Feb 172014
RealLifeStarter Helps Adult Children To Get A Job And A Life

Over 20 million young adults are living at home. That makes for a lot of unhappy young people, but even unhappier parents.

Thankfully, Above Average has introduced a great new online product to help parents kick start their kids’ lives, appropriately called RealLifeStarter.


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Feb 112014
Dumb Starbucks Is Real, Here’s The Commercial

Comedian Nathan Fielder had an ingenious idea. He figured that he could simply add ‘Dumb’ to Starbucks and legally create an entirely new coffee chain completely separate from the world famous brand. 

Dumb Starbucks is real! Kinda. Gawker explains that it’s actually just a stunt to promote Nathan’s new show Nathan For You

Now, this ‘official’ commercial is trending. 

Greg Benson even went to check it out. There was a line around the block just to get in. It seems dumb media gags do work. 


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Feb 082014
Thai Short Film ‘My Beautiful Woman’ About Mother And Daughter Will Leave You Misty Eyed

Thailand is famous online for their unorthodox commercials. Instead of fast paced, 30 second adverts, Thai companies often create longer short films that tug on the heartstrings of viewers.

This short film sponsored by WacoalThailand and posted online by SocialCam is one of those commercials. 

The emotional short, titled My Beautiful Woman in English, tells the true story of a young single mother and the strong bond she has with her daughter. 


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Feb 082014
False Advertising Industry Reveals The Truth Behind ‘Natural’ Labels At The Grocery

Have you noticed that more and more foods and products at the grocery now have ‘Natural’ stamped all over them?

But here’s the trick. ‘Natural’ doesn’t legally mean anything at all. 

Only Organic explains the tricks of the False Advertising Industry in this new viral video

The video has amassed over 400,000 hits, and is featured on 22Words, DailyPicks, and TastefullyOffensive


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Feb 052014
Try Not Having Kids Spoof Pharmaceutical Commercial

Is everyone around you having kids? Do you feel pressured and overwhelmed? Well, you don’t have to give in to the peer pressure. 

Try the new product from Jason Messina called Not Having Kids. Though there are some side effects, such as deathbed regret, Not Having Kids can help you achieve personal happiness, as well as keep your bank account lush. 


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