Dec 282013
Adorable ‘Are Your Kids Watching The Right Movies?’ PSA

What happens when your kids watch inappropriate television?

As is demonstrated in this adorable PSA by Common Sense Media, they start playing CSI: Miami style games with their stuffed animals.

So please, leave the educational programming and cartoons for the kids. 


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Dec 232013
The Rapid Packing Container Is The Cardboard Box 2.0

Inventor Alan Wolf, Henry Wang, and Chris Curro have gone viral with this new video touting their brand new cardboard box, The Rapid Packing Container. 

Not only does the box use 15% less materials, but it is quicker to build and open, and easier to reuse again. 

In just one day, the video has amassed over 750,000 hits!


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Dec 182013
Astronauts Attacked By Monster On The Moon Beans Commercial

Computer animation studio Cinesite has gone viral with this humorous mock commercial for beans. 

A crew of astronauts on the moon are attacked by a giant monster reminiscent of the great Rancor from Return of the Jedi. After the attack, it seems one astronaut may have successfully escaped, but a common reaction from eating beans gives him away. 

The short film, simply titled Beans, has already amassed over 650,000 views, and is featured by TastefullyOffensive, AdWeek, and Neatorama


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Dec 172013
‘Misunderstood’ Teen Makes Family Christmas Video With iPhone Apple Commercial

This Apple iPhone commercial for Christmas is quickly going viral. 

The advert showcases a family’s holiday get together with one teen boy who seems completely lost in his iPhone. Instead of taking part in reality and sharing the moment with his relatives, he’s stuck in virtual reality. 

But his emotional absence is OK, because he was using his phone to make a Christmas home video the entire time which he shares with his thankful family. 


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Dec 172013
Jaguar Spoofs Mercedes Magic Body Roll Chicken Commercial

Back in September, Mercedes went viral with their Magic Body Roll chicken commercial. That ad stands with over 7 million views!

 Jaguar may be late with this parody of the successful commercial, but they take a serious bite at the ego of Mercedes. Literally. 


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