Feb 232014
Procter And Gamble Thank You Mom 2014 Paralympic Winter Games

The Olympic Winter Games have ended in Sochi, Russia. Now, it’s time for the arguably more engrossing Paralympic Winter Games.

Procter & Gamble has hit a viral home run with this new ‘Thank you, Mom’ commercial which pulls on the heartstrings of viewers. Over the weekend, the video has amassed over two million hits!

“The world’s toughest moms raise the world’s toughest kids.”


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Feb 222014
German Grocery Store Music Video Will Have You Asking WTF?

German musician and entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein stars in this hilariously weird commercial-music video for Germany’s largest grocery store chain EDEKA.

The catchy video, titled Supergeil, has gone viral in the English speaking web with over the weekend, and has already amassed over 900,000 hits

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Feb 212014
Little Girl And Her Cat Sing ‘We Built This City’ In Adorable Commercial

Remember the ever popular dancing pony commercial by English mobile phone company Three? That video now stands with over 8 million hits!

The company is trending again after debuting this adorable new ad featuring a little girl and her kitty bicycling around their neighborhood while singing the rock song classic We Built This City

The video is featured on TastefullyOffensive, Metro, HuffPost, and Express


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