Sep 152013
Ohio University Marching Performs ‘What The Fox Say’ By Ylvis

Norwegian comedy group Ylvis exploded onto the viral video scene two weeks ago after debuting their latest music video, What The Fox Say. Amazingly, the video has already garnered over 27 million views.

In that honor, the Ohio University Marching Band 110, famous for covering Gangnam Style and more, performed a spot on rendition of The Fox during halftime of the OHIO Bobcats vs. Marshall Thundering Herd on September 14th, 2013.

The new video already has amassed over 125,000 hits!


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Sep 142013
Rachel Potter Sings Country Cover Of “Somebody To Love” By Queen On X-Factor

Like so many people around the world, Rachel Potter was too afraid to chase after her dreams for years. She’s always wanted to be a country music star, but there was always something obstructing her fantasy. 

Finally, at the age of 29, Rachel felt she waited long enough. She mustered up her courage and took to the X-Factor stage to perform a one of a kind cover of Queen’s Somebody To Love with a country music twist!

Now, her performance is going viral, and stands with over 400,000 hits already as it trends through the weekend. 


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Sep 112013
Gregory Brothers Perform Country Cover Of ‘Wrecking Ball’

Miley Cyrus’ new controversial single Wrecking Ball has already amassed over 40 million views. It is also quickly becoming a favorite song to cover on YouTube

Already, popular YouTubers The Gregory Brothers have already covered the song, but with a country music twist

Much better. 


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Sep 112013
Katy Perry Roar Cover

Brace yourselves. After debuting her newest hit single Roar, Katy Perry is again quickly becoming the favorite artist to cover on YouTube. 

Already, YouTuber Chestersee collaborated with Andy LlangeJosh Golden, and Andrew Garcia to cover the motivating pop song, and are already trending.

Hannah HartGrace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart also make a cameo in the video.  


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Sep 072013
Jimmy Fallon And Ariana Grande Sing Jazzy Broadway Covers Of Rap Songs

Jimmy Fallon loves performing and covering all types of music on his Late Night program.

So when actress, singer, and songwriter Ariana Grande visited Jimmy, the two covered some popular rap songs, such as Thrift Shop and Insane in the Membrane. With a jazzy Broadway musical twist! 


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