Apr 022014
Let It Go Covered On Wine Glasses

You’re no doubt sick of Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen. Who can blame you when the song has been overplayed, spoofed, and parodied to oblivion?

But wait. There’s one more cover you just have to hear. 

Dan Newbie has a knack for performing music on wine glasses and other kitchen equipment. His instrumental–if you can call it that–cover of Let It Go is a refreshing take on the song and a must see. 


via ViralViralForums

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Mar 272014
Instrumental Acoustic Cover Of Happy By Pharrell

Musicians David Wong, Clerida Eltime, Bryan Mulholland, and Josh Kinzler take on the Web’s current musical obsession, Happy by Pharrell. 

They perform the upbeat tune with only instrumentals for a one of a kind cover

Ya, this is good. 


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Mar 252014
Happy By Pharrell In Family Guy Voices

Everyone is covering Happy by Pharrell. It’s the Web’s latest obsession. 

But no one has put on a performance quite like this one by Mikey Bolts

He doesn’t simply cover the song, but enhances it with Family Guy voices


Via TastefullyOffensive, BlameItOnTheVoices

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Mar 252014
Yiddish Klezmer Cover Of ‘Talk Dirty’ Is Unexpected

Is there anything less Yiddish than rap music?

Still, Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox was somehow able to merge the Jason Derulo and 2 Chainz hit rap single Talk Dirty with vintage Klezmer-style Yiddish music.

“Klezmer” is of course the music style of traditional Eastern European Jewry. Vocalist Robyn even threw in some authentic Yiddish into their performance.

The resulting cover song is interesting to say the least. 

“‘Get Klezmer on it.”



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