Jul 132015
If Sports Drink Commercials Were Honest

Years ago there were carbonated soft drinks, juice, and water. That was about it. But today, the beverage market is bursting at the seams with ‘sports drinks.’ How are they any different than any other soda? Well they’re typically flat, contain a lot more sodium, and usually have a sprinkle of vitamins in them. Cracked imagines what a sports drink commercial would look like if they were more honest in this parody commercial


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Jun 252015
Soup Nazi Appears In Pepsi Max Commercial

Even though the show ended 17 years ago, Seinfeld is still amazingly popular, especially on the Internet. Realizing this, Pepsi Max made a new commercial featuring one of the most famous Seinfeld characters, the notorious Soup Nazi. It’s no surprise Seinfeld fans are liking and sharing this new viral commercial. This falafel is making me thirsty!


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Jun 242015
Dock A Boat Like A Boss

There’s a reason they say not only to not drive while intoxicated or impaired, but also to not operate heavy machinery. That includes boats. Now that it’s summer time and boating season is upon us, Norwegian NGO AV-OG-TIL Uten Alkohol made this epic PSA to warn boaters to stay sober while enjoying the water. This video has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million views in one day!


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Jun 162015
Men Reacting To The News That They Are Going To Be Fathers Will Make You Smile

The marketers at Dove have been pulling on viewers’ heartstrings for years. In honor of Father’s Day, Dove Men Care asked their fans and viewers to send in videos of the men in their lives reacting to the surprise news that they are going to be a father. It’s no surprise this touching compilation has gone viral with over 1.2 million views before Father’s Day. 


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Jun 142015
Teens ReactTo Classic Cigarette Commercials

Cigarette smoking among teens and high school students is at the lowest levels in 22 years. That’s a good thing. It seems the years of anti-tobacco education is finally paying off. Most teens of today don’t even realize that it was only a few decades ago when cigarettes were promoted in TV and radio commercials. The Fine Brothers wanted to see how teens of today would react to cigarette commercials from yesteryear. It should come as no surprise that the kids can’t believe that The Flinstones once pushed Winston cigarettes. 


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