Jan 062016
What The Media Makes ‘Hacking The Internet’ Look Like

Anyone with even a little knowledge about computers and technology can’t help but scoff at the way TV shows and movies often portray the Internet. In police dramas, computer hackers often look like common burglars who aimlessly tap away at multiple keyboards to impossibly hack a powerful computer network. Kinda like this outrageous video which has gone viral with over 300,000 hits!


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Dec 092015
Quantum Computers Explained

We’re so used to it today, but a modern cheap smartphone is actually much more powerful than an expensive computer from a couple years ago. But as computers become more and more powerful and smaller in size, we are heading towards a big problem. We can no longer make computers any smaller, explains Kurzgesagt. So what happens next? Quantum computers.


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Feb 182015
Rube Goldberg Machine Chain Reaction Enters Digital World

Evelien Lohbeck takes the concept of a chain reaction Rube Goldberg machine to the next level in this entertaining short film titled Deskloop. At first, it seems his Rube Goldberg machine is like any other. But then the chain reaction unexpectedly enters into the digital world into his computer screen. 


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Jan 222015
Microsoft HoloLens Will Cover The World With Holograms

The world is more interconnected than ever. But Microsoft isn’t satisfied. For a while now, the Windows company has seemed to have lost its touch in the tech world. They are no longer ‘cool’. But the Bill Gates company is trending after debuting this exciting new commercial for a hologram technology that users wear that will blend the real world with their digital online one. They call the device Microsoft HoloLens.


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May 262014
Kids Reacting To Old Computers Is Hilarious

Today, a laptop or tablet weighs only a pound or two. A smartphone weighs even less. The screens are flat and the hard drives process information at a lightening pace. But it was only a decade or two ago when computers were still giant, slow, expensive monstrosities. The Internet was in an infant stage or didn’t exist at all. Everything was slow, tedious, and complex. 

That inspired The Fine Brothers to show a group of young children old computers from the past such as a classic Apple II. The reactions from the kids are simply adorable and hilarious. 


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