Jul 272016
Motorcyclist Wipes Out After Truck Drops Giant Tube Onto Highway

You must always be extra cautious while driving on the highway. While driving on I-94, Linda L witnessed the terrifying moment when a truck accidentally dropped a large tube on the highway. 

The biker behind the truck tried to evade the obstacle, but couldn’t. Thankfully, it has been reported the biker didn’t sustain an serious injury. 


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Jul 262016
Lightning Strike Wooden Pole In Chicago

When people talk about the lottery, they almost always bring up that it’s more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the big jackpot. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. On Sunday, one driver in Chicago captured the moment on camera when lightning struck a wooden pole causing it to explode into a countless little pieces. 


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Jul 252016
Real Life Tarzan

And you thought Tarzan was just a fictional character. Apparently, Tarzan is real! NFS found a man who is arguably the closest to being a real life Tarzan. He can effortlessly climb a tree in just seconds. How’d he do that?


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