Apr 162014
How To Cut A Bunch Of Cherry Tomatoes At Once Hack

Life hacker DaveHax has gone viral with his latest quick and simple trick. Cutting cherry tomatoes is one of the most annoying and cumbersome jobs in the kitchen.

But now it doesn’t have to be thanks to this easy tip demonstrated by Dave. Simply sandwich the tomatoes between two plates, there should be a gap. Then, while holding the tomatoes snug, just cut through the gap. 

There, all your little cherry tomatoes are now cut!

Over the past week, the life hack video has amassed over one million hits!


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Mar 302014
apple peel

Have you ever made a dish that required a lot of apples? Peeling all those apples can be a terrible chore.

Facebook user Jasper van Ramshorst has figured out an ingenious way to get through all those apple peels. Simply use a clean power drill to spin the apples at high speed while you hold the peeler stationary against the skin. You’ll be done in seconds!


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Oct 172013
How To Make An Alcohol Stove With A Beer Bottle Can

You know those Bud Lite beer bottles made from aluminum? The Crazy Russian Hacker has stepped forward to demonstrate how to make a mini alcohol burning stove with just the empty can. 

By cutting the bottle in half and inverting the top into the bottom, a small stove is created. Simply add the necessary holes and rubbing alcohol, and, viola, you have a mini alcohol burning stove perfect for camping. 


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Oct 162013
How To Make Edible Ice Spheres

Want to truly shock and wow your upcoming holiday party guests this season? Just check out this new how-to video by science channel Night Hawk In Light.

The project may take a little more chemistry than most viewers are comfortable with, but the pay off is worth it for those daring enough. 

With a special dry ice-rubbing alcohol bath, Hawk demonstrates how to make delicious ice spheres that have serious party potential.  


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Aug 222013

Popular cooking channel Pop Sugar is enjoying an extra viral boost after debuting their Ramen Burger at Home video. The ramen burger is simply an Asian-flavored burger nestled between two buns made from ramen noodles. 

The ramen burger fad is further covered on NewsAU, NYPost, HighDef, and DailyDot.  


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