Jun 192013

Bear Vasquez become Internet famous after emotionally reacting to a Double Rainbow after a rainstorm. After that he was turned into an auto-tune song and even starred in a commercial

Now, three years later, Bear has gone viral again in a similar circumstance as his first video. Apparently, a forest fire had been brewing by his house since Sunday.

Bear was ordered to evacuate, but he had “been planning for this for decades” with over 2,500 gallons of water stored for backup.

Still, he knew he had to capture the Mother Nature’s flaming fury in action as the enormous fire engulfed huge pine trees as if they were matches. 


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Jun 182013

Popocatépetl is an active volcano in the heart of Mexico. Yesterday, the great mountain erupted, spewing black ash and sending a powerful shock wave for miles. Webcams Of Mexico published video of eruption yesterday, which has already garnered over half a million views. Read more on GlobalPost, Wired, and LatinTimes


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Jun 172013

NSFW Warning – Language

Fighting video games sure have evolved from their hey day back in the 90’s.

Back then, gamers had just a few choices, basically choosing between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Sure there were countless iterations and variations of the popular games, but they always stood true to their origins. 

Now, fighting games have evolved to the point where a simple fire ball just doesn’t cut it anymore. Overly complex super-ultra-mega-special moves are now the standard.

To poke fun at this trend in gaming, nerdy nostalgia-obsessed animation channel Animation Domination High-Def, or ADHD, made this hilarious parody video, STREET FIGHTER: LONGEST SPECIAL MOVE

 Man these super special moves take forever these days…


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Jun 172013

This disturbing video by Andres Gonzalez has gone viral. While in the jungle, a group of hikers discovered a cat in the death grip of a boa constrictor. The cries of the cat are truly distressing. 

Thankfully for kitty, one of the men was brave enough to somehow tear the powerful snake off of the feline. That snake can not be in a good mood after losing its lunch.

Now, the week old video stands with over half a million views, and is featured on DailyMail, DailyOfTheDay, HuffPost, and 22Words


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Jun 172013

Innovative chemical company CREAX published this promotional video back in 2010, but it has only gone viral now. The demonstration video shows viewers the amazing self-healing and sealing properties of their amazing bicycle tire. They drive over nails, and even attempt stabbing the tire flat by hand, yet every puncture is instantly and perfectly sealed each time. 


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