Oct 312014
Microsoft Band Commercial

Tech companies have been struggling to debut the next big thing. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone and tablet, they have been trying to create a new market of wearable tech. Apple recently announced their new watch and Samsung has their android Gear. Now, Microsoft is entering the arena with their newly announced Microsoft Band. Consumers seem impressed so far, but only time will tell if Band will take off. 


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Oct 212014
IKEA Homage To The Shining

Halloween is just around the corner. In order to promote their late night shopping, IKEA Singapore made this homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining. A child riding a tricycle around the iconic IKEA warehouse is terrified when he sees two girls asking him to “come pay with us.” But don’t worry, it’s just his parents. 


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Oct 152014
Shoppers Must Climb Wall When Floor Falls Underneath Them

In this viral North Face Of Korea ad, shoppers are persuaded to use the rock climbing handles on the walls. How did the store inspire their shoppers? By having the floor literally retrack and fall underneath them. After climbing the wall, shoppers were prompted to jump and grab a North Face coat hanging in the air. This commercial has over 2.7 million hits!

Make sure to his the ‘cc’ button at the bottom right of the video for translation. 


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Oct 072014
Mr. Bean Snickers Commercial

The Internet has a strange obsession with goofy actor Mr. Bean. Realizing this, Snickers UK teamed up with the British actor to star in a slew of ninja themed commercial. In this most popular advert, a group of ninjas attempt to sneak through town by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Naturally, one character who is hungry is portrayed as Mr. Bean and screws up until he feasts on the popular candy bar. 


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Sep 302014
Jeff Goldblum Stars In GE Commercial

Jurassic Park and Independence Day star Jeff Goldblum stars in this ridiculous 1970′s inspired commercial by General Electric. With beautiful hair, Jeff promotes the new GE Link light bulb that can last 22 years and be controlled with your smartphone. 


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