Mar 232015
Color Blind People See Colors For The First Time With Special Glasses

Around 300 million people in the world have some level of color-blindness. Many cannot see the difference between red and green. Some only see shades of grey. Valspar Paint wanted to bring color to the color blind, so they worked with scientist, ophthalmologists, and EnChroma to create special glasses that can separate the colors. 

When color blind people see color for the first time they naturally become emotional. This touching video has gone viral with over 750,000 views!


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Mar 192015
Lip Sync Battle TV Show Trailer Looks Awesome

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was the first to introduce the infectiously fun music game Lip Sync Battle. The game is quite simple. Two players take turns lip syncing with a pop song as entertainingly as possible. Who ever gets the most cheers wins. 

Now, the game is being picked up as a TV show on Spike. This trailer for the first episode, featuring Anna Kendrick, Jimmy Fallon, The Rock, and more, has instantly gone viral!


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Mar 112015
Samsung Has Strangers Speak To Deaf Man In Sign Language To Debut New Hearing Impaired Website

DigitalSynopsis teamed up with Korean technology company Samsung to make one day for a hearing impaired person extra special. Being deaf can make a person feel cut off from the rest of society. So they set up an entire day in which countless strangers communicated with a deaf man using sign language. At the end of the day, they revealed their new website made special for the hearing impaired. 

This heartwarming commercial has gone viral with over 5 million hits!


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Mar 032015
Unskippable Geico Commercial Is Genius

Insurance company GEICO has been famous for decades now for their unique and creative commercials. They have hit another home run with this latest online ad. Many ads on YouTube and other video services give you the chance to skip it after five seconds.

But this commercial is so short, it’s over before you have the chance to even skip it. The rest of the video simply shows a family frozen at the dinner table as the family dog eats their food. 


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Mar 012015
SNL Spoofs Father-Daughter Commercial Where She Joins ISIS

We live in strange times where young people from Western countries like France, England, and even the United States are leaving home to join the Islamists terror group known as ISIS. Saturday Night Live poked fun at this trend by having guest host Dakota Johnson appear in a typical father-daughter commercial where dad drops his daughter off at the airport. Except she isn’t going to school or vacation as it may appear. She’s joining ISIS. The sketch has stirred a debate online whether the joke was appropriate or not. 


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