Oct 172014
Jimmy Fallon Laughing And Clapping Compilation Will Make You Smile

It’s no secret that The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon loves to laugh with his guests. Frequent viewers may realize that when a guest really tickles Jimmy’s funny bone, he giggles and claps. Everytime! Moeilijkgrotekat put together this silly compilation video of the popular late night host laughing and clapping over and over. His laughter is infectious. 


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Sep 302014
Picture Baby Boy Every Day For 4 Years

There are countless ‘picture a day’ videos online now, but most of them feature teens growing into adults. Dumo has brought something new to the table with this viral video of his baby son Ray. Since he was a newborn, his parents to a picture of him once a day for four years. Watching him grow up into a cute toddler is just precious. 


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Sep 262014
The Situation Found Himself In A Situation

Even if you couldn’t care less, you no doubt have heard on the news that the fool Mike ‘The Situation’–famous from Jersey Shore–was indicted for tax fraud. Naturally, the unoriginal news media ran with the story. As Jimmy Kimmel Live has discovered, more than a couple stations couldn’t help but report that The Situation found himself… in a sticky situation. 


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