Jan 062016
Tree Falls On House

For a good minute, it seems that this very tall tree is going to fall in one direction. Obviously, in the way the pickup truck was pulling it. But this is the Internet, where the unexpected is what is expected. 

So it’s no surprise to us viewers when this tall tree goes in the opposite direction it is being pulled and falls directly where it shouldn’t–right on the house next to it. This video from 2012 is only trending now with over half a million new views!


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Dec 312015
Chunk Of Ice Flies Off Of Car On Highway And Smashes The Windshield Another Car

Jeffrey Cote was driving his Saab down the I-495 highway after a snow storm when disaster struck. A driver of an SUV in front of him had left a large chunk of snow and ice on top of their car that suddenly became loose and directly hit Jeff’s windshield instantly smashing it. Thankfully, he was able to safely pullover. Crazy. Please clear your vehicles properly before hitting the road. 


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Nov 082015
Dash Cam Captures Moment When Motorcyclist Wipes Out On Highway

Jonny Five was driving in morning traffic on I-5 in San Diego when a motorcyclist wiped out right in front of him. Traffic seemed to quickly slow down and the biker lost control when his rear wheel began to slip. To make matters worse, the bike flipped over and crashed on his head! Thankfully, he was wearing a strong jacket and a helmet which definitely saved his life. The entire scene was captured on John’s dash camera, and now this clip has over a quarter million hits!


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Nov 082015
Throwing A Bowling Ball At A Ramp While Driving Fast Is A Bad Idea

Ryan Gifford discovered this older video before the digital age of a silly mistake he and his brother made back when they were young and foolish. Someone had the ingenious idea to throw a bowling ball at a ramp while driving fast to see how far they could launch the heavy ball. What happened next really isn’t that surprising. This video was posted over a year ago, but is trending now more than ever. 


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Oct 122015
Crazy Woman Drives In Circles In Intersection, Hits Police Car

Traffic at a busy intersection in Gasonia, North Carolina was held up after a woman in Ford Fusion started erratically driving in circles in the middle of the intersection. When police finally arrived, she crashed into the cop car twice. Finally, just when the action started to get good, the worthless cameraman put the camera down and instead started to scream until the driver was seemingly bumped off the street ledge by a police car and she flipped over. Crazy all around. This video has over 900,000 views!


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