Aug 112014
Giant Paper Cutter Makes Awesome Sound

Jude Forrest‘s dad has a paper company which houses giant, industrial paper cutting machines. In this viral video, Jude demonstrates for the Internet the awesome, out of this world sound that one machine makes when it slices through a stack of paper. So satisfying.


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Jun 192014
The World’s First Useless Candle

The Internet has seen many useless boxes before. Now, inventor and super nerd BD594 is taking the useless concept to the next level. For his latest project, he created the world’s first useless candle. Just like the useless box, the useless candle turns itself ‘off’ whenever the candle is lit. 


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May 252014
Natural Cubes Of Salt From The Dead Sea Will Blow Your Mind

The Dead Sea in Israel is famous as the lowest point on Earth. It is also the saltiest body of water in the world. As a result of the high saline level, animals cannot flourish there, hence the name Dead Sea. The sea is a popular tourist attraction as the salty, minerally water and mud can be used in many skin therapies. Also, the density of the water makes swimmers float! How cool is that?

Israeli YouTuber Jabulani demonstrates another reason why the Dead Sea is so amazing in this video. Somehow, perfect cubes of salt are naturally formed, and can be found on the shore. Crazy. 


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Apr 252014
Boomer The Toy Robot Dinosaur Is Tons Of Fun

Toy inventor Never Ben and his crew have created a toy Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur to compete with those other robotic toy pets. What they demonstrate in this trending video is only a prototype, but so far Boomer the pet dinosaur can already follow your hand, listen to commands such as ‘sit,’ and even get angry if you pull on his tail. 

We’ll take two please. 


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