Jul 032015
Judge Recognizes Burglary Suspect As Middle School Friend

It is pretty common for people who were friends in grade school to drift apart and to never see each other again. During a court hearing in Miami, Florida, Judge Mindy Glazer felt that she recognized the man standing in the dock suspected of burglary. When she asked him if he went to a certain middle school, the man recognized her as well and broke down in tears as Judge Mindy said, “I’m sorry to see you here. I always wondered what happened to you.”


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Feb 062013

When in front a judge, for no matter the reason, always conduct yourself in the most respectable manner. This person literally holds your life in their hands. So it’s best not to give the judge attitude, and not offer incoherent, vague answers. Again, the courtroom is a serious place. 

And finally, when you do get a sentence you don’t like, do not flip the judge off like the girl in this video does, as you will only dig yourself into a deeper hole. 

Now, this girl with a bad attitude in Miami, Florida has not only landed herself in the county jail for contempt, but she has also gone viralviral. The new video of her case has already garnered over 1.6 million views, with most viewers agreeing she got what she had coming to her. 


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May 282012

Judge Judy is the original TV show judge, and not surprisingly is one of the most popular television personalities out on the airwaves today. 

 There’s almost always good reason to rage at the television when the seemingly obligatory idiots on the show put their metaphorical feet in their mouths, but this recent case takes the cake. 

After her fourteen year old son let his friend take her car to go on a joy ride after she left the keys in the car — which brutally ended with the teen driver dying — this horrible mom sued the mother of the dead girl for car damages. Judge Judy is not happy about it. 


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Apr 202011

This video is causing quite a stir. Computer programmer, Eugene, admits under oath that he was asked by Congresspersons to create programs that would rig an election. He also says that elections in America are basically all fixed because of the ease of tampering with the programming.

As computer and electronic voting machines become more mainstream, the issue of computer hacking and cheating has really become a strong fear. This only makes people’s concern over the machines stronger.


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