Oct 292012

, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has again published a robot-themed viral video. For their latest robotic presentation, the new Pet-Proto bot traverses through a special made obstacle course using autonomous decision-making. 

Many viewers can’t help but notice the creepy robot video is perfect for Halloween. The new video is further featured on Wired, CBSNews, EnGadget, and Time


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Oct 282012

NSFW Warning – language 

 posted this video nearly a year ago, but it only went viral now, garnering over 100,000 views just over this weekend. 

Ahh, there’s nothing like the college ‘bro’ who wears American Eagle and claims to be from ‘the streets.’ At a local pizza place, one drunk American Eagle bro got into a verbal altercation with another man out of view on camera. The bro proceeds to insist on dueling, as he is ‘from the streets.’

But just as he is at his loudest, most obnoxious point, an even taller and much more alpha black dude steps in. He quiets the entire room and says, “I don’t want to get involved, but back the f— off me with that b——-. Take it outside, I’m trying to get some food and you wildin. You drunk man. Chill the f— out.”

Shut. Down. 

After the scene calmed down, the bro–looking more and more like a little boy–said, “That dude was absolutely right. I’m acting like an a——.”


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Oct 212012

This video by  went viralviral over the weekend, and has already amassed over 1.6 million views. While fishing off Cairns, Australia, the crew caught a huge black marlin on the line.

While reeling the monster in, the 600 pound beast jumped into the boat momentarily, scaring the pants off the fishermen. In the end, the marlin was released. 


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Oct 172012

The slingshot style roller coaster is an extremely popular source of viral videos. The latest to go viral was actually published last November, but only began to trend today, instantly garnering over 300,000 hits today

A daring, yet obviously nervous young couple decided to take on the sling. Terrifyingly, the boyfriend faints at the 1:00 mark from the powerful forces while his girlfriend ignorantly screams and raises her arms with his thrashing lifeless ones. 

Even more petrifying, he awakens some twenty seconds later obviously confused, as he screams, “What am I doing here?!? WTFWTFWTF?!?!”


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Oct 152012

This week old audio clip, which features a caller to the Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station, has amassed over 1.3 million hits.

In the video, the woman claims that on multiple occasions she has hit a deer on the highway after seeing a deer crossing sign. 

She wants the state to move the deer crossing to a less busy street. Terrifyingly, she doesn’t pick up on the fact that deer don’t cross because of the sign, but rather the state put the sign there to warn human drivers who understand street signs of the large deer population.

The radio hosts do a good job holding back their laughter, most likely out of pure shock. The viralviral video is featured on Neatorama, HuffingtonPost, and RightThisMinute


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