Jan 252016
Veteran Plows Snow With Modified Wheelchair

Like so much of the country, Bellevue, Nebraska has been smothered with snow. Not as bad as some cities on the easy coast, but enough to cause a pain for the people in town trying to live their lives. 

But WOWT 6 News reports that the snow removal for one neighborhood isn’t that bad thanks to a veteran who uses his modified offroad wheelchair to clear the sidewalks. This feel good story has gone viral with over 250,000 hits!


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Dec 302015
Disney Invents Wall-Climbing Remote Control Robot Car

When you think about Disney, cuddly cartoons, catchy musical numbers, and world famous amusement parks come to mind. But Disney is so much than just Mickey Mouse and The Lion King. 

The global entertainment powerhouse is also in the research and development field. Their latest invention is quite impressive. It’s a remote control robot car that is capable of driving on walls thanks to two tiltable propellers that provide thrust and suction. 


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Nov 282015
How To Make An Authentic Primitive Sling

As his channel name implies, Primitive Technology is focused on demonstrating how things were done back in the day in the bush. He’s already shown how to build a hut from nothing but mud and straw using tools he also made from only things he found in the forest. Now, he’s returned to show viewers how to make and use an authentic primitive sling, very similar to the one David used to defeat Goliath. 


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Nov 022015
Coolest Elevator Ever Lets You Customize Your Ride

These days, people are used to being able to customize almost everything. You can customize your fast food meal, your smartphone case, and even your car. Now, you can even customize your elevator ride. The elevators at Shayne Webb‘s work were just updated with new buttons to allow riders to choose what kind of ride experience they want, from disco dance party mode to scary power outage mode. 


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Oct 222015
Michael J. Fox Models the First Self-Lacing Nike MAG

One reason why Back To The Future is so popular with people of all ages is because it did such a good job showing products we all love in a new, futuristic light. Like in Part 2 when Marty enjoyed a ‘Pepsi Perfect’ or when he put on those super cool self tying Nikes. Well, as the ‘future’ is now, Nike has finally launched the shoes with the power laces. It was fitting that Michael J Fox was the first one to try them on. So cool!


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