Feb 022014
Radio Shack The 80′s Called Super Bowl Commercial

Radio Shack was invaded by 1980′s celebrities who wanted their store back in this year’s Super Bowl ad. 

Hulk Hogan, Alf, Cliff Clavin, and many other 1980′s pop culture figures stormed a Radio Shack and ransacked all of the old tech from the past. 

It’s time for a new Radio Shack. 


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Feb 022014
Microsoft’s 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Will Inspire You

Technology has come a long way just over the past decade. What was once science fiction on Star Trek, such as talking in real time over a screen or using a computer tablet, is now mainstream. 

Former NFL player Steve Gleason who is living with ALS stars in this inspirational Microsoft Super Bowl commercial. With the help of new tech, his disease is less of an obstacle in his life. 

What will tomorrow bring?


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Jan 312014
Ian Has The Craziest Night Ever Thanks To Bud Light

Bud Light is famous for their Super Bowl commercials, and went all out this year with a special extended online video, titled Ian Up For Whatever Film.

Ian, who is supposedly not an actor, was offered a Bud Light at a bar and asked if he was up for whatever.

He agreed, and ended up taking a limo with beautiful women all over town with Reggie Watts performing in the car. He had many adventures and closed the night by battling Arnold Schwarzenegger in a game of ping pong. 


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Jan 302014
OneWheel Electric Skateboard Commercial

Conventional skateboards are soo 20th century. We live in a new digital age, and it’s time our skateboards demonstrate that.

The new OneWheel is a new electronic skateboard made for today. Simply use your body weight to steer and accelerate on the one thick wheeled board, and you’re set.

It’s the next best thing to a hoverboard. 


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Jan 302014
Anna Kendrick Newcastle Almost Super Bowl Commercial

In a genius marketing move, Newcastle made this Super Bowl commercial that they knew would not air during the big game. 

So they commissioned actress Anna Kendrick to star in the ad and talk about how upset she was that the commercial wasn’t going to play during the game. 

Their trick seems to have worked as the ad has already garnered over one million views online. 


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