Jan 122014
Norwegian Association Of The Blind PSA Demonstrates Why Seeing Eye Dogs Are Better Than The Alternatives

For some terrible reason, people in Norway apparently don’t take too kindly to seeing-eye dogs for the blind.

The Norwegian Association of the Blind and TRY Apt explain that it ‘could have been worse’ in this commercial from May that has gone viral recently.

What if that blind person in your cab had a sheep service animal? Or that blind shopper had a duck


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Jan 112014
Powerful Dutch PSA Explains That Service Dogs Are Also For People With PTSD Who Have Seen Too Much

Dogs are of course the most ubiquitous service animal for the seeing impaired.

But this dramatic new dutch PSA by dutch advocacy group KNGFGeleidehonden explains that service dogs are also for people who have seen too much. 

The ad showcases a soldier in a gruesome battle scene who is awoken from his nightmares by his service dog who realized he was struggling with his demons during his slumber.  

The ad is further featured on HyperVocal


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Jan 112014
This Duracell Commercial Featuring Deaf NFL Player Derrick Coleman Will Inspire You

In a genius marketing movie, Duracell chose Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman to star in this powerful promotion

Derrick has been deaf since the age of three, and was turned down countless times. But he never quit, and now is playing in the NFL. 

Trust your power. 

Read more on NFL, FoxSports, and SportingNews.  


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Jan 092014
Race Yourself With Google Glass Virtual Reality Motivation Games

Let’s face it. Even those who exercise regularly can lose motivation.  

To motivate and add a spark to exercise, Race Yourself realized it’s time to bring running, racing, and personal fitness into the digital age. 

They created exciting virtual reality apps for Google Glass that includes progress statistics, games such as running from zombies, virtual goal markers, and more!


Found on ViralViral Forums!

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Jan 092014
Walking On A Pool Of Non-Newtonian Fluid ‘Water’

Back in December, Anthony and Tara of Hard Science demonstrated the amazing characteristics of non-Newtonian liquids, seemingly walking on a slurry of water and corn starch

As a genius promotion, Mach by Hong Leong Bank commissioned this eye-popping video of an apparent Non-Newtonian fluid pool party. 

Guests took turns seemingly walking on a pool of 8,000 liters of Non-Newtonian water, AKA oobleck. 


Via LaughingSquid

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