Jun 192014
Mike Tyson Makes Eggs With Jimmy Kimmel

Mike Tyson is world famous for his boxing skills, but did you know he’s also a cook? Well, not exactly a cook, but like most people can make some form of eggs. Watch as Tyson makes an omelette, or really just a mess of eggs, with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Mmm, can you smell that breakfast?


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Jan 232013

Now that gluttonous junk food favorite Epic Meal Time has climbed the YouTube ladder to the near top, the Canadian crew has spotlight power once unimaginable. 

Case in point, British celebrity health food chef Jamie Oliver has been featured in their latest episode, which is appropriately titled Fish and Chips Filet.

Naturally, the Canadians kidnap their cousin from across the pond and force him to sit idly by while they create the most epic fast food fish sandwich ever, made up from fifty Filet-o-Fishes and, of course, tons of fries and bacon. 


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May 212012

The Internet has a special obsession with bacon, so it’s no surprise this how-to video by  is trending. They (claim to have) figured out how to make the most perfect bacon with a secret ingredient. Water. 

After putting the bacon in the pan, cover with water and cook at medium. The water will boil off and the bacon will brown in the pan like normal, but it’s (supposedly) more plump and juicy. 

Try it out and see! The video is featured on LifeHacker and BestOfYouTube


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Apr 032012

Extra big and fluffy Internet famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias made a special visit to the crazy boys at Epic Meal Time for their latest fastfood cake episode. As expected, it’s full of bacon, excessive calories, and lots of cake. 


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