or animals or lightning strikes or anything that can bridge two phases or a phase and ground. The air becomes ionized and no longer acts as an insulator but a conductor.”


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Nov 012013
Syrian Tank Shoots Camera

The online video community is scratching its heads after watching this now viral video, published on YouTube by Lewaa Albaraa, of a Syrian tank firing a shell at a stationary camera. 

Is it real or fake?

The dramatic video presents a destroyed urban landscape reportedly in the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus, Syria.

Suddenly, a terrifying tank slowly rolls into view, dramatically aims its turret, and fires a shell directly at the camera, ending the video.

But many online viewers are doubtful of its authenticity, claiming the shell wouldn’t show up so clearly on video. 

With over 350,000 viral views since Tuesday, the debate is really heating up. 

Read more on Gizmodo, HuffPostTheBlaze, and TechSpot.


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Nov 012013
Blowing Up A Building In Super Slow Motion

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys are serious fans of Battlefield 4. After blowing stuff up left and right in the game, the two were inspired to execute some detonations of their own in real life.

Of course, all under the lens of their super slow motion camera.

To start things off, the duo tested two grenades which was interesting enough. 

But for the Coup de grâce, Dan daringly threw a grenade into a building housing barrels of explosives. 

And boom goes the dynamite. 

It goes without saying, but kids don’t try this one at home


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Oct 312013
The Power Of Photoshop

YouTuber Try10000time posted this video back in February, but it has only exploded online now, garnering over 5 million new views!

Similar to the classic Dove commercial focused on the (negative) powers of Photoshop, the short 37-second clip demonstrates just how drastic, and unrealistic, our expectations of beauty have become in our society.

After being doused in makeup, a model is then stretched, toned, and ‘perfected’ by computers in inhuman ways in order to become magazine center fold ready. 

By the end, she looks more like Barbie than an actual human. 

Full video posted by President of the World in 2012:


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Oct 312013
Dogs In Painted And Groomed Halloween Costumes On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Americans love their dear pets, so much so that Halloween costumes for animals have exploded into a $300 million industry in recent years. 

But there are always those who want to one-up their neighbors. For those people there is creative dog groomer and painter Catherine Opson.

She was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel to show off some of her outrageously groomed and painted dogs, which included a koi pond dog, a Sesame Street characters dog, and even a Simpson doggy-duo. 

Even though Catherine assured the studio audience that her paints are pet safe, many online viewers aren’t pleased with the grooming. 

What do you think? Adorable or abusive?


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