Oct 122015
Crazy Woman Drives In Circles In Intersection, Hits Police Car

Traffic at a busy intersection in Gasonia, North Carolina was held up after a woman in Ford Fusion started erratically driving in circles in the middle of intersection. When police finally arrived, she crashed into the cop car twice. Finally, just when the action started to get good, the worthless cameraman put the camera down and instead started to scream until the driver was seemingly bumped off ledge by a police car and she flipped over. Crazy all around. This video has over 900,000 views!


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Oct 072015
Launching A Wheel Using An Airbag Doesn’t End Well

This was a pretty bad idea from the start. For some reason, Waldo Rodriguez and his friends had the bright idea to launch a car wheel using not one airbag, but three! They seemed shocked when the wheel was instantly launched into the air. All they could do was nervously ask, “Where’s the wheel? Where’s the wheel??” 

And then smash! Right on top of someone’s Civic. This video has gone viral with over 625,000 views!


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Sep 102015
Most Epic Vehicle Jump Ever

This viral video really doesn’t have any background at all. All we as viewers see is an old SUV driving through a fiery dirt road that launches into a body of water with the driver thankfully bailing from the car at the last second. All in slow motion of course. Phew! This video has over 750,000 hits!


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Aug 172015
Truck With Dump Bed Raised Crashes Into A Highway Sign

It goes without saying one should never drive their dump truck with the bed raised. But if you’re going to do such a dangerous and foolish thing, it’s best to not drive on the highway where the street signs hang over the road. One truck driver in Saudi Arabia did just that. Mohamed Qutteineh was driving behind the truck with a dash cam rolling and captured the moment when the truck bed crashed into the highway signs. Ouch! This video has instantly gone viral with over 250,000 views!


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Aug 052015
Police Officer Pulls Man From Car On Tracks Just Before Train Slam Into It

This scene looks like it’s from the latest Hollywood action movie. But no. This is real life! A California police officer saved the life of a man who crashed into the crossing guard by the train tracks. In what seemed like the worst luck possible, an oncoming train was heading over the tracks right after the crash. Thankfully, San Mateo County deputies Lance Whitted and Erik Rueppel heard the crash and ran over and pulled the driver to safety. Phew! 


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