Feb 102014
Pentatonix Performs ‘Valentine’ A Cappella Cover

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you ready?

To help you prepare, YouTube’s most popular vocalist group Pentatonix has debuted this cover of Jessie Ware & Sampha’s bubbly single Valentine

The love is palpable. 


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Feb 102014
‘Tainted Love’ Performed By Floppy Drives

German YouTuber Gigawipf is a computer hardware super geek. 

He published this catchy cover of the Soft Cell hit single Tainted Love performed by floppy drives in 2012, but it has only gone viral now. 

The music video has amassed over 400,000 hits over the weekend, and is featured on HuffingtonPost, Gizmodo, and BlameItOnTheVoices



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Feb 052014
Principal Performs Epic Bohemian Rhapsody Closed School Message

How many time has school been closed this winter? According to parents, way too many times. 

The principal at Stephens Elementary School in Burlington, Kentucky has closed the school due to winter weather so many times this year that he now gets a little creative with his ‘closed school’ messages.

He and drama teacher Chad Caddell teamed up to perform an epic Bohemian Rhapsody closed school recorded message that would make any overwhelmed parent smile. 

“So everyone grab a Snuggy and watch TV, or play the Wii, or maybe read!”

The video from Monday already has over one million views, and is featured by 22Word and EliteDaily


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Feb 032014
Vintage 1950′s Doo Wop Cover Of Timber

Timber by Pitbull and Kesha may sound like every other pop hit these days, but that hasn’t stopped the song from amassing over 110 million hits!

ScottBradlee and The Postmodern Jukebox teamed up with The Tee Tones to take the song back in time and give it a little Doo Wop spin

Ahh, much better.  


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