Jan 212015
How To Make Home Made Cold And Flu Drops

There’s nothing worse than being sick with a bad flu or cold. Sometimes you just don’t want to take all those chemicals to treat the pain that you find at the pharmacy. Thankfully, Dave Hax demonstrates how to make homemade cold and flu cough drops that are made from common ingredients found at home and don’t contain any strange chemicals. They taste great and really help!


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Jan 052015
Japanese Pot That Literally Stirs Itself

There are few jobs in the kitchen more tedious than stirring a cooking pot. It’s so boring! Thankfully, the Japanese have tackled this first world problem. A Japanese dentist invented a self-stirring pot with ridges that causes the water and food to spin when heat is applied. Genius! This older video has recently gone viral with over 150,000 new views!



Here’s an older video from 2012 that demonstrates the concept further that has over 1.1 million hits! Interested in buying a pot for yourself? It doesn’t come cheap


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Nov 292014
Japanese Instant Fried Shrimp Machine Is Awesome

Fried shrimp is a delicious delicacy, but preparing and frying the shrimp to perfection takes so long. If only there was a way to have instant fried shrimp… Now there is thanks to the Japanese! In this Japanese video, two cooks demonstrate an epic instant fried shrimp machine. Of course, the shrimp are precooked, but that doesn’t detract any awesomeness from the video. 


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Nov 242014
Demonstration How To Make Margherita Pizza Will Make You Hungry

Margherita pizza is considered by many to be the original pizza. Videographer Joanne Martinez visited the Bantam Restaurant in Santa Cruz, California to document how they make their delicious Margherita pizza. This relaxing video is guaranteed to stir your appetite, and has gone viral over the weekend with over 250,000 hits!


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Aug 252014
Easiest Way To Shuck Corn On The Cob Husk

Corn on the cob is a favorite summer snack, but that corn husk can darn right stubborn. Just a few stands of silk can ruin the eating experience. Thankfully, Chef John of Food Wishes demonstrates the easiest way to cook and shuck a corn on the cob. By microwaving the corn in the husk and then carefully cutting off the bottom inch of the cob, one can easily squeeze the corn out of its stringy husk with virtually no mess at all!


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