Aug 062013

Sesame Street excels at educating children while also helping parents retain their hair by adding subversive pop culture parodies in the programming. 

Their most recent music video parody to go viral features Cookie Monster covering Icona Pop‘s hit single I Love It that is already logged by YouTubeTrends


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Aug 052013

Scott Bradlee And The Postmodern Jukebox have made a name for themselves online for reproducing hot new pop music tracks with a vintage twist and feel. They last covered Call Me Maybe with a 1920′s twist and quickly garnered over 600,000 hits.

For their latest serving of musical mayhem, the crew covered Selena Gomez’s new single Come And Get It with a 1940′s jazzy flavor


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Aug 042013

Coincidental Music published this music video by George O’Shea and Lloyd Smallwood a week ago, and it is steadily gaining viral traction. On Thursday, the video was posted on Wimp, and yesterday it was featured on Reddit.

The two sing an acoustic cover of No Diggity with a splash of Thrift Shop in the video, and have amassed over 100,000 hits so far. 


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Aug 012013

Piano player and pop music lover Alfie Producer went viral over a year ago with his impressive cover of 40 pop music tracks on piano that were trending at the time. 

Now, he has returned with another pop music piano medley, covering the top 42 pop songs of 2013 so far. 


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Jul 302013

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon went viral back in June with their impressive mash ups of Brian Willaims news footage that was edited to appear that Brian was rapping popular hip hop tracks. 

After an outpouring of requests from fans, the Late Night crew has finally revealed their latest rap mash up, this time of Brian ‘covering’ Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.


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