Dec 192013
We Didn’t Start The Fire 2013 Celebrity Cover

What a unique and original way to review 2013

Owen Weber didn’t just make a mash up like everyone else to wrap up the year. Instead, he made this catchy cover of the Billy Joel classic We Didn’t Start The Fire, but with celebrity themed lyrics from all the pop culture hype of the past 12 months.


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Dec 182013
Fangirls Rendition Of Jingle Bells

Geeky fangirl queen Only Leigh made this very special cover of the Christmas classic Jingle Bells to honor all of her favorite pop culture shows and series for the holidays. She’s especially excited for Sherlock season 3, Hunger Games, and Doctor Who.  


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Dec 172013
Super Mario Bros 3 A Capella

Smooth McGroove has made a name for himself online as the video game a cappella musician. If the music is from a video game, he’ll perfectly reproduce it with just his voice. 

His most recent cover has viewers and gamers swimming in nostalgia, as he covers the memorable music from Super Mario Bros. 3, one of the best Marios, and arguably one of the best video games, ever made.  


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Dec 132013
Pentatonix Covers Angels We Have Heard On High

The web’s most popular a cappella group, Pentatonix, has debuted their second holiday music cover. 

They last covered the holiday classic Little Drummer Boy, and amassed over 17 million views!

Now, they take on the Christmas carol Angels We Have Heard on High in their newest vocals only cover.  

Is there performance on par with the Piano Guys’ take on the song?


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Dec 112013
Extraneous Lyrics Parody Cover Of 2013 Pop Songs

Last year,  went viral with their humorous take on pop music hits, covering 2012 songs with complex and extraneous grammar.

Now, they’ve returned to again cover the most popular songs from the past 12 months, such as RoarRadioactive, and more, with Extraneous Lyrics.


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