Mar 172014
Two Drivers Stuck In Traffic Play Rock-Paper-Scissors

European traveler Fionnuala Bulman was driving from Bristol to Bath in Britain when she hit some traffic. She couldn’t believe her eyes when two drivers in front of her began an impromptu game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to pass the time. 


The video is actually from 2011, but has only exploded online now with over 325,000 new views


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Mar 162014
Old Spice’s New Shaver Commercial Will Have You Asking WTF?

Old Spice is well known online for their outrageous commercials, but they have just upped the ante significantly with their latest ad promoting their new electric shaver

While NFL star Terry Crews is shaving with the new electric shaver he encounters a ‘hair’ that is actually a clone of himself. The commercial only goes deeper down the rabbit hole as it progresses. 


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Mar 152014
Divers Unexpectedly Attacked By Shark

While Jason Dimitri and his diver buddies were Lion Fish Culling they encountered a Caribbean Reef Shark.

“It scared the crap out of me,” he admits. 

Thankfully, Jason was armed with a spear in addition to his GoPro camera so he was able to defend himself from the beast. 


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Mar 152014
Bodybuilder’s Supersized Muscles Are Fake

Barcroft reports that Arlindo ‘The Mountain’ de Souza is rumored to have the largest biceps in the world.

The thing is, he’s a cheater. No, he didn’t use steroids. He literally injected his arms with oils and filler to appear stronger than he is. He’s a faker and now he’s stuck with a mutilated body. 


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Mar 142014
Stuntmen Perform Mind Blowing Bow And Arrow Acrobatic Trick Shots

Stephen Izzi is a professional stunt performer. With his friends Aaron JoshuaJason Ng, and Jim Ng, the four pros pull off incredible bow and arrow trick shots mixed with just enough acrobatics to blow your mind. 


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